The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Quest FAQ v1.04
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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Quest FAQ

by chibon   Updated to v1.04 on
Morrowind Quest FAQ v 1.04
By Kelly Thompson
For Windows and X-Box
Date 24 May 02
Updated June 12, 2002 v 1.01
Updated July 21, 2002 v 1.02
Updated August 08, 2002 v 1.03
Updated 18 March 04

This document is copyright© 2002 by Kelly Thompson.
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have a problem. However I will only let it be used 100% unaltered and only with my permission. Other wise this 
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Contact Info.
If you wish to send me corrections or comments (no hate mail please) email me at the address above.

I decided to write this since I had so many problems remembering what I was supposed to do all the time. 
This FAQ will list the quests in the order of how I did it. It is no way intended for you to follow what I did exactly. It is merely a reference
 regarding to where everything is and what you are supposed to do on these quests. I WILL NOT list strategies to beat the characters
 since there are so many guilds and there are a lot of variations on how to fight. I will start out with the Blades Faction(Main Quest),
Assassin quest then Thieves quest, so on and so on. This FAQ will not be complete when I post it. I will update it as soon as I find out
 what needs to be done.

1. Price on your head
2. Blades Faction
3. Assassin’s quest
4. Thieves quest 
5. Fighter’s Guild
6. Twin Lamps
7. House Hlaalu

1. Price on your head
In these quest’s your bound to get a price on your head. I’m going to list the people that can get rid of your bounties at a considerably
 lower price. 
Ald’ruhn: Tunge Toad in The rat in the pot
Balmora: Phane Rielle in South Wall corner club
Sadrith Mora: Rissinia in the dirty muriel’s corner club
Vivec: Crazy legs Arantamo in the bookseller’s shop in the canal works of the foreign quarter. (He is in the same room as Gentle man
 Jim Stacey)

2. Blades Faction

In the very beginning when you get your papers and leave the office in Seyda Neen your very first thing to do is to find Casius Cosades
 in Balmora they tell you to check at the South Wall for information leading to his where abouts.

You will find Casius at the opposite end of the street of the South wall corner club. You will give him the package you were asked to 
deliver, then he will ask you to join the blades. If you answer no he gets mad at you all you have to do is talk to him again and he will 
accept you.
When you agree to join the faction he will tell you that you’re new and give you 200 drakes and suggest that you go do some side 
quest or join a guild to develop a cover identity. 
So go do some other stuff I have listed and then return to begin. 

1st Blades quest: Hasphat Antabolis

You can find the Fighter’s Guild next to the Mage’s Guild in the opposite side of town on the other side of the river. Hasphat will tell you
 that he wants a Dwemer puzzle box. He mentions the box can be found in some Dwemer ruins nearby. 
Leave the town and go to your left across the bridges and follow the trail till you reach Fort Moonlith. In front of the fort take the left trail 
and you will come to a bridge cross the bridge and fight if necessary up the hill 
to the right you will find a cranks handle. Turn the crank handle and run into the cave opening. Once inside you’ll be on a platform, 
before you go down the ramp jump off the right side of the platform and you’ll land on another platform. 
You’ll have to fight some people defeat them and go through the round door and the puzzle box will be on the shelf to the left upon
 entering. Return the box to Hasphat and report to Casius for a new set of orders.

Note: while you’re there you could go through the rest of the ruins to get 4 pieces of centurion scrap metal for 
a thief’s quest later on in the game if you have not done it. This quest will be listed in the Ald’ruhn thief’s Quest section.

2nd Blades quest: Sharn gra-Muzgob

You will find Sharn gra-Muzgob in the Mages guild in Balmora. You’ll have to do a small errand for her as well. 
She will tell you that she wants the skull of Llevule Andrano. The Andrano ancestral tomb can be found off of the road south of
 Pelagaid, right before the fork where the road heads southwest toward Seyda Neen. It will also be southeast to vivec. The spirits
 in here are vulnerable to conventional weapons so use the dagger Muzgrob gives you. Once you have gotten the skull return it to
 Muzgrob and she will give you some notes to give to Caius. 

You will now be promoted to apprentice.
3rd Blades quest: Vivec informants

Caius will now send you to Vivec to find three informants.

1. Addhiranirr of the thieves’ guild
Addnhiranirr in St. Olms under works, she seems to be hiding from a tax collector whose name is Platorius. (I actually bumped into 
him looking for Addihiranirr so I knew where he was) She will ask you to get rid of him. 
Go up to the waist works and talk to him, I chose to tell him that she had taken a boat to the mainland (or something like that) he will 
thank you and say he was headed that way anyway. 
Go back to Addihiranirr and tell that he has left and she will tell you what you want to know.  
2. Huleeya an Argonian in the Morag tong
Huleeya can be found in the Black Shalk corner club in the foreign quarter waist works. When you try to talk to him he will tell you 
that there are 3 people in the bar that do not like him and needs to you to help him get out of the bar. 
He will ask you to escort him to his friend’s store Jobasha’s book store 
it is on the same level of the waist works and on the other side. 
I talked to the 3 about the filthy lizard and then they let me out of the bar without a fight. 
(If you have enough money bribing does not hurt either.) 
Take him to the book store and talk to him he will give you some notes to take to Caius.

Note: While you’re their you can look around the shop and steal the Progress of truth for the next quest (Mehra Milo) or you can 
simply buy it from Jobasha.

3. Mehra Milo a temple priestess
You can find Mehra Milo at library in the hall of wisdom. When you find her in the library she will tell you she is being watched and 
ask you to meet her in the back of the library. 
After she talks to you she will tell you that you need to get a copy of the Progress of truth. There is one in the library but I do not 
recommend stealing that one.
(If your sneak ability is extremely high ex. 50+ you can steal it in this area, just save before trying) Refer to my note above and go
 to Jobasha’s book store to get it. Return to Caius give and tell him everything that you have learned.

You will now be a Journeyman and Caius will tell you to take a rest and return later as he doesn’t have anything 
for you right now. Wait at least 1 game day then return and he will have more orders.

4th blades quest: Zainsubani Informant

Caius will now ask you to go to Ald’ruhn to find Hassour Zainsubani. He will tell you that he will require a 
gift to tell you what he knows so Caius will give you 100 drakes.
You can find Hassour in the Ald Skar Inn in Ald’ruhn.
You have a few choices here I’m going to list what I did which I find the easiest.
 Just talk to Hassour until you get his disposition up to 80 or so and he will tell you everything you need to 
know and you can keep the hundred Drakes.

Option one: 
Talk to Boderi Foreno about his guest (Hassour) go to his room downstairs it is not marked it has a lot of 
books in it. Steal either Words of the wind or the five far stars and give it to him he will not recognize it 
as his own.

Option two:
Go to Cadus Callonus a book seller in Ald’ruhn and buy Ashland Hymns and give it to Hassour.

I played around with these and the first one I listed I found to be the easiest and the fastest. The choice is 

5th blades quest: Sul-Matull and Ninani Maesa

Upon returning Caius will tell you your next mission is to go to the Urshilaku canp to talk to chief Sul-Matuul and wise woman
 Nibani Maesa.

