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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Treasure Guide

by Rojan   Updated to v1.1 on
Morrowind Treasure Hunter's Guide
System: PC
Author: Rojan
Version: 1.1
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Stewie (From the Family Guy)
"My goal is clear, the broccoli must die."


  This FAQ is copyrighted by the International laws.  Please do not steal my or
anyone else's work.  Also I do not wish to see this FAQ in any magazine or
publication.  If you are going to post this on your site please email me before
doing so and thanks.  Morrowind is copyrighted by Bethesda software.
Contributor's work are properly credited and copyrighted by international laws
as well.

  E-mail me if you do not see your favorite rare item/weapon in here and I will
give you credit and also if you have a pen name like me tell me so
I can write that.  Also alternative locations for the items will be especially
(Crtl + F, to search the FAQ easier.)

Table of contents
 1. History
 2. Why
 3. Home
  3a. Method 1, stealing a home
  3b. Method 2, creating your home
  3c. Note About stealing your home
  3d. Alternative opinions about your home
 4. Best Characters for treasure hunters
  4a. Mods for treasure hunters
 5. Items and Locations
  5.1: Search Items
  5a. Weapons
  5b. Armor
  5c. Misc
 6. Credits

1. FAQ History

  This is the first version of this FAQ.

7-13-02 Versions .7
  The second draft is providing more info on where to find the darn things as
well.  More items and my first real post in Gamefaqs, yeah.
I have more work to do than I thought I needed.  I revised the location portion
of each item onto the bottom for better access.  I have expanded the methods of
gaining your own home due to some confusing on what I was trying to say.  The
sections updated are items, weapons, misc, credits, and added the methods of
obtaining your home due to some confusion.  Apparently I forgotten the Ebony
weapons, and decided that Orc equipment although most aren't moneymakers, it
was the cuirass that I decided to add it anyway.

9-12-02 Versions .8
Well, I can officially say that XP is a very lame OS.  I had to revert back to
Windows Me.  And with that, my saved games are toast.  Ratm0071 and Matthews, I
have to give him even more thanks, making my life easier.  Wow more
contributors than expected.  You guys really love or you just like seeing your
name in this FAQ, either way I still thank you.  Since some people aren't
specifying the name of an item(s) and just saying "Ebony location" or
something, I have added a section at the bottom of each special category saying
"Misc Locations," for two or more items that go in that selection but wasn't
mentioned what individual items go there.  Darn, I have to restart again.

1-25-03 Version .9
Well, I lost a whole lot of my previous saved e-mails due to my friends whom
which have corrupted my computer.  I'm lazy but here is an update.  Sorry to
all those who have e-mailed me with stuff.  I haven't been playing for a while.
 I am going to replay the game soon so sorry for being an idiot.

5-28-03 Version 1.0
Yeah, I reached 1.0, yeah, yeah, oh yeah.  Mr. Guthrie has permission to post
this on his website if he so chooses.  There are a whole lot of updates,
including grammatical errors fixed, a huge assortment of items to find and an
item search list to help find.

10-8-05 Version 1.1
Wow, it has been almost two years since I created this thing and I haven't 
touched it in a long time.  The main reason for this update is to say that 
my e-mail has changed a long time ago so stop e-mailing me at the old address.  
It is  Yes, I've set up an account just for this sort of 
thing.  So if you did e-mail the old address, I never got it.

  The main reason is that other than exploring, and doing the quests in the
game is to find out the best inventory for your character.  I all ways want to
see if there is a nice expensive item or a weapon of mass destruction over the
ridge.  This will cover the more expensive and rare items of the game, such as
items like the Daedric armor set or even that ancient wine you have been
searching for.  Also another note is that right now it seems like you have to
steal everything, I will try my best to find alternative locations so you can
be your lawful persona.

  Your home is going to be an invaluable to you.  Even if your character has
100 points of strength, you will quickly amass items that can weigh up to 80
pounds or more.  There are two ways of gaining your own estate.  You could
build your own through the construction set or taking out the last owner of the
home you want.  If you chose the latter, make sure that the place has a good

amount of containers, shelves, and or anything else that tickles your fancy.  I
would recommend that you choose a place that is close to silt traders and or a
dock.  The place I chose was the Nerano manor in Balmora since it was pretty
close to a silt trader and was close to the Blades group.  I prefer to organize
my main quests so that I can easily get what I need and also to show off to my
friends ;).

3a.Method 1, Stealing your own home

  What I meant by stealing someone's home in Morrowind is to actually kill off
anyone inside the house.  Generally even a small to a large home has usually
one to 3 people living inside.  You do not want the owners to accuse you of
“stealing” something that is already yours and it is a pain to have them keep
questioning your presence there as well.
Well technically, you do not actually steal the home, you just force yourself
in and do not pay rent to whomever the creators put inside that place.

