Mortal Kombat: Deception Cheats

To do a Hari-Kiri, you must lose the fight and it will say Finish Him/Her. In other words, you do a Hari-Kiri at the same time the other player can do a fatality. When you do a Hari-Kiri, you will kill yourself and prevent you opportant from having the pleasure of the kill.

Ashrah Up, Down, Up, Up, Triangle

Baraka Down, Back, Up, Back, Circle

Bo Rai Cho Back, Back, Forward, Forward, Triangle

Dairou Back, Back, Back, Down, Square

Darrius Back, Foward, Forward, Triangle

Ermac Down, Up, Up, Down, X

Havik Forward, Up, Up, Up, Triangle

Hotaru Up, Back, Back, Back, Triangle

Jade Forward, Forward, Forward, Back, Triangle

Kabal Forward, Up, Up, Down, Triangle

Kenshi Down, Back, Back, Forward, Circle

Kira Forward, Back, Up, Back, X

Kobra Up, Up, Back, Back, Triangle

Li Mei Up, Dwon, Up, Down, X

Liu Kang Down, Down, Down, Up, X

Mileena Back, Down, Forward, Back, Square

Nightwolf Up, Up, Up, Up, X

Noob-Smoke Down, Up, Up, Down, Circle

Raiden Forward, Up, Up, Back, Square

Scorpion Down, Down, Up, Back, Square

Shujinko Down, Back, Down, Back, X

Sindel Forward, Up, Up, Down, Circle

Sub-Zero Down, Up, Down, Up, Triangle

Tanya Down, Down, Forward, Up, X
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