I found the Urshilaku camp very hard to find even with Caius’s directions. The easiest way I found to get there is this: 
Take a ship from Vivec to Khuul, then go east along the coast till you find the Urshilaku camp. (There are other ways to get there
 with more adventure but I found this to be the simplest way to find the camp)

Once you get to the camp you will realize that no one is very friendly. Do not I repeat DO NOT go into Ashkahan’s yurt without 
permission. I did this and I had to restart.

Go around the camp and talk to the people to get there disposition up. (Around 60 I think) Eventually you’ll find someone to 
suggest that you go talk to Gulakhan Zabamund (His yurt is right next to Ashkahns) You can bribe him or give him gifts of Trama
 roots to raise his disposition so he will allow you to go see Ashkahn Sul-Matull in his yurt. 

Sul-Matull will now tell you that you need to do an initiation rite. He will send you to the Urshilaku Burial Caverns to procure his 
fathers bow (Bone biters Bow). Follow his directions to find the caverns; I’d say they are about halfway between the camp and 
Red Mountain. Kill everything in the caverns and take everything you can. 
(I dumped my inventory before I went so I could get everything) The ghost or wraith you are looking for is: 
Sul-Senipul once you have killed it then search its body for the Bone biter’s Bow. Return the bow to Sul-Matull and he will make
 you a member of the ashlanders tribe.

Once you are a member of the tribe go talk to Nibani Maesa (The old women of the tribe or camp) she will tell you that you are
 not the Nerevarine but you could be. When you are done talking to her go back to Caius Cosades in Balmora. 

6th Blades quest: The Sixth house

Caius will now send you to the Buckmoth Fort near Ald’ruhn to talk to Champion Raesa Pullia. Raesa will tell you that a patrol 
was sent and Dagoth Gares killed all but one member. 
She will tell you to go to Gnaar Mok and ask around about Ilunibi, it is an old smugglers cave at Khartag Point north of Gnaar Mok. 
From Gnaar Mok go north and Khartag point is on an island. The cavern is on the north coast of this island.
Go through the cavern and kill Dagoth Gares when you find him. When you kill him he will curse you with Corpus disease. Return
 to Caius to get your next quest.

7th Blades quest: Cure for Corpus disease

Caius will now promote you to Traveler and he will tell you that he has located a doctor to cure your disease. 
He will then direct you to Tel Fyr to find the Corprusarium that Dr. Divayth Fyr runs. He will give you a Dwemer artifact to give to 
the Dr. as a gift and 1,000 drakes to buy potions. (You will need potions of rising force to 
complete this quest. I bought mine from Nclarya the white in Balmora)

Tel Fyr is located southwest of Sadrith Mora on an island on the southwest coast of Zafirbel bay. You will have to swim since
 there is no transportation to this place. When you’re in the tower talk to the girls in the tower they will tell you where to find him use
 you’re rising force potions to get to him.
Give him the Dwemer artifact as a gift if his disposition is still low you can bribe him if necessary.

He will now tell you to go to the Corprusarium to retrieve a pair of enchanted boots from Yagrum Bagarn. (Do not kill any of his
 patients while doing this quest if they attack you just run or use invisibility, chameleon spells 
if you have them) 

Note: I stumbled upon a guarskin drum and gave it to Uupse Fyr (She is with Yagrum) she played it and the patience 
left me alone.

Talk to Yagrum and he will give you the boots and tell you a story. Take the boots to Fyr and he will give you the potion but he 
insists that you drink it in front of him. Now go back to Balmora and talk to Caius once again.

8th Blades quest: Find Milo

Caius will now promote you to Operative. Talk to Caius about being promoted to Operative and he will give you some nice things, 
if you don’t you will have lost your chance to get these.
Note: Caius disappears after this, since you are now an Operative it seems you are in charge now. I have not found him since.
While you are in Holamayan go see Taren Omathan in the lower level, since he is the master trainer for “Hand to Hand”

Caius will tell you that you need to find the lost prophecies and give them to Nibani Maesa in the Urshilaku camp. 
He will tell you to find Mehra Milo in Vivec’s Hall of wisdom and justice. When you get there she will be gone the people tell you that 
she is in the library or her room. Go to her room and you will find a note to Amaya on her dresser in her room. Read the note and 
follow her instructions also grab the Divine intervention potions on her dresser; you will need at least 2 for this quest.

Once outside look up and you will see the ministry of truth floating in the sky above the place you are at. 
Use potions or scrolls to levitate up to the entrance and talk to Saram to get the key to get in. (Save before you enter I died a few 
times before I figured out how to get in with out fighting)

I used the door at the other end of the platform from Saram. From there take the right passage follow it up and around to a locked 
door to the prison keep. I timed the guard till he left to enter, once inside you will be attacked by ordinators. 
I ran and jumped down to the cells picked the lock for Milo’s cell once inside talk to her. (You could also levitate over them if you 
want) Give Milo one of the divine intervention scrolls. She will then tell you to go to Ebonheart and talk to Blatta Hateria then tell her
 that Mehra Milo sent you to her and that you want to go fishing. 
She’ll then take you to Holamayan monastery. Talk to the monk Vevrana Aryon and the monk will tell you to follow the stones up
 to the monastery. 
The entrance only appears at 6am-8am and 6pm-8pm (Remember these times since they are very important for the next quest
 as well)

Once inside talk to Master Gilvas Barelo and ask him about the lost prophecies. He will then give you writings of the Apographa
 “The lost prophecy” and “The Seven Cursed” to give to Nibani Maesa. Now go back to the Urshilaku camp to speak to Nibani Maesa. 

9th Blades quest: The Incarnate 

{Also the first 3 or the 7 trials I will now list the quests as trials instead of quest’s to prevent confusion.}

Once you talk to Nibani Maesa about the lost prophecies she will tell you to give her a day to decide what she should do. Go do
 another quest or something and then return.

Upon your return she agrees to be your guide in the path of the Nerevarine. She will tell you that you must pass the seven trials
 of the seven visions. Two of these are complete already which is your foreign birth and having corpus and being cured. She will 
tell you to the talk to Sul-Mataal and he will send you on the third trial.

Sul-Mataal will send you to Kogoruhn to find 3 tokens. Go east along the coast from the camp you’ll find a ruin called Valenvaryon, 
to the southeast of that you’ll find a ruin called Ebernanit. Kogoruhn will be south of Ebernanit. Inside you will need to retrieve the
 house dagoth cup, corpus weepings and the shadow shield.
Once you have the 3 items listed take them back to Sul-Mataal then he will send you on another quest to find the Cavern Of The
(Warning when you find the fury sword save before you equip. it I have not found a cure for this yet) There are some really tough
 things in here if you are having problems get the 3 things you need and get out till your stronger.