3b.Method 2, Creating your home

  This method is a lot more complicated.  You have to learn the insides and
outs of the Morrowind construction editor.  With this editor you can modify
small bits and pieces of the original 'world' created by Bethesda.  Those files
are called plug-ins.  With each plug in, a person could modify small bits to
actually change the entire world if they so chose. Once you create your place
(or download it.  People like to create their own place and post them on the
web) you can tell the game to load up that plug-ins. Also on another note, the
editor can also change towns as well so be careful not to alter important
places/people if you want to finish the game.  Personally though, finish the
game without the plug-ins, if you save the game with the plug-ins and you find
that the creator of such plug-ins crash your system, you cannot use that save
game anymore. I do not have a very extensive knowledge of the editor; you must
look at the "how to" in creating your own home.

3c.Note about stealing your home.
  "Hi there, I was reading your treasure hunting FAQ and I thought I'd add
something regarding stealing a house.”

Don't try taking over a house in which there are any generic guard NPCs. I
killed Tyravel in Balmora and his two guards because I liked the house for its
massive storage area, but when I came back from adventuring the guards had
respawned and tried to kill me for retrieving my items from crates. They won't
complain if you pick up things that are on the ground, but they can really be a
son of a b---h to deal with and plus it makes you feel like your house is
invaded. :(

If you haven't downloaded any of the patches, all generic guards respawn in
Morrowind after 24 hours. This was fixed to only include certain guards (ones
walking streets outside, mainly) in later patches. Just a heads-up for later
versions of the faq. I now have 5000+ in weight of items stored in this house
and when I decide to move to Caldera or somewhere else it's going to be a pain
in the ass."
 Contributed by Polcari

3d. Alternative opinions about your home

Here's the system I use for effective treasure hunting.  Here is a suggestion
for picking permanent bases. First, most (but not all) locked houses are empty,
and usually quite large, so they make good bases.
Second, one base is quite impractical. It's much better to have a base in each
town.  I personally store the books and special items I discover in my closest
base of discovery.  This makes for quick and easy retrieval of key items during
quests.  Third, I make a map of each town, marking my basin each with a list
along one side of the paper of all the special items located in that base.  I
keep these maps in an alphabetized folder for easy use.  I also keep a full
array of herbs and a full set of alchemy apparatuses to make potions in each. 
I only carry one grand-master mortar and pedestal to make an emergency potion
and a few choice herbs.
Fourth, from the beginning, I suggest that anyone spend all their money
enchanting everything they're wearing with fortify strength, constant effect,
even one point can help. Buy the appropriate Summon Golden Saints Scrolls in (I
believe) Caldera mages guild.  Create your own soul trap spell with longer
duration because, in the beginning it can be a tough fight, and be stocked with
lots of heal and cure polarization potions. For enchanting with constant
effect, don't do from 0 to 10, I.E. as an example, it almost never comes up 10.
 Pick a solid number like from 7 to 7.  If you have a tad more space but not
enough to go up one more number on both then add something like night-eye (my
personal favorite)  You'll not only be able to carry a ton of stuff but you can
beat the shit out of most anybody early on.  Fifth, make a constant effect ring
for water breathing, one for levitating, and one for telekinesis.  And get the
Chameleon Amulet N/W of Gnisis ASAP.  That particular item is invaluable for
fighting tough smugglers and Daedra early on.  The rest, I use spells and
 Contributed by the Dragon Lady

4. Best Classes as treasure hunters

  The best characters to play are classes that gain strength quickly and
specialize in lock picking and stealth.  The rouge, assassin, and or warriors
are the most qualified.  The stats that are needed are strength, endurance,
intelligence and agility.  Some of your 'treasure hunting' involves some
breaking and entering, and skull dagger and it would be nice if you actually
got away. You can be a mage but not as easily.  Though their are some nice
weapons for the intelligent.  Mark and recall are the two most important spells
for treasure hunting.
  This is obvious so that you can easily come back to your home and continue
treasure hunting without dropping too much stuff.  I'm against cheating but if
you do not have those spells, hit the ~ key and type "Togglegodmode."  This
will give you unlimited health, magic and endurance so you can run back.  Also
if you are having a tough time stealing or killing, use the console "toggleai"
so that the NPCs do not react to whatever you are doing.
Make sure to get far away from there so that when you turn the AI back on, they
will not chase and place a bounty on you.  Be sure to turn it off when you get

4a.Mods for Treasure hunters
  The modifications are very abundant for Morrowind.  It is a pleasure to see
what people's hard work can bring.  I will cover more of the mods that relate
to this topic.  They can range from homes, new items and weapons, and even new
areas to explore.
One program I do recommend whole-heartedly is to search for a map program of
the entire world.  Make sure it can search for places and towns.  It will save
you literally days so you can get there quickly without beating your head in
looking for it.


5. Items and locations
  As a rule of thumb for you treasure hunters, pick up an items that most
merchants could never afford even if your merchant skill is poor.
Most rare items tend to weigh a ton and you need every little bit of strength
you can muster.  However I still like to pick up gems and moon sugar for a
little spending money.

  "Armor Class given by armor is determined by the wearer's corresponding armor
skill.  The values on your descriptions for armor class would be completely
wrong for someone with a different armor skill rating than yours.  If you want
a little suggestion, I would put the values for armor class down as the values
shown when the wearer is at 100 of the corresponding skill, so that you display
the POTENTIAL of the armor, as that's what it's really all about.  :)

I noticed this because Daedric armor pieces all have a rating of 266 when
you're at 100 Heavy Armor skill, and your guide puts it at 176."
 Contributed by Nadeau

(* Indicates the item/weapon/location was contributed)

5.1: Search Items
Note: This is a place for items that I could not find and people have e-mailed
me about that they couldn’t find.  E-mail me if you can find these items.

