Mother 3 (Import) Cheats

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A Nut Bread?
Nut Breads are actually useful early in the game. In the beginning, to get Hinawa to give you a Nut Bread, dash into her. She says "Ow! I surrender! I surrender!" and gives you a free nut bread. It works one time, but she says it for an endless amount of time. It's worth a chuckle at the beginning.
Infinite thunder bombs
<font size=1><span style="color:navy;"><div align=center>Anytime in the game go to tazmily village and go to Wes' house, go to the left most back of his house until you can't keep moving, Press A and you'll open a Present that contains a thunder bomb (Mid 80's Electric damage to all foes)

The present re-spaws when you go to the cross roads from Wes' house, Reapeat to get as many thunder bombs as desired.

Note:Present is still there after Chapter 3</div></span></font>

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