He will then give you 3 verses that are clues to the Caverns location:

The eye of the needle lies in the teeth of the wind
(Is a column of rock in the Valley of the wind which lies on the northeast slopes of Red Mountain)
The mouth of the cave lies in the skin of the pearl 
(Is a whit rock at the top of the needle)
The dream is the door and the star is the key
(Refers to Azura’s Star which only appears at 6am-8am and 6pm-8pm)
Talk to the scout next to Sal-Matuuls yurt and to Nibani Maesa to find out what the riddles mean. 

More instructions:
Head east along the coast from the camp. Pass the ruin Bthuand and the ruin Zergonipal then turn south. There are 2 valleys that
 lead south. You want to take the easterly valley that has 2 spires called Airan’s teeth. Go past the Dareleth ancestral tomb, climb 
the dead end. Now just wait for the proper times to enter. (I just used the rest feature until I got one of the times)

Once inside you’ll talk to a bunch of ghosts and get a cut scene. You’ll receive the moon and star and they will tell you that you have
 past the first 3 trials and you are the Nerevarine.

They will give you a set of tasks to perform:
You will need to go to the councilors of the 3 great houses and ashkahns of the four ashlander tribes to show them your ring and
 to persuade each house to make you Hortator and each tribe to make acknowledge you as the Nerevarine. (I did these quests 
backwards so it doesn’t matter what order you do them in I just found it easier to do the Nerevarine first. You may do what you like)

Trial Note: I would like to mention that some of these quest’s you might have done already if you have joined a house. I spent a 
lot of time and save game files trying to get all the information straight. I will do my best to add helpful notes as best as I can. 
I will write this like you are not a member and add notes if you happen to be a member. I think I got it all right if not feel free to
 let me know. There is some killing involved in these quests. I recommend that if you have to kill someone use taunt to make
 them attack you first so your 
reputation does not get damaged and you will have no bounty. Keep in mind that when you spend the money on taunting,
 after they attack you and you kill them you get all of your money back.

4th Trial Part I: Redoran Hortator

You will need to visit Athyn Sarethi in the Sarethi manor in Ald’ruhn. Ask him to be named Reoran Hortator.
(If you are a member already he will support you and tell you that he can make all but one support you in this matter. Which
 is Bolvyn Venim) When you talk to Sarethi he will tell you that you will need to convince 5 other council members to agree to name
 you Hortater. I will list them accordingly I’m not sure if there is a specific order but this worked for me. 
You can get the “Red Book of 3E 426” from Neminda by the front door of the
Redoran council. This book gives you the names and location of all the council members of the Redoran house. 
Athyn Sarethi will ask you to rescue his son Vavur, from Venims dungeon. Go to the Venim manor when you enter make a righ
t and go through the first door. Go straight down the steps and there will be a note and key pick it up and read the note. The key
 will get you through the door where Vavur is being held. (As you enter the room the Vavur is behind a tapestry to the right of the
 bottom of the stairs) Talk to him and have him follow you back to his father. Once you return to Sarethi he will agree to name you 
{I had a big problem getting him out of the manor; they kept attacking me and killing him before I could get him out. I used invisibility 
spells and potions until I left the manor this seemed to work really well.}

All of the other members except for Bolvyn Venim will agree to support you. The are in their respective Manors if you get lost just
 refer to the red book.

Minor Arobar, Garisa Llethri, Brara Morvayn, Hlaren Ramoran

Bolvyn Venim: Will not support you when you talk to him. He will challenge you to a duel at the fighters arena in Vivec.
 Accept his challenge and meet him in the Vivec Arena.(I should mention he is very tough and has ebony armor. If you are strong
 and have a lot of cure spells or potions you should be okay. If not I suggest you get a levitation potion or scroll and once in the
 arena levitate to the top. Once you are on top he cannot get out so use distance spells and weapons on him. It takes awhile to do 
this but it is faster than trying to level up to beat him)
Once you have defeated Venim return to Sarethi and he will name you Hortator and give you the Ring of the Hortator  and gives 
you a sealed package. 

4th Trial Part II: Hlaalu Hortator

Go to the House of Hlaalu in Balmora and talk to Nileno Dorvayn and you will receive the “Yellow Book of 3E 426” it will list all of
 the members and their locations. I will ask you to keep in mind the prices I give you will vary depending on your mercantile, 
speechcraft skills as well as your disposition with each character and also your Reputation. So please don’t email me and tell me
 my answers are wrong since they vary.

Crassius Curio can be found in the Curio Manor. Which is located in the Plaza (Top floor) of the Hlaalu Canton in Vivec. If you are 
a member he will name you for 300-500 drakes if not it will be 1,000 drakes.

Yngling Half-Troll at the St. Olms Canton (Top floor) in Yngling Manor. He will support you for 1,000 Drakes if you are a member 
and 2,000 drakes if you are not.
Optin B: You can taunt him and kill him if you want to save money. If you don’t taunt him you will have a bounty on your head.
(If you kill him take his ledger you’ll need it for a thieves quest later on if you haven’t done it yet)

Dram Bero is in the St. Olms haunted manor (Top floor) he names you with no problem but mentions that the other two are Orvas 
Drens cohorts and will do nothing without Orvas Drens permission.

To get the other two councilors to name you Hortator you will have to kill Orvas Dren. He is on his plantation east of Fort Pelegiad. 
(You can also blackmail him by finding some papers hidden behind locked doors in his basement (Where the Ienith brothers are
 hiding in his house. Galos Farethi (Drens bodyguard) has the key to these doors. I just killed him since I was on a quest forthe Ienith
 brothers assassin quest and he attacked me after I killed them)
Nevana Ules can be found in Ules Manor across the river from Suran Village. 

Velanda Omani can be found in the Omani Manor, on Olmas Island east of Vivec. 

Once all of this is done return to Curio and he will give you the belt of the Hortator.

4th Trial Part III: Telvanni Hortator

Master Aryon can be found in Tel Vos he names you Hortator right off. He will also tell you that all the other
councilors can be persuaded, except Archmagister Gothren he will suggest you just kill Gothren. 
The brown book for the Telvanni House councilors can be found at the Telvanni House, just keep going down through the corridors
 underneath the tower there is a hermit, talk to her and she will give it to you. (This info is courtesy of Rodney Ward, I saved his e-mail
 for a whole year just to give him the proper credit)

Mistress Dratha can be found in the upper tower in Tel Mora. She will not like you if you are a man, since I am a male Khajiit I killed her. 
If you are a female she is easy enough just bribe her to raise her disposition and she will name you Hortator.

Mistress Therana can be found in the upper tower in Tel Branora. When I spoke to her she had a disposition of 50 or 60 something
 and she named me right away.

Master Neloth can be found at Tel Naga in Sadrith Mora. I had to get his disposition over 70 before he would name me Hortator.
(If you want to save money just taunt him and kill him)

Master Baladas can be found at Arvs-Drelen in Gnisis. His disposition was like Therana’s so he just named me Hortator right away.

Master Archmagister Gothren in the upper tower in Tel Aruhn. He seems to agree and tells you to come back later I did this and it 
is a waste of time. Just taunt him and kill him.
Killing Gothren Notes: I recommend getting some cure paralyzes potions since he uses this a lot. He also has two Dremora body 
guards so get a lot of restore health potions as well. It will not be an easy fight unless you are pretty strong.