1. Black robe or a hooded robe

2. Daedric boots

   3. I've been looking all over for Olmgerd's grave to retrieve the
Stormkiss Axe.  The only clue I have is that it's located somewhere between
Zaintirard and Tel Branora.  I've searched this area extensively but have come
up empty handed.


---Green Glass Weapons

Green glass dagger:

1 handed
Condition 400
Weight 1.8
Value 4100
Location: Most green glass daggers are the most common of the green glass
variety.  They can be found in almost any city of the world.
They come in all varieties of enchantments. This item can be found in Vivec,
Balmora, *Suran (Pawnbrokers Shop), and all the major areas.
They usually are enchanted with the basic of enchantments.

Green Glass War Axe:

1 handed
Condition 640
Weight 14.4
Value 12,000
Location: This can also be found in the Hlualla and Tvennani vaults in
Vivec, *Redoran Vaults,

Green Glass Mace
1 hand
Condition 300
Weight 1.8
Value 4000

Green Glass Long sword
1 hand
Condition 480
Weight 12.0
Value 16000

*Green Glass Staff
Location: Ghost Gate

Green Glass Claymore
2 hands
Location: *In Tel Branora there is a Glass Claymorein a desk in the tradehouse.
Just climb to the top of the tower and down the adjacent side.

---Ebony Weapons
Ebony Broadsword
1 hand
Condition 1800
Weight 24.0
Value 15000
Location: Mano Orhreleth, a Dren Plantation guard has it.

Ebony Spear
2 hands
Condition 1200
Weight 28.0
Value 10,000
Location: Guard House at the plantation.

Ebony Short Sword
1 hand
Condition 1200
Weight 16.0
Value 10,000
Location: Ivrosa Verethis's trunk in the Dren plantation.  A shack that goes by
Verethis and Dralor home/shack is the place to look for.

Ebony Long Sword
1 hand
Location: The Ebony Long sword (omitted) can be gotten off of Seanwen in the
Fighter's Training area in Vivec, Arena canton. Also omitted was the Ebony
War Axe.There are random ebony containers in the Telvanni, Redoran, and Hlaalu
vaults in Vivec, the Morag Tong Guildhall in Balmora, and the Tower of Dusk,
Ghostgate. Random ebony containers randomly generate ebony weapons. To change
the contents of the chest, simply leave the area (until you get the loading
bar) and when you come back, the chest contents will have changed (except in
fluke instances).A Daedric Staff, Battleaxe, and Shield can be found in the
cavern of Ibar-Dad, which is two squares west of Urshilaku camp, NE of Khuul.

*Daedric Mace:
Type: Blunt Weapon,
Slash- 3-30
Condition: 4800
Weight: 45
Value: 24000
Note: There are random Daedric chests in the Lower Redoran, Telvanni, and
Hlaalu vaults in Vivec. They also have a chance of producing Ebony, Dwemer, and
Dreugh weapons. Same rules apply to this as the Ebony chests.

*Ebony Dart:
Attack: 2-10
Weight: 0.4
Value: 2000
Location: You cannot obtain a Daedric dagger, tanto, waraxe, or staff at Dren
Plantation.In the Telvanni Waistworks in Vivec, in the Lizard’s Head, there
is a man named Ennbjof who will ask you for a mazte. Bring it to him, and he
will give you a Rusty Old Key, and tell you about Olmgerd the Outlaw, who was
buried in his ship with his axe Stormkiss by his side. He is buried in the
Sepulcher of Tukushapal. The Sepulcher is connected to the Marvani Ancestral
Tomb. To locate this tomb, find the Daedric runs of Zaintiraris, which are
located three squares south of Molag Mar. Just off the coast of the mainland,
south of Zaintiraris, is a large island. On that island is the Marvani
Ancestral Tomb. The Rusty Old Key will unlock all the locked and trapped doors
necessary to reach the Sepulcher. Once inside Marvani, make your way to
Tukushapal. Upon entering, you will see a maze. At its center is a door leading
to the Sepulcher of Tukushapal. Inside, you will see the ship, the Stormkiss
axe, and many more valuable items. Face the rest of the sepulcher from right in
front of the door. Look left and find a broken pillar out from the staircase.
Stand on the pillar, and look across the staircase to the unbroken one across
the room. Look straight up. You can’t see it that well, but there is a space
big enough to levitate through. Through the space is a chest with the Daedric
Face of God and a Daedric Warhammer laying beside it.

---Daedric Weapons:
You can find allot of these weapons left behind by Daedric lords.  Also check
the Dren Plantation near Pelegiad to the west and north west of

A way to get a Daedric weapon of your choice

*Here's something that gives you a Daedric weapon of your choice, but I didn't
figure it out (I don't remember who did):  Follow the Odai River south from
Balmora. You will eventually see a swinging bridge. Head towards the hills and
you should see the lost Ebony mine Vassir-Didant.
Just step inside.  Now, go to the St. Olms canton in Vivec, then the Haunted
manor in the plaza. There will be a locked door for 50 points.
Open it.  Inside, behind a wooden door, you will find Dram Bero. Talk to him
about the mine, and tell him.

