Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Cheats

Collect the indicated musical note in Konquest mode to unlock the corresponding music:

Arctika: Enter the second area of the Lin Kuei Temple Entrance and destroy the discolored wall to the right. Open the chest to find the note.

Bo'Rai Cho's Brewery: Found after the bridge and in the cave to the right in Botan Jungle.

Botan Jungle Track: Found just before the second fallen log in Botan Jungle.

Goro's Lair Fight: Found in Shujinko's cell when he is released.

Hell Fight: Found in Shao Khan's Dungeon, after reaching the cell area. Hit the Ground Pound icon and look in the second cell on the right.

Konquest Final Battle: Found in Shao Khan's Fortress. When running to the first area with the blades, move to the right to find the musical note in the next room.

Lin Kuei Palace: Found in Lin Kuei Palace directly to your left after you punch down the Ice Door.

Lin Kuei Raceway: Found near the entrance in the final area of Arctika after you defeat all of the Lin Kuei Warriors and Archers.

Lumbermill Fight: Found after the second crusher when you return to Arctika after the second Obelisk.

Meteor Storm Fight: Found after you defeat the Undead Revenants for the first time in the Netherrealm by jumping down the left-most cliff.

Outworld Refinery: Found behind you after you fight Drahmin in the Netherrealm.

Outworld Spire Fight: Found on the right side of the first room as you enter Shinnok's Spire.

Pyramid Of Argus: Defeat the Giant Skulls in Edenia, then go up the path until you see a golden chest. The musical note is to the right of it.

Reptile's Lair Fight: Found in the hallway just before the final room of the Red Dragon Caverns, behind a group of three blue barrels.

Soul Chamber Fight: Reach the flaming sword area of Shinnok's Spire then turn around.

Subway Fight: Defeat Sonya Blade in Arctika.

Tekunin Prison Fight: Found in Shao Khan's Fortress. Open the main door and enter the second area, then go to the upper left side.

Tekunin Warship: Found in the area where you get attacked by Black Dragon Thugs in the Botan Jungle.

The Lost Pyramid: Found behind an explosive barrel in the battle after you gain the Super Move: Time Stop.

Wastelands Fight: Found on the left of the elevator entered at the end of Shao Khan's Dungeon.