When Gothren is dead return to Aryon and he will give you the Robe of the Hortator.

5th Trial Part I: Unify Urshilaku

Just go back to the Urshilaku camp and talk to Sul-Matuul and talk to him. After talking to him he will name you War leader of the
 Urshilaku camp and give you the tribe’s teeth. (it is an amulet)

5th Trial Part II:  Make The Ahemmusa Tribe Safe

The Ahemmusa camp can be found directly north of Vos just before the ocean.

The wise women of the camp Sinnammu Mirpal is the camps chief. You will be required to talk to the three gulakhans before you
 talk to Mirpal. There names are Kausi: Dutadalk: and Yenammu. talk to them about the Nerevarine then you can go speak to Mirpal.

Once that is done and you talk to Mirpal she will ask you to go to Ald Daedroth and make it a safe haven for her tribe. She will give
 you directions to Ald Daedroth.

You have two choices here:
Option A:
Go kill everything and everyone in the area and in the shrine. This is what I did it is faster than option B.
If you do this there is a lot of loot and stuff to be found. You will need to be pretty strong also to pull this off.

Option B:
Let the two sides fight and wait it out, (this takes a long time) once they wipe each other out just take out the few that are left. 
It depends on how patient you are. I recommend Option A However it is up to you.

Once this is done return to the camp and escort Mirpal to Ald Daedroth and once she deems it safe she will name you the
 Nerevarine and give you the Madstone.

5th Trial Part III: The Zainab Bride

Note: You will be required to buy an exquisite shirt, skirt, 2 pairs of shoes, and Telvanni bug musk. It will be faster if these are 
already in your inventory if not Imayn will tell you where to find these things. 

Go talk to Ashkahn Kaushad in his yurt. I had to get his disposition over 70 to get him to talk to me. (If you have another pair of 
exquisite shoes to give him it will boost his disposition by 40 points in one shot) He will now talk to you about becoming the 

He will now ask you to kill a vampire by the name of Calavario in the Nerano Ancestral Tomb. You can find the tomb by going
 west of the camp until you reach some mountains then go north. After you pass some ruins called Nchuleft be looking to the
 east for a tomb entrance that has two trees. 
Note: I would bring some restore strength and endurance potions since the greater bone walkers in this tomb will hit you with 
that spell. Restore health potions are important also.
Once you have defeated Calavario return to Kaushad and he will have more thing for you to do for him.

Kaushad will tell you that he wants you to bring him a bride. A high born Telvanni bride, go talk to Sanummu Zabamat (the
 camps wise woman) She will tell you to go to her friend Savile Imayn in Tel Ahrun.

Once in Tel Ahrun talk to Saville Imayn she will tell you that she has the right slave for the occasion. She will tell you to go
 to Elegnan a clothier in Tel Mora to buy an exquisite shirt, skirt, and shoes. When you return she will now tell you that you need
 Telvanni bug musk. The easiest and closest place to get it is where you are in Tel Ahrun. Go see Bildren Areleth the Apothecary 
and buy the bug musk. (If you have these things in your inventory like I suggested this will save you a lot of time)

Now you will have to barter with Imayn this varies on a lot of different things I got her for 1,000 drakes. She will give you the key 
to Falura Llervus cell. Give her the items and she will change clothes. Talk to her and she will agree to follow you to the Ashkahns 
Journey Note: I find it a great pain escorting people in this game. I recommend that you acquire a heal companion potion or
 stay real close to her. Also on your first journey to her clear out all the bad people and take the exact route back. which is what 
I did. Once you have delivered Llervus Kaushad will give you the Zainab Thong and name you Nereravine.

5th Trial Part IV: Kill Erabenimsun’s Ashkahn

The Erabenimsun camp is located north-northwest of Mount Assarnibibi and southwest of the Tel Fyr (Corprusarium) It is far 
away from all the other places. If you talk to the scouts in Zainab they will give you directions.

Once you arrive at the camp talk to the people until one of them recommend that you talk to the tribes wise women Manirai.
She will tell you that you cannot be the Nereravine until you kill the current Ashkahn Ulath-Pal along with his three gulakhans 
Ahaz, Ranabi, and Ashu Ahhe. She will then tell you how to do it.
Note: Two of these fights are one on one. You will have to fight Ahaz and Ulath-Pal together. Restore health potions are very 
helpful here. Also when you kill them all be sure to get the War axe of Airan-Ammu, Sanit-Kil’s Heart of fire, and the Robe of
 Erur-Dan the Wise.

Once you have killed them all go to the gulakahn Han-Ammu in his yurt. He will tell you that he does not want to be the Ashkahn.
 Give him the three items I mentioned above and he will agree to become Ashkahn and name you the Nereravine.

This completes the 5th Trial.

6th Trial: The Meeting of Vivec

You now have to go speak to Danso Indules he can be found at the Vivec temple. He is at the north south tunnel out in the open on
 the 2nd level. He will tell you to go talk to Saryoni who is located in the east wing of the High Fane. (There are two doors to his
 chambers and both of them are locked you will need to use lock picks or Ondusi’sUnhinging scrolls)
Talk to Saryoni and he will tell you to go meet Vivec and give you two keys one for Vivecs quarters in the next building south of 
the high fane and one to the back door of Saryoni’s quarters. Once inside Vivec’s Palace Talk to him about everything. He will
 eventually give you the Wraith guard and will direct you to go kill Dagoth Ur. 
Keep in mind you have to pay attention to everything Vivec tells you and read all of the journals he gives you.
Note on Wraith guard: If Vivec does not teach you how to use wraith guard you will need to perform other quests I will list these after
 this note. Vivec will tell you that you need Sunder and Keening to defeat Dagoth Ur. When you find these, Wraith guard must be
 equipped or you will Die! Yes I did this and it took me awhile to figure this out.

Wraith Guard:

If you cannot activate or equip Wraith guard you will need to go to the Red mountain citadel Tureynulal then go to it’s library and find 
Kagrenac’s Plan book. The go to the citadel Endusal and get the Kagrenac’s Journals in
the study. Endusal is north and slightly west of ghost gate inside of it. Tureynulal is located is east and a little north of Dagoth Ur.
Once you have aquired this you will need to go to the Corprusarium in Tel Fyr and find Bagarn again. Give him the books and he 
will enable the Wraith guard. Make sure your health is above 225 or you will die because it blows up the first time. After it tries to 
kill you and you survive it will work normally. Now you are ready to go to the ghost fence and seek out Sunder and Keening.

Note: When you get Keening and Sunder have the Wraithguard equipped or you will die. I mention this several times because I 
had a hard time figuring out why I was dieing. Keening is a short sword so have your short sword as high as possible. Sunder is
 a blunt weapon so have this as high as possible as well. When you are killing all of the Ash Vampires be sure to get all of their
 useful stuff it comes in handy.