Daedric Staff
1 handed
Condition 4800
Weight 45
Value 4800
Location: Dren Plantation

Daedric War Axe
1 handed
Condition 3200
Weight 7.2
Location Dren Plantation

Daedric Dagger
1 hand
Condition 700
Weight 9.0
Location: Dren Plantation

Daedric War hammer
2 handed
Condition 8000
Weight 96
Value 30000

Daedric Tanto
1 hand
Condition 1100
Weight 12
Value 14,000
Location: Dren Plantation

Daedric Claymore

2 handed
Condition 5600
Weight 81
Value 80,000
Location: Dren Plantation, * Telvanni vaults

Daedric Wakizashi
1 hand
Condition 1100
Weight 30.0
Value 48000
Location: It can be found in the tombs in the island of Dragon Ur.
Don't worry too much, those can be found in any tomb.

Daedric Dai Katana
1 hand
Condition 4800
Weight 54
Value 50000
Location: *In Dren plantation in the guard tower.

Daedric Long sword
1 hand
Condition 3200
Wieght 60.0
Value 4000
Location: On a man Called Arver Rethul on the top floor of the guard house in
the Dren plantation, Relas Arthan in the Assernairan in St.
Olms in Vivec,

*Daedric Crescent
Location: Tel Fyr locked in a chest (near Divyeth Fyr)

---Fiend's Weapons

Fiend Battle Axe
1 hand
Condition 1800
Weight 30
Value 9,000

---Orc weapons
Orc War Hammer
2 hands
Condition 4000
Weight 38.4
Value 1600
Location: I noticed that you don’t have the location of the orcish war hammer
so I thought I’d bell you on the subject of it's location (as well as the
beautiful looking orcish battleaxe the only one in the game!!) to find the war
hammer and its friend the battle axe, you need to head for the Daedric ruins
that are north-west of Hla Oad (you have to go here for an imperial mission
later on anyway) there should be two ORCs guarding the area its ok coz they
don't attack but still look out for some scamps. enter the Daedric door labeled
"Daedric shrine" inside there will be a corridor follow this till you see some
water dive down to the bottom of the water and you should see a hole in the
Daedric fencelike thing, through here is another small corridor with the alter
at the end. head around the alter to the right and see another ORC who will
attack you, kill him/her and search his/her body for the war hammer, upon
further inspection of the alter area you will find another ORC wearing nearly
complete set of orcish amour she will definitely attack you so kill her and
search her body to find the battle axe, you could also take the amour if medium
is your fancy, if not take it anyway and sell it all to creeper. There you have
it, a large amount of orcish armor and the only orcish weapons in the entire
Note: outside (when you leave) the other two ORCs may attack you so be
prepared, one has a full set of orcish armor!

*Orcish Battle Axe:
Type: Axe, Two-handed
Chop: 17-28
Slash: 2-23
Thrust: 0-2
Condition: 2400
Weight: 15
Value: 2000
Location: Found on a guy wandering outside at Dren Plantation.

---Special Weapons

Ice Blade of the monarch:
This can be found in the city of Ratheran, in the hands of the ...

Monarch in the arena
2 hands
Condition 6000
Value 95000
2 hands

Hellfire Staff
2 hands
Condition 900
Weight 16
Value 9500

Wizard's Staff:
This is found in Vivec in the Hlaulla district in the tower.  The owner is
Mavon Drenim.
2 hands
Condition 1000
Weight 16
Value 10,000

*Chrysamere or Chrysamore
*Long Blade 2-Handed
Chop: 1-70
Slash: 1-60
Thrust: 5-30
Condition 6000
Weight 60.0
Value 95000

Cast when used:
Resist Frost 20%
Restore Health 5-20 points
Reflect 1-20%
Charge: 1240
Location: It is located in a cave near Tel Fyr.  *"I found another Super Weapon
that I couldn't find in any other FAQ. It's located in a cave between Tel Fyr
and Wolverine Hall (almost directly between them) and has a daedroth outside.
Kill the daedroth (or run away, as they are quite powerful) and get inside the
cave door. (It's name begins with an 'a', but I forget the rest.) There's a
Hunger almost immedietly in front of you who will destroy your armor unless you
kill it quickly. I recommend soul trapping it before you kill it (you need a
grand soul gem) as its soul is worth 90000. Continue through the cave, killing
the astronachs as you come to them (there are two fire astronachs together in
one of the rooms, which could be problematic for some) until you reach a
roughly circular room with water surrounding a large boulder, connected to the
edges by a bridge of stone. Cross to the boulder, from which you should see a
wooden platform with a person on it. Try to take them out with a ranged weapon,
as they do have the super sword on their person, as well as some powerful
summoning spells. Aside from minor treasures (gold, potion stuff), there are
two urns filled with scrolls, some of which are quite good."

