Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Cheats

Goros- Goros are slow and can be easily dodged. But when they charge at you they are sort of deadly. The best thing to do is (with Kao Lung) throw your hat and do aerial combos. (with Liu Kang) Liu Kang is a very fast fighter so you shouldn't have a problem. Beware:Goros are strong in groups.
Goro Master Baraka- Baraka is THE slowest character I have seen yet, but he can pack a punch. He usually follows you while his minion Goros do his work for him. He has what looks to be a giant stone pollar with a handle. But he is easy to dogde so you shouldn't have a problem with either character.
Master Guards- The MG's are very fast and love to guard. I usually do a sliding kick under them. After that they are wide open but not for long. They will jump back up to their feet very fast so attack quickly.(Note: Do not use Kang Lao's hat throw it doesn't work on MG's they just block it.)
Takara Tribesmen- They Takara focus on speed and long range attacks. So try and keep up with them but do not get up close to them because THEY ARE DANGEROUS in close range combat. Just attack with your long range hat throw and for Liu Kang who has no literal long range attack just use his flying kick and quickly retreat.(Note: Use your throw on them when your in the woods to drive them onto the spiked walls and floors.
Ministry Archers- The Archers are simple they focus on LRA so just use yours.
Ministry Guards- These guards are very strong and there are 2 types the Electric Staff ones and the Mini Sythe ones. They both use CRA so just use LRA.(LRA: Long range attacks.)(CRA: Close range attacks.)
NOTE: This is not from the demo but from the actual game, so I don't know if they are the same. But for perfect results get the real game.

Thank You and PLAY ON GAMERS