You will need to go to the Odrosal citadel just north east of Ghost gate. Go in and kill everything and then get Keening. When your
 in Ordosal you will see a ladder climb it and Keening is in there.Remember Do Not equip it unless you have wraith guard equipped
 or it will kill you.

Sunder is in the Vemynal citadel located northwest of Dagoth Ur. Dagoth Vemyn guards Sunder so you will have to kill him to get 
Sunder. He is a high level Vampire so have all your potions at hand.

7th Trial: Dagoth Ur

To get inside Dagoth Ur there is a crank to the left of the entrance. Once inside explore and kill everything. 
Dagoth Ur will be talking to you the whole time so don’t freak out like I did. When you find him you will have to talk to him no matter
 what your answers are you will have to fight him any way. Once you defeat him he will disappear and go into Akulakhan’s chamber.
 Look on the ground and pick up his Heart ring.

Enter Akulakhan’s chamber and he will be right in front of you. Do not attempt to fight him you won’t win I tried.
Instead fly over him and go down to the Heart of Lorkhan and hit it once with Sunder and then five times with Keening. This will
 destroy Dagoth Ur. (I just kept beating on it after that to be sure)

Once this is done an earth quake will trigger so fly back up to the entrance and watch everything fall then leave the way you 
came in. As you face the door the crank is to the right behind you.

Dagoth Ur is destroyed but the game is not over since there is so much to do and some of the quests cannot be completed 
until you defeat Dagoth Ur. Now you can got complete the quests or put the game away feeling satisfied the choice is yours.

3. Assassin’s quests

The assassin’s guild can be found in the Vivec arena. Once on the arena go to the 2nd floor on the south side and enter the
 waist works. Go to the left and enter the door that says Vivec arena canal works. Follow the stairs down till it leads you to a door
 that says arena storage. Follow the hall to a wooden door once inside go through the door on the right and you will see a trap
 door on the floor that says Vivec arena hidden area lock level 50 

A few things before we start. A lot of the times when you go to kill someone if you start it you will get a bounty on your head. If
 you have a writ present it to anyone who demands fine money, or what ever on the bottom it says present writ. If you do this
 you don’t lose money or your stolen goods. (My armor is stolen glass armor so I learned this very fast in the game) I also noticed
 if I got caught stealing I could present a writ and I lost nothing. I do not know if this is a bug or what but it works for me. If you do 
get caught and lose your stolen stuff you can usually find it in a chest in the nearest Guard House.
Some writs will not have to be presented since the killings are not reported. The only time you will need to present a writ is if
 it is reported as a crime. If your speech craft is high enough taunting works real well since they attack you first and no one will
 report you. You do not have to report to Eno Hlaalu if there is another guild close by so I will not be writing return to Eno etc. 
There are usually 2 subjects to a writ once the quest as I list them are complete you will need to talk to Eno or someone else in 
charge of a guild to receive another set of writ’s. If you do report each time you will be rewarded each time so I will leave the
 decision up to you. Some of the people you are hired to kill are rather strong, use magic and are not alone so be prepared at 
all times with potions, spells, or what have you. 


Once inside the assassin’s guild find Eno Hlaalu in his room on the 2nd floor of the guild. Talk to him he will tell you that you need
 to be tested if you want to join the guild. He will present you with a writ for Feruren Oran. He will be found in the Elven nation’s 
corner club in the Hlallu plaza in Vivec. When you get to the corner club he will be on the bottom floor. After presenting your
 writ to Eno Hlaalu you will be accepted into the Morag Tong.

1st Assassin quest: Writ’s for Odaishah Yasalmibaal and Toris Saren

Odaishah Yasalmibaal can be found by taking a boat to Tel Aruhn. Once at Tel Aruhn swim southwest until you reach the coast. 
His yurt is on the coast near the end of the Peninsula 

Toris Saren may be found in Saren Manor in the Plaza of the Redoran Canton in Vivec. (You will be attacked by more than one 
person. If you go in the other entrance where his wife is and she attacks kill her and there is a trap door on the floor go through 
kill that person then go through and you should be able to fight Toris one on one though I never tried this I did it the hard way)

2nd Assassin quest: Writ’s for Sarayan Sadus, Ethal Seloth and Idraso Vendu

Sarayan Sadus is hiding with other outlaws in Zaintirari. Eno will mark a village on your map then from the village you will head
 northwest until you reach a steam pit surrounded by dead trees Zaintirari is north of the pit but hidden by rocks.
This is a long journey and there are several people to fight 4or5 so make sure you are well stocked up in healing items and
 what not.

Ethal Seloth and Idraso Vendu are located in the temporary housing of the Telvanni Plaza in Vivec. Keep in mind these 2
are mages.
3rd Assassin’s quest: Guril Retheran, Galasa Uvayn

Guril Retheran can be found in the Flowers of gold corner club in the Redoran Canton waistworks in Vivec. 

Galasa Uvayn will be found at the Hlallu Treasury in the waist works of the Hlaalu Canton in Vivec.

4th Assassin quest: Mavon Drenim, Tirer Belvayn

Mavon Drenim can be found in the Telvanni tower in the Plaza of the Telvanni Compound in Vivec.

Tirer Belvayn can be found in Shara which is on the southwest coast of Sheogorad. Go to Dagon Fel follow the road south 
past the Dwemer ruins and west until a Branch heads southwest to the coast. Shara is to the south. (I had a hard time finding
 this just follow the instructions closely and you should find it easily, in fact it is this quest that inspired me to write this faq)

5th Assassins quest: Mathyn Bemis, Brilnosu Llarys

Mathyn Bemis can be found in the ancestral vaults in the Hlaalu Canal works. He is the head of gang of outlaws who will defend
 him (I think there are 4 of them)

Brilnosu Llarys is hiding at the Dunmer strong hold of the Hlormaren which is on the coast west of Balmora and north of Hla oad. 
It will be marked on your map.
Go in and proceed to the roof and she is on the roof she has one person there with her if you fight him first 
you can fight them one at a time.

6th Assassin quest: Navil and Ranes Ienith 

The brothers can be found on the Dren Plantation which is east of the Pelegaid and west of Suran. Once on the plantation
 go to Orvas Drens residence and they will be in the house. (I believe it is on the bottom floor and the door will need to
 be picked)

You will now be a master assassin.


I have played around with this in different ways and this is what I came up with. Anytime after making master assassin you
 can become the grandmaster in 2 different ways.

No. 1: Just simply walk up to him and kill him and the rest of the members will then call you Grand Master.

No. 2: While talking to him he will ask you if you can let him retire quietly. You must complete the special duties to get this 

In either case you will now be the Grandmaster of the Assassins guild. Keep in mind that if you become the Grandmaster
 before you finish the “Threads of the Webspinner” quests it will be lost to you. The award for the Webspinner quest is a 
spell that casts chameleon, fortify attack and fortify short blade. I’m not trying to spoil it for you it’s just that I was very 
disappointed with this reward after I found all 26 of these items.