Location: The cave of Anabainanni

*Magebane Sword
Long Blade 2-Handed
Chop: 1-45
Slash: 1-39
Thrust: 1-27
Condition  /840
Weight 16.2
Value 32000
Resist Magicka 20-40% for 10 seconds
Charge: 150/150
Location: An easy grab fairly early in the game is the Magebane Sword, located
in the Urshilaku Burial Caverns near the Urshilaku Ashlander Camp. It's in the
main chamber, about halfway up the cliff. Either use a scroll to get up, or go
to the top and drop your way down.

*Dwemer Penumbra Trap
Axe, two handed
Cast When Strikes
Effect: Soultrap for 30 seconds on Touch
Location: The Razor Hole in Balmora, across from the eight plates.
It's in a cache of weapons behind a door with a lock level of 90. Put the post
in between you and the guard before opening the lock.

*Sword of White Woe
Long Blade, one handed
Cast when strikes
Effect: Drain health 1-30 pt. for 30 sec. on touch.
Charge: 500
Location: In one of the guard towers in Balmora at the top on a closet
(I think it's the one nearest the rat-infested house in a fighter's guild
mission). Very hard to find and get. Make sure to check on top of all closets.

Location #2: *I found another one in the Hlaalu guard tower in Suran, under the
bed, under the bed this time, though. This might be a pattern as there might be
swords of this caliber in many Hlaalu guard towers; however, I have as yet to
test this theory. It could be interesting as the value given me for a White Woe
sword was an interesting 17,000 septims (gold)! Easy cash, a little sneak here
and there and voila.

*Umpra Sword
Claymore, two handed
Effect: Trap soul for 120 sec
Location: To get Umbra, you have to search around the mountains near Suran (I
don't remember exactly where), until you find an ORC in full armor (including
an ebony cuirass).  Talk to him, and he says that he's the veteran of countless
wars, and he wants to end his suffering. All you have to do is kill him.  When
you kill him, just search him, and you should be able to get Umbra.
Note: Sorry to the 2 other people who sent in this weapon.  If you e-mail me
again I will write your name.

Location: Go to Vivec and to the foreign quarter.  Go to Jobashas rare book
store in the waist works and buy the book Boethrahs Glory.  Go SW of Balmora to
Hla Oad and then travel north to the Daedric ruins and swim off the coast from
about the middle of that island swim down to the bottom of the ocean and you'll
find some ruins.  Find the big head on the ocean floor and talk to it.  Go to
the Ghorak manor and talk to the Orc on the very top floor gives him the book
and $2000.  Now you have to wait a month (rest a whole lot).  Go out to Kart
hag point and talk to the really big statue of the God that was built and you
shall receive GOLDBRAND which is a really good sword.

Type:Short Blade,one handed
Chop: 9-15
Slash: 9-15
Thrust: 9-18
Condition: 1300/1300
Weight: 9.0
Value: 400000
  Constant Effect
-fortify magicka 50 points on self
-fortify health 30 points on self
-fortify attack 30 points on self
-fortify agility 20 points on self
-fortify speed 20 points on self

Note:  This thing only weighs 9.0 pounds so it isn't going to slow you down
much and its worth $400,000 dollars and that’s not a typo it’s actually worth
$40,000.  (Try finding a place with enough cash to buy that,
LOL) to find this one of a kind item you need to travel through Ghost Gate to
Citadel Odrosal. (Ordrosal is north east of Ghostgate), now its’ in the
mountains somewhere. I’m not to sure on the exact location of it. There is not
to many places to go in Odrosal so you won’t have to much trouble. Anyways its’
in one of the towers you have to go through a trap door and you end up in a
lonely 5x5 room with two pillars (one on each side) and a sword standing in the
middle. (You can’t miss this room its like a scene right out of "sword in the


If you find this item read the note it leaves for you in your journal.
It is an enchanted tool created by the Dwemer Craft lord Kagrenac.
It will kill you. I'm still working on a way to equip it (without dying)
When I do ill let you know.
Note from Pobze

5b. Armor

---Green Glass Armor

Green Glass Cuirass
Armor 113
Condition 1500
Weight 18.0
Value 28,000
Location: Hlaulla Vaults, *Ghost Gate, *Ald ruhn, *Suran (Orc is wearing it),
*also the glass armor in Ald'Ruhn is located in the fighter’s guild in the room
behind the door with a lock level of 80. Well worth several Grandmasters' lock
picks or a scroll of opening of that level. A full set is in the chest at the
foot of the bed.*St.Olms Underworks in Vivec, walk around and find a door.
There will be someone outside, so kill him. Then enter through the door and
there will be a few people there. Kill them, and then one of them is wearing
Orcish armor.

