Mortal Kombat (SNES) Cheats

Mortal Kombat cheats, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Fight Reptile
In the Pit level, get a Double Flawless on your opponent and perform the Pit fatality. Reptile should then challenge you.
Johnny Cage Fatality
Stand next to your opponent and press Forward, Forward, Forward, Y. Johnny will kick through the opponent.
Kano Fatality
Stand next to your opponent and press Back, Down, Forward, B. Kano will rip out his opponent's heart.
Liu Kang Fatality
Stand anywhere and hold Block, then rotate the D-pad in a full circle towards your opponent. Liu will do an uppercut.
Move players off the screen
Start a two player tournament battle with any of the fighters. Fight until one of the characters is one throw away from defeat. Allow the time run down until one second is remaining. Finish off the fighter with a throw (stand next to the opponent and press B). In the next round, either character may be moved off the edge of the screen.
Raiden Fatality
Stand next to your opponent and press Forward, Forward, Back, Back, Back, Y. Raiden will electrocute the opponent.
Scorpion Fatality
Stand about three characters spaces away and hold Block, then press Up, Up. He will then burn his opponent.
Sub-Zero Fatality
Stand four character spaces apart and press Forward, Down, Forward, Y. Sub-Zero will freeze the opponent and break him to pieces.


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Alternate introduction sequence:
Hold L + R before the Acclaim logo appears. Continue holding the buttons until it disappears.
Fight as Goro
Successfully complete the game. When 'The End' message appears, quickly hold Up/Left + Select + A until the title screen appears. Press Start to began a new game.
Glitch: Cool Looking Goro
To fight cool lokking Goro...(Silver-colored) Use Rayden. On endurance level 3, use his fatality on the last guy of the fight.(his fatality is forward,forward,back,back,back,Y). It should then eletricute the hell out of the guy. Then goro will appear silver-colored.