Grandmaster quests:

After killing or letting Hlaalu retire and killing Dagoth Ur you can return to any of the Morag Tong quest givers and obtain 
the 4 Grandmaster writs. Make sure you are very strong and prepared because these guys arefairly strong. If you happen
 to be in any of their factions you will be in trouble with that faction. I have found that these quests are not important to the 
game. I think that they are very challenging though.

Quest 1: Larrius Varro

Larrius Varro can be found in Fort Moonmoth (He has a quest of his own if you haven’t done it yet do it to get your reward) 
Even with Sunder I found him a bit tough. I was disappointed in his armor it is pretty plain but his sword has a name
 “Shackler of Souls”. Return to a quest giver and your reward is about 4,000 gold.

Quest 2: Baladas Demnevanni

Go to Gnisis and find the house “Arvs-Drelen” to find him. He will be the toughest wizard you’ll fight in my opinion. His stuff 
is plain except for a summoning ring. You’ll get about, 5,000 gold for him.

Quest 3: Dram bero

He can be found in Haunted house manor in the St. Olms Plaza. I recommend taunting him since his body guard is next to him.
 I noticed that you get that weird message about the broken prophecy but don’t worry about this since
Dagoth Ur is already dead. He is worth 3,000 gold

Quest 4: Therana

She can be found in the upper tower in Tel Branora. It is very well possible that you have killed her already depending on how
 you handled the 4th Trial in the main quest. If this is the case just talk to the quest giver again and you will be awarded 
10,000 gold.

Threads of the web spinner

I found a lot of these on accident while running around doing other quests. So I will just list them randomly or how I found
 them by the time I talked to Hlaalu I already had some not knowing what they were for. If you find anything named “Sanguine”
 hang on to it. Keep in mind that while you are acquiring these items you do not have writs for all of these people so you will 
have to use taunt or be prepared to get a price on your head.

Amulet of Sanguine Enterprise
Hlallu already has this so don’t bother looking for it.

Glove of Sanguine horny fist
This can be found on Guril’s Retherans body at the flowers of gold cornerclub.

Belt of Sanguine fleetness
Hrordis has this you can find him at the Halfway Inn in Pelagiad.

Belt of Sanguine Denial
Movis Darys has this he is a morag tong quest.

Belt of Sanguine Martial Craft
Carecalmo has this he is the quest ultimatum of the morag tong.

Ring of Sanguine Sublime Wisdom
Anel Rethelas has this he can be found in the Daedric runs called Yasammidan west of Ald Velothi.

Belt of Sanguine Stolid Armor
Mindeli Saren has this and she is also in Yasammidan so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Belts of Sanguine Sureflight and Sanguine Hewing
These are carried by Durus Marius which can be found in the under works of St. Olms in Vivec
Belts of Sanguine Balanced Armor and Sanguine Deep Biting
These are at the same place as above but carried by Relas Arothan.

Amulet of Sanguine Nimble Armor, Gloves of Sanguine Swiftblade, Ring of Sanguine Fluid Evasion, Ring of Sanguine
 Red wisdom and Sanguine Transcendence and Saguine Trans figuring

All of these can be found at the Ald Sotha ruins northeast of Vivec. You will have to fight several people to get these items.

Amulet of Sanguine Glib Speech
This can be found with Shotherra in Thongars Trade house in Khuul.

Ring of Sanguine Golden Wisdom
Talis Veran has this ring and he is located in the Ebernanit ruins southeast of the Valenvaryon stronghold which is east of
 the Urshilaku camp.

Ring of Sanguine Green Wisdom and Belt of Sanguine Smiting
These can be found at Ald Daedroth northwest of the Ahemmusa camp.

Belt of Sanguine Impaling Thrust
Gluronk gra-Shula has this which can be found on the second floor of the Gateway Inn in Sadrith Mora.

Shoes of Sanguine Leaping
These are found with Dro’Zaymar who lives in Canal south-three in the St. Delyn canton in Vivec.

Glove of Sanguine Save keeping
Inganar has this and is located in the Daedric shrine Ularradallaku which is inside the ghostfence, north of Endusal.

Ring of Sanguine Silver Wisdom
Earmil has this and he is located in the Daedric ruin Assurnabitashpi wet of the Urshilalku camp.

Shoes of Sanguine Stalking
Thovasi Alen has these and is in the shrine Assarnatamat.

Ring of Sanguine Unseen Wisdom
Erundil  has this and can be found in Indoranyon which is on the east coast north of Tel Aruhn.

Now that you have them all go to Hlaalu in the Morag Tong and he will give you a spell that fortifies chameleon, attack and
 your short blade skill.

4. Thieves quests 

The thieves’ guild can be found in the south wall corner club in balmora. When you get off the silt strider go to the right and 
cross the bridge, go past the first set of houses and you’ll be at the south wall corner club. 

Balmora 1st quest: Diamond

Sugar-Lips Habasi will tell you that she need’s a diamond for a customer. She will tell you that Nalcarya in the white haven’s 
alchemy shop has a diamond. Her shop is located on the west side of the river and south of the temple. When you go in the 
shop there will be a guard whatching. There are two ways to do this:
1. Go to the upstairs door on the out side and pick the lock. (I believe it is a level 35 lock) Once inside there is a box by her 
bed pick the lock retrieve the diamond, then return it to sugar lips.
2. Walk in to the shop on the first floor then simply buy the diamond from Nalcarya. (I did this because I had no idea what I 
was doing when I started the game)

Balmora 2nd quest: Key to Nerano Manor

Sugar-Lips Habasi will then inform you that she needs a key for the Nerano Manor. Two people have this key Sovor Trandel,
 (he is located in the council club corner house) the other key is held by Ondres Nerano the owner of the house himself.
1. Sovor Trandel is a member of the Camora Tong so keep this in mind if you try to get the key from him. If he happens to
 catch you stealing you will have to fight everyone. (Everyone inside except the bartender is a tong member) this is how I 
did it since I was also a member of the fighters guild and I had to take them out anyway. How ever this is very difficult Onders
 Nerano is much easier.
2. Onders Nerano is the owner of the house which is located south of Nalcarya’s shop. The house will not be locked just walk 
in and he will be right there. Go behind him then try to use sneak get as close as you can then steal it if he catches you don’t
 worry let him attack first then you can kill him if you do get a bounty just go back to the south wall and pay Phane Rielle to fix 
the problem of the price over your head. I would also take everything in the house there is some stuff that will have good value.
If you don’t want to kill Onders you can just beat on him with your fist’s until you knock him down then take the key from him.
 The choice is yours though.

Balmora 3rd quest: Fat leg’s drop off (Dwemer Atrifacts)

Sugar lips will ask you to recover 3 artifacts from a guy named Ra’zhid that’s at a place called Fat legs drop off in a place called
 Hla Oad. Hla Oad is south west of balmora and North West of Seyda Neen. 
Once in Hla Oad look for fat leg’s drop off (there are only a few shacks so it’s not hard to find.) Face Razhid do not draw a weapon
 or try to ask him about the artifacts he will not tell you. Go to the chest behind him and to the left and try to pick it out in the open. 
He will attack you so kill him and the mage will not interfere after he is dead grab his key and look at the door opposite of the
 mage and the chest will be on the right of the door. Open the chest, get the artifacts and return to Sugar lips.