Green Glass Boots
Armor 113
Condition 5000
Weight 3
Value 8,000
Location: Hlaulla Vaults

Green Glass Greaves
Armor 113
Condition 5000
Weight 9
Value 17600
Location: Hlaulla Vaults

Green Glass Helm
Armor 113
Condition 500
Weight 3.0
Value 12000
Location: Hlaulla Vaults in Vivec

Green Glass Pauldron
Armor 113
Condition 500
Weight 3.0
Value 9600
Location: Hlaulla Vaults

Green Glass Tower Shield
Armor 124
Condition 1100
Weight 9.0
Value 20000
Location: Hlaulla Vaults

*Glass Bracers: Armor Rating: 166
Condition: 400
Weight: 3 (light)
Value: 4000

*Glass Shield: Armor Rating: 166
Condition: 1000
Weight: 9 (light)
Value: 13600 Glass Bracers and the regular Glass Shield can be obtained on the
lower level of the Tower of Dusk at Ghostgate. The bracers must be bought, the
shield can be bought, or you can kill for it.There is a merchant in the lower
level of the Tower of Dawn at Ghostgate that sells some pieces of Indoril
armor, and you can steal a helm off of the bookcase by Orvas Dren at Dren
Plantation. Seanwen, the gentleman off of which you can get a full ebony armor
set in the Arena Fighters Training area in Vivec, Arena canton, is actually an
Altmer (high elf).The Daedric Greaves are not on Orvas Dren, they are on a
shelf right beside him.An alternate way of getting Fyrâ’s armor is to enchant
an ebony staff with calm humanoid and disintegrate armor 100 points. It will
take a long time, but after many days of hitting Fyr then recharging your
weapon, his armor will be fully disintegrated, and can be pick pocketed from

---Indoril Armor:
They can be found on the Indoril guards (Vivec) generally, except for
thehelmet.  Also if the Indoril guards find you wearing their stuff, they will
get pretty mad. *Ordinators’ Barracks in the Hall of Justice in Vivec. You can
get the boots, the helmet, and 2 each of L/R gauntlets in the chests in there
with a lock level of 10, and those are just the unwatched ones.

Indoril Helmet
Armor 82
Condition 450
Weight 4.5
Value 3,000

Indoril R/L Gauntlets
Armor 82
Condition 225
Weight 4.5
Value 1400

Indoril R/L Pauldron
Armor 82
Condition 450
Weight 9
Value 2400

Indoril Cuirass
Armor 82
Condition 1350
Weight 27.0
Value 7000

Indoril Shield
Armor 82
Condition 900
Weight 13.5
Value: 2000

Indoril Boots
Armor 82
Condition 450
Weight 18.0
Value 2000

Indoril Belt (Just to complete the set)
Weight 2.0
Value 5

---Ebony Armor:
This set is very nice.  Of course, very rare and generally looks great on your

Ebony Cuirass
Armor 130
Condition 1800
Weight 60
Value 3500
Location: A dark elf with the almost completed set in the Arena's fighter
training area.  So be very careful when going for his stuff.
He is well trained and has several guards around him.  Another is on one of the
last assassin missions.  The target, (Tirer Belvayn in Shana.  Has a cuirass
for you as well as the closed helmet.

P.S Consult a map program or picture of the entire world to find it Tirer.
It is the worst task to be given because to find it due to the poor directions
and it is a nightmare.

Ebony Tower Shield
Armor 130
Condition 1200
Weight 30
Value 2500
Location: Arena's fighter training area, *in Ghostgate, behind a trapped door
locked 100 with an Indoril guard inside

Ebony closed Helmet
Armor 130
Condition 600
Weight 10
Value 15000
Location: Dragon Urt

Ebony Boots
Armor 130
Condition 600
Weight 40.0
Value 10000
Location: Arena fighter's training area

Ebony greaves
Armor 130
Weight 36.0
Condition 600
Value 22000
Location: Arena's fighter training area

Ebony Paldron
Armor 130
Condition 600
Weight 20.0
Value 1200
Location: Arena's fighter training area, Ghostgate

*Ebony Mail: Armor Rating: 333
Condition: 3000
Weight: 20 (medium)
Value: 120,000
Constant Effect
Resist Fire 75% on self
Shield 50 Points on self
Resist Magicka 20% on self

Ebony bracers
Armor 130
Condition 300
Weight 10.0
Value 5000
Location: Arena's fighter training area, Suran's pawnbroker

Misc Locations: *Anyhow, there is a Khajiit in Pelagiad, Halfway Tavern named
Anhassi, and once you do a couple quests for her, she'll tell you a secret:
that some moron keeps a key for his tresury vault in his wife's closet. It's
for one of the Redoran or Telvanni (I forget which) vault doors, a rate of 95
and trapped one. In it, there is, to put it plainly, a ton of Ebony stuff.

---Deadric Armor:

Daedric Shield
Armor 173
Condition 1600
Weight 45
Value 34000
Location: *The Daedric Shield is in the basement of Dren Manor.

Daedric Greaves
Armor 173
Location: *They are on Orvas Dren at the Dren Plantation in the basement.

*Deadric Masks
Location: Ghost Gate

Complete Set Location: *All Daedric Armor can be found on Divyath Fyr (justmake
sure you kill him after Cassius leaves Balmora)

*Daedric Face of God:
Armor Rating: 266
Condition: 800
Weight: 15(Heavy)
Value: 15000
Location: A Daedric War Axe can be found at Ashalmawia, Shrine, Sunken Vaults.A
Daedric Dagger can be found on Divayth Fyr in his tower at Tel Fyr.A Daedric
Tanto can be found on the lower level of Ald Sotha.The Orc War hammer can be
found in both Hlaalu and Lower Redoran vaults in Vivec. In the Redoran Lower
Vault, there is a crate that will randomly produce two or three pieces of glass

---Orc Armor

Orc Cuirass
Armor 100
Condition 900
Weight 26.5
Value 2800
Location: Balmora's armor shop behind the counter, *All Orcish Armor can be
found on "Umbra" who is on the Eastern side of the mountains near Suran. You
also get the Umbra Sword for killing him.  *Also Orcish Armour can be found in
the Amourour Shop in Suran, and in Caldara in Ghorak Manor at the top of the
stairs in a box. This you can freely take.

