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Mother 3 (Import) review
The Best RPG on the GBA I've ever seen!

The good:

This game is extremely good, The music library is huge and all of the Music are quite catchy.

The game gives you the ability to name the cast the hero's favorite thing and food and even your own name, you can use the default "Don't care" option or input your own names either serious or witty.

The game play is awesome as there's plenty of neat hidden things through-out the game including a few references to it's prequel
(Earthbound/Mother 2)

There is also a hidden De-bug room that's accessible through a code which have party modifiers and warping mechanisms that transport you to the different parts of the story.

The battle system is has a few fun things your HP is a meter that rolls down slowly (This was in Earthbound/Mother 2 but not in Mother 1) if you can defeat an enemy before your hp rolls down it stops on whatever number it is on, When you have taken enough damage to drop your hp to 0 you take mortal damage, In which your Meters roll down faster.

There are multiple statuses that can affect you during battle a few of them are:
Nausea, Solidification, Numbness, On fire, Poison, Crying and Feeling strange.

You have 3-5 options:

Bash which is the standard attack option which has a special unique twist: Sound battling which to do so you must press A to the beat of the music to execute a combo, when successful a musical instrument-which is unique to each character-will play a line for every hit which can go on for sixteen hits making a long combo, There are plenty of different Battle music so you can take a long time to Master every song.

Then there's Goods which brings up the Item menu, there are many silly and strange items in the game ranging from "Slightly unclean and not very tasty cookies" to Rice that cures you depending on luck to your favorite food to rockets shaped like a pencil to trivia cards that you ask human enemies each with a different answer.

Then there is specials, these are unique to each character, two characters have PSI which is the game's version of "Magic" there are 3 types of PSI, Attack Recovery and Assist each have their own special kinds from a blast of fire to a powerful earthquake to healing to a special Magnet that absorbs PP which is used for PSI.
Other characters have their own specials, which are techniques that can do some interesting effects, from hitting all enemies at once to using "Wall staples" to pin down enemies to Sniffing them for weaknesses.

Guard is defending, during which you suffer less damage from physical attacks and your HP bar rolls down slower, useful if you took mortal damage and need time to heal.

And lastly there's Run where you have a chance to escape an enemy your level from theirs determines the chances of escape.

The world is varied you go to places that go from a village, A mountain, A forest, To a factory, A club, A lab and a huge city dedicated to the enemy leader. you can see your enemies wandering around the areas, When approached they come at you, The angle of their approach determines the start of the battle, When you approach them normally the screen turns blue and the battle enters an equal start, However if they manage to approach you with your back turned the screen goes red and they get a free turn, the attack does more damage than normal, But if you can approach them with their back turned the screen turns green and the battle starts with them with their back turned, You get the free turn and attacks do more damage.

The enemies themselves are quite varied: They range from a bat to yam monsters, To jar of strawberry slime to a walking grave to a ghost to a frosted bun, to a surfing yeti, to a Ramblin' mushroom to a reconstructed lion, to a giant statue to a mole cricket. The enemies become stranger and stranger the more you continue with the game, Some even turn into more powerful versions of themselves.

The game is very sturdy, Almost a lot of codes can be applied before the game crashes.

And the Story is so heartwarming, The story began as the main character's (Lucas) Mother (Hinawa) and Brother (Claus) were killed by a tragic accident, Then three years later the main character meets the strage and suggestive "Magypsies" and is forced a duty of pulling the seven needles, he must pull them because the needles keeps something asleep under the islands and whoever pulls the needles' heart will pass onto it so they want Lucas to do this, since he has a Pure heart which then it will cleanse the world of evil, But there is someone else who can pull them, This mysterious person reportedly does the opposite when pulling needles which instead of renewing the world it will end it but at the last needle they confront each other and a shocking turn of events causes the mysterious person to die, And the world destroyed and re-created anew.
It brought many players to tears.

You will play with 13 different characters throughout the story ranging from a crybaby timid 13 year old to a monkey with wicked dance moves, some are unique to each chapter and you will end up with a permanent party of 4.

The bad:

This game although how successful it will be if released to the world, Stays in japan, Possibly because the prequel Earthbound which was the only part of the mother series released to the world, Didn't sell very good.

This game was very interesting, So much that everyone who bought it says: "I don't want it to end" see, The game was so good The fans craved more than it's eight long chapters.

Almost half of the fun of the game was the many pieces of comedy but since the game is in Japanese, Almost all the US fans of the game never noticed the funny lines and times throughout the game.


100% flawless! The story, The Game play and the music! It's hilarious! Heart warming! Heart Wrenching! And it would leave anyone in suspense! Bravo to Mr. Shigesato Itoi for making such a fabulous game! Also all Non-japanese need not to worry! A team of Mother 3 fans have made a translation in the internet to this game so all can enjoy!

You will and shall dream and beg for a sequel!

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