Balmora 4th quest: Brown, Brown Brandy

This quest is very simple and quick.
Sugar lips will ask you to get a bottle of brandy for her at Hlaalo Manor.
Once inside walk up to his corpse, just before you get to it look on the shelf to the right and it will be on the top shelf in the middle. 
(I believe there are other places where it will be this is just where I found it) Return it to Sugar lips and receive your reward.

Balmora 5th quest: New-Shoes Bragor

Sugar lips will now ask you to go to Pelegiad to free a guild member named New shoes Bragor.
Pelegiad is located southeast of Balmora and norh east of Seyda Neen. I took a silt strider to Seyda Neen and walked from there
 it is much shorter however you can take anyway you like.
Once in Pelegiad go the Megstien Ence’s shop (he is a trader) go upstairs and you will find the artifact in a box it will be a dwemer
 artifact. Once you have it take it to ShadBak gra-Burbug. He will be in the 1st floor of the prison (when you leave mebstien ence’s
 just go right and you will run in to it) talk to him and show him the artifact he will say you got him this time (or something like that) 
and will agree to free New-Shoes Bragor. I recommend going to talk to new shoes before going back to Sugar lips he will give
 you a cool pair of shoes. 
Then go back to Sugar lips to receive your reward.

Balmora 6th quest: South Wall Security

Sugar lips will now ask you to find and Altmer to help fortify the security for the southwall. She will give you a list of names of the
 people that are Altmers. The person you want to find is Hecerinde. She lives in a house on the eastside of the river it will be the
 same side that southwall is on.
Talk to Hecerinde and click on Altmer and he will agree to help. Go back to Sugar lips and get your reward.

Sugar lips will state that she has no further jobs for you. 
She will then direct you to two of her friends. Aengoth the Jeweler: in the rat in the pot in Ald’ruhn. Big Helende: in Dirty Muriels
 in Sadrith Mora. Take the silt strider to Ald’ruhn from Balmora.


Aengoth the jeweler is in the rat in the pot in Ald’ruhn go to the right and down the street from the silt strider station it will be on
 the end of the street.

Ald’ruhn 1st quest: Devil Tanto Mages guild

Aengoth will ask you to go to the mages guild and steal a devil tanto he will also inform you that it is empty or unoccupied at 
this time. The mages guild is just down the street to the right from the rat in the pot. Upon entering you will find that they left 
one guard and he will attack you as soon as you enter just kill him and head to the large open room on the easterly side. 
The devil tanto will be in a trapped locked chest. I would also grab whatever you else you want to sell or keep. Take the 
tanto back to Aengoth to get your reward.

Ald’ruhn 2nd quest: Redoran master helm

Aengoth will now tell you that there is a Redoran Master helm that he wishes to aquire. He will tell you that the only person
 he knows to have one is Miner Arabor which lives in Arabor Manor in the Manor district. There are two ways to do this.
The Manor district lies in a large dome on the northern side of town.

1. Go inside the Arabor Manor and locate Miner Arabors bedroom he will be inside. Behind him is a closet on top of it is the
 Redoran master helmet. Go behind him use your sneak mode and steal the helmet.
Return it to Aengoth and he will reward you.

2. You can also go to Lltheri Manor bedrooms look for the first door on the left to the right of the door is a locked chest in it 
is also a Redoran master helm.

Ald’ruhn 3rd quest: Boethiah’s pillow book

Aengoth will now tell you he desires “Boethias pillow book” He will tell you that Miner Arabors daughter Gandosa has it in 
the manor. Her room is located directly across from Miner Arabors room. Walk past her and you will find the book in a
 chest (it could be on the bed also I can’t remember but it’s in her room) While in her room steal the cooking secrets as well
 this will save you time in an upcoming quest for Big Helende in Sadrith Mora.
After acquiring Boethiah’s pillow book take it back to Aengoth to receive your reward. 

Ald’ruhn 4th quest: Withershins

Aengoth will now tell you he wishes to acquire a book called “Withershins” he will mention that it is in the Maar 
Gan tradehouse, in Balmora. Go to the trade house steal it and return it to Aengoth to receive your reward.

Ald’ruhn 5th quest: Centurion scrapmetal

This quest is rather difficult and time consuming no matter how you do it. You can run around different towns to steal or
 buy the scrap metal. This is the quickest way that I found to accomplish this quest.

Aengoth will now tell you that he needs four pieces Centurion scrap metal. Go to Fort Moonlith close to Balmora and 
head left from the front of the fort. You will cross a bridge then up the hill to the right you will find a Dwemer ruin called 
Arkngthand Flip the switch in front of the ruin then go through the door.

(At this point if you have not done the quest that casidus has asked you for the fighter’s guild in Balmora turn right and
 jump off the platform and you will land on another platform. You will have to fight a few people but they are not very tough.
 Go through the door and get the Dwemer puzzle box.)

The only thing I can tell you now is to run around in the ruin and check everything for the scrap metal. The spider monsters 
will occasionally have scrap metal on them. Once you have gotten 4 pieces return to Aengoth to receive your reward.

Update: While I was adventuring around I found that you can go to the Telvanni Canton in Vivec. Down in the canal works 
s the Telvanni monster lab there are about 6 monsters in there and all kinds of scrap metal so this is a shorter route than
 the first one I mentioned in the original faq.

Ald’ruhn 6th quest: Darts of judgment

Aengoth will now tell you that he would like to have the darts of judgment. He will direct you to the Llethri manor and tell you
 that an archer has them that has been hired by the Llethri’s. Do not waist your time with the archer she does not have them. 
Go to the guard’s quarters on the 1st floor and as you enter go to the last bed on the left and you will find the arrows on the
 bed. With the darts in hand return them to Aengoth to receive your reward.

At this point Aengoth will tell you that he has no more jobs for you. He will direct you to Big Helende in Sadrith Mora. 

Sadrith Mora 

Big Helende can be found in Dirty Muriels corner club just at the entrance of the Wolverine hall.

Sadrith Mora 1st quest: Recipe for dispel potion

Big Helende will tell you that she needs a recipe for a dispel potion. Leave Dirty Muriel’s and head to the right follow the 
path until you reach Anis Seloth (Alchemist) house. Go upstairs and look in the crate next to the desk grab the recipe then
 deliver it to Tusa Mircil in the Mages guild at the Wolverine Hall. 
Sadrith Mora 2nd quest: Grand Masters Retort

Big Helende will tell you that she needs a Grand Masters Retort. She will direct you to Tel Mora to find Berwin a trader.
 Once you arrive at Tel Mora go to her shop and you will see the retort on the top of a shelf. I went behind her used the 
sneak mode and snatched the retort off of the shelf. Upon taking the retort take it to Big Helende and she will reward you.