Orc Boots
Armor 100
Condition 300
Weight 17.0
Value 800
Location: Balmora's armor shop behind the counter, *All Orcish Armor can be
found on "Umbra" who is on the Eastern side of the mountains near Suran. You
also get the Umbra Sword for killing him.

*Orcish Tower Shield
Armor Rating: 98*
Condition: 640
Weight: 13.4 (Medium)
Value: 2000 Orcish

*Orcish Pauldrons
Armor Rating: 92*
Condition: 300
Weight: 8 (Medium)
Value: 960

*Orcish Helm: Armor Rating: 92*
Condition: 300
Weight: 4.4 (Medium)
Value: 1200

*Orcish Greaves: Armor Rating: 92*
Condition: 300
Weight: 13.4 (Medium)
Value: 1760

*Orcish Cuirass
Armor Rating: 92*
Condition: 900
Weight: 26.5 (Medium)
Value: 2800

*Orcish Bracers
Armor Rating: 92*
Condition: 150
Weight: 4.4 (Medium)
Value: 400

*Orcish Boots
Armor Rating: 92*
Condition: 300
Weight: 17.0 (Medium)
Value: 800 *Armor Rating Based on 92 Medium Armor Skill

---Drough Armor

Drough Items
Location: *You can find some drough items in a smith shop in Balmora across
from the mage's guild. Value around two thousand something gold pieces.  You'll
find a great partly completed green glass set and the orcish set at the bottom
floor in Ald'rhuns fighter's guild I think, if not, it's in a fighter's guild i
know that (with no duties). It is in a locked room with a couple of chests.
Lock level is 100 I think so I'd suggest you use a scroll or spell.

Dreugh Cuirass
Heavy Armor
Location: *Redoran Smith's storage room in the Redoran Waist works, just be
careful not to be seen by the smith or the resident ordinator when picking the

*Dreugh Shield
Armor Rating: 122*
Condition: 800
Weight: 13.5 (medium)
Value: 2550

*Dreugh Helm: Armor Rating: 122*
Condition: 400
Weight: 4.5 (medium)
Value: 2250

*Dreugh Cuirass: Armor Rating: 122*
Condition: 1200
Weight: 27 (medium)
Value: 5250*
Armor Rating: based on 92 Medium Armor Skill
Location: A lady in the Redoran Stronghold at Bal Isra has a Dreugh Helm,
Cuirass, and Shield.

Glove of Sanguime of horny fist
Weight 1
Value 1500

Belt of Sureflight
Weight 1.0
Value 1500
Fortify mark by 5 points on self
Location: Duries Marias in the Assernerairan in St. Olms

Belt of Sanguine Hewing
Weight 1.0
Value 1500
Fortify Long sword by 5 points on self
Location: Duries Marias in the Assernerairan in St. Olms

Belt of Sanguine Balanred
Weight 1.0
Value 1500
Fortify medium armor by 5 points on self
Location: Relas Arothan in the Assernerairan in St. Olms

*The Boots of Blinding Speed
Location: *The Boots of Blinding Speed can be found by following the North
roads out of Caldera. Kill the lady and take her boots after she asks for your
help, or, help her to get them.

*Flame mirror Robe
Cast when Used
Effect: Resist Flame 20 - 40%
Reflect 20 - 30%
Charge: over 4000
Value: 4,250
Location: In Vivec, go to the Hlaalu Plaza and search around for a love letter
from Gadayn in the planters. Take it and ask Gadayn, who runs the Hlaalu
General Goods store, about it. He will tell you to tell how he feels to a
female wood elf in the upper level of the Hlaalu waistworks near an exit
hallway. I forget her name. She'll refuse him, but she recommends Glathel of
the Elven Nations Club. Then, give her refusal back to Gadayn. When he asks you
to take a potion to the wood elf, instead recommend Glathel to him. You won't
get a reward right away, but come back some time later, and Glathel will be
behind the counter with him. Talk to Gadayn, and click on "Couldn't be
Happier." He will give you the robe.

Armor Rating: 120
Condition: 800/800
Weight: 15
Value: 15000
Constant Effect: Fortify Personality 30pts
Location: There is a mage tower just east of Dagon Fel. Enter the tower and be
prepared for two NPC fighters to jump you immediately. The only other mob on
the first floor was a weak wizard type NPC. Look around the first level and you
will find a hatch in the ceiling that leads up two a room containing a
necromancer named Sorkvild the Raven.  I also found a Daedric Dagger on top of
a piece of paper resting on a table, and several skill-up books around the

5c. Misc

---Books and scrolls

Dwemer Schematic
Weight .1
Value 1200

Scroll of wind walker
Weight .2
Value 1762
Effects Invisible for 60 seconds, Levitation 500 points for 60 seconds

Rethan Manor Land Deed
Weight .2
Value 5000
Location On the Baron Aleh in the Hlaulla vaults.

