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What deception?


I never bought the game as I can't find a copy, but renting will have to do mainly because Konquest (the game's adventure mode) is quite short. You'll find that 1 or 2 of the hundreds of fights are going to be very hard as you'll also be the character you always use. However, the length isn't what I imagine. I imagined a long length of about 20 hours but then got about 9 hours, making this a definate rent-only game unless you want to finish it 100%, in which case, rent it again or buy it if you like short games. More on this later.

Anyway, the game's intro scene will be, yes, after the events of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. With Raiden going up against the Deadly Alliance known as Quan Chi and Shang-Tsung. Raiden was about to knock them out, but then Shang-Tsung got Raiden into a lock and defeated him. Then the dragon god (O****) (I really cannot spoil the main bad guy, now, can I) comes to rule again and the 3 try to stop him, but it doesn't come close to helping. They all die to the Dragon God thing and then you'll be taken to a main menu.

Konquest is actually the main story mode, as said before. It'll offer training first so select that on the main menu. Once you get aquainted with the battle system, you can either continue on or try out arcade and a lot of characters. It's simply R Punch, L Punch, L Kick and R Kick (R is right, L is left). Then we have block and moving. Finally, we have stances which is normal, tactitional and weapon. To get used to the system, try out tactitional stances and then use normal and finally try weapons. If you need a character to practise with, try Scorpion as he's quite easy to control. A few people are as easy to control or a touch harder. Then we have the ones who are pretty hard to control and you'd only use them if you're used to the game or like to challenge yourself to getting used to the controls and tactics of this game. There's also special moves and stuff to try and use against your enemies.

Speaking of enemies, don't they strike as a little too hard? The answer is maybe. Throughout the first half of Konquest, the enemies are about average, but coming towards the end, they tend to get frustratingly hard if you don't know what you're doing. As for the last boss of Konquest (before O****), he's very hard unless you have a few moves for Shujinko plus know every single one of his stances by heart. Also, Arcade on Easy is actually a little challenging. Of course, Medium is hard and Hard is impossible if you're not a pro (which means I have more to do). The AI can be cheap at times, too, with their combos, weapons and other various stances. The only time the AI is really, really cheap is when you have to use Shujinko and you're no good with him and the AI own you ass in a matter of time. Also, facing people like Scorpion and Tanya as someone you can hardly control is really difficult. If you're up against someone who is normally cheap when you're using someone you're really good with, the difficulty will vary. For me, I found this Medium, but it varies with the player.

Konquest actually has a decent story. You have to collect these items called the Komidogu and present them to the Gods and triumph over evil. As the game goes on, Shujinko grows older and older until he's a feeble old man. This spanned over 40-45 years of his life collecting 6 Komidogu. Your guide guides you through everything, as well as a compass that shows you the exact path to your next objective. You also fight as a different Mortal Kombat: Deception fighter throughout your quest with an item that transforms you into your opponent (unless it's in Nexus, an area that holds all the portals together). You have to win all your Objective Battles to progress. There's other battles where you can earn Koins to purchase some stuff for the game (in the Krypt). There are also keys to unlock certain Krypts at different locations throughout Konquest.

The one easy to hate thing is the fact that everything is set out for you. Nothing changes! The only thing you're really doing is fighting. While it does sound good for a Beat 'em Up fan, it just feels all repetitive. You're also collecting Koins, yeah, but that's all you're really doing. Like said before, everything is set out in front of you. Another thing that's really drab about the game is that you have to find Shujinko's moves. He doesn't manually learn them because he's too busy learning other people's moves which he'll never use in the last fight. Oh, and to unlock characters in this game, you'll have to find them in Konquest mode, and what's really bad about it is that, unlike the objectives, they're hidden quite well. Searching would be a good idea. Getting a few Koins wouldn't hurt, either, but finding the characters are not an easy task unlike finding the Komidogu. Finally, you'll have to face Noob-Smoke in Arcade mode, and they're pretty hard. Nah, they're just cheap and you have to be alert of them changing stances (which'll mean they'll change who's fighting you and who's not). Until you can figure out when they attack and who's attacking, you'll have to get your ass kicked by them to find out. Even so, it's pretty confusing, even for the average gamer.

Did I mention the length? You could spend hours trying to find a few charactors, unlock special features and kick ass or about 5 hours just trying to go through Konquest mode. It's up to you, but if you want to just go through the main story, rent it. If you liked it or want 100%, buy it. There are a few other modes, but they're just variations of Arcade mode, adding to repetitivity.


Gameplay: 4
It's a simple 1-on-1 fight with a variety of attacks. My only concern is that sometimes I feel that it gets annoying at times.

Controls: 4
The control of the game did a very good job...until you realise that sometimes they don't respond...

Story: 4
The story I actually thought was good. It continues that cliffhanger from MK: DA and manages to make it flow better. The only complaint I have is that it's made too briefly but otherwise, it's a good job for an Arcade Beat 'em Up game.

Graphics: 4
The graphics were better than Deadly Alliance's, that's for sure. The blood was even more realistic, however, it came in un-realistic amouts. I don't think I've seen that much blood come from a kick or a punch. Unless the fighters all have spikes on their feet and arms, it makes no sense. Also, the game lags quite a bit but only for brief amouts of time. All-and-all, making this have good graphic quality.

Sound: 3.5
I know the voice for the "ROUND 1! FIGHT!!!" has been overdone, but I think Midway should keep it. Anyway, a few problems with sounds are mainly the voice acting for Damashi (your guide) wasn't no where near as good as about half the characters. I mean, was the voice actor for Damashi from 4Kids or something? And the script didn't go with the characters. Come on, Midway, you've coughed out better voice-actors before.... Shaolin Monks, anyway?

Lifespan: 3.5
This can last either half the day period or half a month. I think I've gone on about it in 2 different paragraphs, which explains this.

Funfactor: 4
Quite fun, that's all I say.

Bottom line:

Mortal Kombat: Deception may be one of the best Arcade 1-on-1 Fighting games on the PS2. Well worth gettting.


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