Moshi Monsters

  • Released on Nov 24, 2009
  • By Mind Candy for PC, Mac

Moshi Monsters (PC) Cheats

Moshi Monsters cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Enter the following codes in the Mopod and Arby's code box to unlock items.
PasswordWhat it does
n89d6679t7cy18 Carat Shiny Parrot
jkydpd7xctdrBlack Pearl Of Potion
9mt4gmc4nm4yFlaming Sword Of Awesomeness
33r3hdhd8t6yHaunted Diamond Tiara
6gw7areyh49uLost Marbles Of Eggleton
r7ckafnjdpguPurple Goblet Of Goosebump Gulch
x4d8u834e3xfShimmering Snaggletooth Sapphire
9g4k3p9mhfpSneezy Flute Of Pepperbomb Geyser
queenseat77queens seat
monstrocity1monstrocity poster


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Secret Moshlings
Some Moshlings require special/particular combinations to unlock, as listed below.
UnlockableHow to unlock
AngelMagic + Pepper + Pepper OR Magic + Pepper + Star
Big Bad BillYellow Love + Black Star + Blue Star
BlurpPurple Moon + Pink Love + Black Love/Blue Moon
BonkersBlack Daisy + Pink Moon + Black Dragon OR Red Moon + Black Moon + Blue Daisy
Burnie2 Red Apple + 1 Blue Daisy
CaliBlue Moon + Pink Magic + Yellow Moon
CleoBlue Daisy + Pink Daisy + Yellow Apple
CleoPurple Star + Black Star + Yellow Star
Chop Chop3 Dragons
CoolioPink Apple + Love + Black Star
Cutie PieBlue Dragon + Pink Star + Purple Daisy
DipsyRed/Pink Moon + Yellow Moon + Yellow Love
DJ QuackDragon + Moon + Star
Doris3 Moons
EctoRed Love + Black Love + Pink/Yellow Pepper
FifiPink Pepper + Yellow Magic + Red Dragon
FlumpyBlack Moon + Red Magic + Red Star
FumbleRed Star + Yellow Love + Red Star/? Magic
General FuzukieYellow Love + Purple Star + Red Pepper
GigiBlue Pepper + Red Moon + Yellow Pepper
GingersnapMagic + Love + Pepper
GurgleRed Dragon + Yellow Magic + Purple Love
HanselBlue/Purple Dragon + Black Magic + Black Moon
HoneyRed/Blue Magic + Yellow Love + Blue Apple
HumphreyDaisy + Magic + Pepper
Iggy2 Purple Daisy + Black Moon
JeepersBlue Apple + Pink Love + Red Daisy
KissyPurple Star + Yellow Star + Black Magic
Lady MeowfordBlue Moon + Pink Moon + Purple Star
LibertyAny Apple + Yellow Dragon + Blue Star
McNultyYellow Apple + Purple Star + Black Apple
Mini BenPurple Pepper + Red Magic + Blue Love
Mr. SnoodleRed Pepper + Purple Magic + Blue Pepper
OddieYellow Star + Black Star + Purple Star
Peppy PenguinBlue/Red/Black Moon + Purple Moon + Yellow Magic
Pooky2 Magic Beans + Moon Orchid
PriscillaYellow Apple + Red Moon + Blue Moon
Professor PurplexRed/Blue Dragon + Pink Love + Yellow Moon
PurdyDragon + Moon + Dragon
RockyRed Pepper + Black Apple + Purple Apple
ScampPink Dragon+ Blue Moon + Black Apple
ShelbyBlue Dragon + Black Dragon + Blue Magic
ShishiBlack Daisy + Red Dragon + Yellow Pepper
Snookums3 Stars
Sooki-YakiPurple Pepper + Red Magic + Yellow Magic
SquidgeStar + Pepper + Dragon
Stanley2 Love Berries + 1 Dragon Fruit
TikiRed/Purple Star + Pink Love + Red Love
WaldoPink Love + Purple/Black Dragon + Red Star
White FangBlue Moon + Any Love + Any Star


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Get 2 Moshlings at once
Plant Magic Beans, Love Berry and Dragon Fruit to grow two Moshlings at once instead of just one.