*Fortify Spell
Location: You can get a Fortify Spell from a guy in the Imperial Shrine
(Wolverine Hall)

*Summon Golden Saint Spell
Location: *Summon Golden Saint Spell can be found in Tel Branora (Therana's

*Ascadian Isles Land Deed:
Value: 100
Location: Hlaalu Records, get there through the Hlaalu treasury in the Hlaalu
Waistworks. It on a shelf in a chest marked, Ascadian Isles Land deeds.

Ancient Dagoth brandy
Weight .5
Value 1500
Effects Damages intelligence and willpower for 20 points over 60 seconds.

---Gems and jewelry

Soul gems (Comes in Grand, Greater, Lesser, Common, and Pretty)
Weight .2
Value 10-96000 (Depends if you catch a soul or not and the type.)

*Grand Soul Gem Location: "It is in the mages guild in Balmora, on the top
floor on the desk next to the wizard lady (the round golden disk).
It seems hard to steal at first on account of the Caster looking right at you,
but with an invisible potion or the astral sign of "the shadow"
(Allows cloak for 60 secs) it is easy to get.  First cloak, then hold down
sneak button and grab it.  You will come out of cloak but the lady will not
have seen you take it."

*Grand Soul Gem alternate Location Tip:  "There also an easier way to get the
soul gems from the mages guild do the first couple of quest and wait until the
quest where your supposed to put the fake soul gem in the dresser or whatever.
At this the lady goes downstairs and you can freely take the soul gems. She
will come upstairs as soon as you place the fake soul gem in her dresser."

*Soul Gem Banzai: "If you go to the cave filled with smugglers, which is
southwest of Gnaar Mok along the coast, you will find tons of stuff. First kill
all the smugglers, maybe 5 or 6, which are not that hard, and find a trapped
"oily door" I think. Bust in and you'll find a whole bunch of treasure, guarded
by a couple, of smugglers though. Amongst tons of barrels and crates, I found
maybe 10 great soul gems, a couple of grand soul gems, a bunch of open 100
points scrolls, and some Deadric weapons, I can't remember what, I think some
kind of spear. This is also a Redoran quest."

*Azure Soul Gem: And go to Azura's shrine and do a mission for her, and I think
she'll give you a re-usable grand soul gem called Azura's gem.

6th House
Weight 1.0
Value 2000
Cast When Used
Effects: Drain Fatigue 100 pts for 5 seconds on Self
Charge: 250

Ring of Surrounding
Weight .1
Value 12000
Chameleon 20-30 Percent for 30 seconds on self
Charge 190
Location: Dren plantation tower, the guard in the tower has the key to the
chest that has it.

*The Amulet of Shadows
*Value: 226 (It's an extravagant ruby amulet)
Cast when Used
Effect: Summon Bonewalker 60 sec. on self
Charge 250
Location: *The Amulet of Shadows can be found by leaving Gnisis from the west
and following the paths. Just kill the partially invisible man standing near
the woman. *I think it was in Muin-Gei's (the enchanter in the foreign
quarter's lower waist works) bedroom.

Note: Myst Dragoon says The amulet of shadows doesn’t summon a monster it makes
you chameleon for 60 sec's 80% I use it and the pants you get off of the
spymaster to make myself 100% chameleon... you can steal anything when your

*Scroll of Icarian Flight
Cast once
Effect: Fortify acrobatics 1000 points (yes, 1000) on self
Location: From the Silt Strider in Seyda Neen, follow the path downwards
andonce you get to Seyda Neen, go left (facing away from the village). Continue
down this path until you see a book in the pathway. Walk towards it, but don't
get to close to it because a wood elf will fall out of the sky near it. He has
three of these scrolls.  *Also these golden saints occasionally drop the scroll
as well.
Note: This is kind of point less, though it lets you travel across Morrowind
very quickly, but when you land you will most likely end up like the poor wood

6. Credits

Thanks to

Ratm0071, for sending me some of new locations, item info, and being one of the
biggest contributors as well
DarkGrin1313, for his favorite item and including stats, the person is one of
the good ones, thank you
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items, and also for his constantly contributing as well
Donna Kris, for orcish armor locations
Vincent Darkfall, for telling me about the omission of the Grand Soul gem and
its location.
Ben Kingsley, for telling me about a stash of soul gems
Luger727, for pointing out my faults in this FAQ
Subhija Bobic, for wanting Drough items in the FAQ and for having a rocking
Master, Jared, for making me feel complimented that he contributed and also a
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Polcari, for the note about the home
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Dragonlady, for alternative base
Draegha gra'Oq (Orc), for his love of the white woe sword
David Aames, For the orcish, dreugh, green glass, Deadric items and for the
first contributor to have proper grasp of English. (Not that I am no better if
not worse at English) =)
Myst Dragoon, another amulet user
Pobze, for the Keening short sword
Hurd, Idea about differences between x-box and the PC formats

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