Sadrith Mora 3rd quest: Hire a mage

Big Helende will now inform you that she needs a wizard or mage hired to help protect the guild. 
Go to the mages guild in the Wolverine Hall talk to any mage there and they will inform you that they need 4 pieces of raw 
ebony ore before they will consider letting you hire a battle mage. 
This is where I found it:
East of the Oadi river over the cliff line southeast of Balmora is a cave on the trail heading south. The name of the cave is 
Vassir-Didanat go inside the cave and fight when you have to. Along the walls you will see ebony clusters on the rocks
grab the 4 pieces of raw ebony and make your way back the the Mages guild in Wolverine hall.
Upon giving the raw ebony you will be allowed to hire a battle mage. Go back to Big Helende you will see the new mage 
next to her. She will thank and reward you.

Sadrith Mora 4th quest: Redoran cooking secrets

Big Helende will now tell you that she needs to acquire the Redoran cooking secrets. If you followed this faq you will 
already have it just give it to her if you don’t have it do this.

Go to Ald’ruhn and head to the dome where the manor district is and find Arobar manor go to Gandosa’s room, it is across
 from Miner Arobars’ room. In the back of the room are a couple of chests the cooking secrets will be in one of these. 
Then return it to Big Helende.

Sadrith Mora 5th quest: Enchanted ebony staff

Big Helende now wants you to find the enchanted ebony staff for her. She will direct you to Tel Bramora to find 
Filen Maryin, in the Telvanni tower.

After taking the boat to Tel Bramora go to your left and stay left till you reach the top. Go in the door head left at the bottom 
of the stairway go in the room on the left. Once in the room take the right door then use levitate (spell, potion or what ever it 
takes you to levitate this really depends on the character you have chosen) go into Filen Maryins’ chamber and steal the staff
 behind him. Upon stealing the staff, return it to Big Helende.

Big Helende will now tell you that she has no other jobs for you and that you should seek out Gentleman Jim Stacey at a
 booksellers in the foreign quarter in Vivec. 


Gentleman Jim Stacey can be found in the canal works of the Foreign quarter in Vivec in the book sellers store. 
Do not confuse this with Jobasha’s book store he is not there.

Vivec 1st quest: Nads Tharen

Jim will tell you that Tharen was supposed to deliver a key to him but never showed. He will direct you to the Elven Nations Club
 in the Hlaalu canton.

Talk to Gadela Anus and Sovali Uvayn and they will tell you that Arvama Rathri had spoke to Tharen the last time they saw him.

Talk to Rathri and she doesn’t help and threatens you bribing her did not work for me. However if you kill her reward will double
 ant the end of this quest.

You can talk again to the other people about Rathri; they will eventually tell you where she lives. Here house is in the St. Delyn 
canal south two on the first floor. Go there and you will find Tharen on the floor dead search his body and get the key and take
 it back to Stacey.

Vivec 2nd quest: Help us fight

Stacey will now send you to Percius Mercius in the Ald’ruhn fighters guild to see if he will help fight against the Cammona Tong.
 While talking to him he gives you hints about people in the fighters guild that can be exploited. Once you have talked to 
him about everything return to Stacey and the quest will be complete.

Vivec 3rd quest: Bitter cup

Stacey will now reveal that he might have a way to get Edyis Fire-eye to assist the guild. He will send you to Ald Reydania:
 It is the western most area of Sheograd. That is the island that Dagon Fel is on where Shara is found.

Go through the whole area and you will find the cup on an altar. Go give this the Fire-eye and she will agree to help. Then 
return to Stacey.

Note: I’ve found that you can drink from this cup and it will raise your highest attributes by 20 and reduce your lowest by 20.
 Keep in mind if you do this you cannot finish this quest so the choice is yours. I did not find drinking from the cup a very good

Vivec 4th quest: Join our cause

Stacey will now tell you to go to the Sadrith Moras fighters guild to find Hrundi after you talk to him about “Join our cause and
 Hrundi’s women.”

There are two ways to do this that I know of:

1. You can raise his disposition to above 80 and he will agree if you have enough money.

2. Ask around about his girl friend you will eventually sent to Fara’s Hole in the wall to look for Falena Hlaren bribe her till she
 admits that she is Hrundis girlfriend (Over 50 I think) then go back and talk to Hrundi and he will agree to help the guild.

Jim Stacey’s Bal Molegmer Quests

I believe you have to be at level 8 or above to perform these quests. If he refuses go back to the other places and make 
sure you did not miss anything. While doing these quests just keep talking to him about Bal Molegmer each time you complete
 a quest and he will give you a new one until you are finished. I have titled the quests the same names as the subjects that 
you need to speak to Stacey about to receive the quests.

Talk to Stacey about Bal Molegmer and he will tell you a story about a legend the Stone fire men I believe they were called.
 He will then give you a pair of gloves that they supposedly wore. Put the gloves on or equip them and the quests will begin.

Quest 1: Hlervu Locket

Stacey will send you to Ald’ruhn to steal a locket from the guards quarters in the Venim Manor. You can find the locket in a 
chest in the guards quarters, steal it and go out in town and give it to Braynas Hlervu standing next to his house in Ald’ruhn. 
Once you’ve done this return to Stacey.

Quest 2: Corruption

Stacey now wants Ygling Half-Trolls ledger. (It is possible that you might have killed Ygling already if so just give the ledger to
 Stacey and you are done) Go to Yglings house located in the St. Olms Plaza in Vivec and get the ledger then return it to 

Quest 3: Forged land deed

Stacey will tell you that Velanda Omani of the Hlaalu Council forged Indrele Rathryon’s deed to try to steal it.
He will ask you to go to the library in Vivec and steal the deed (it is lying in the middle of the bottom shelf under a book on
 the back left book shelf) and return it to Rathryon in Seyda Neen. Once this is done return to Stacey and you are done.

Quest 4: Enamor

Stacey will now tell you a story about the sword Enamor. He will send you to the Ghostgate to replace the sword with a note. 
Sarethi chest can be found in the lower level of the Tower of dusk replace the sword and the noteand then return to Stacey.
Note: I spoke to Sarethi and I ended up killing him I had to reload my game because Stacey will not have anymore to do with
 you and you cannot not be guild master if you do not complete all of these quests.

Quest 5: Brallion’s ring

Stacey will now send you to Sadrith Mora to get a ring from Brallion and then deliver it to Ilmeni Dren.
(Note: Ilmeni Dren is the person you want to talk to, for the twin lamps quest’s) 
This alarmed me at first I thought I had a bug because Brallion is not in his normal place. It seems while the quest is actives 
he moves. I played with this for awhile and got the same results. 
Brallion can be found in Fara’s Hole in the wall in Sadrith Mora. You can buy it from him or steal it from him.
(I don’t recommend killing him or Ilmeni Dren which is the supposed leader of the “Twin Lamps” it will mess up your quests)
 Deliver the ring to Ilmeni Dren (She can be found in the St. Delyns canal south one. She is also the
daughter of Duke Dren in Ebonheart) and return to Stacey.

Quest 6: History books

Stacey will tell you that he wants you to steal Odral Helvi’s copy of A brief history of the empire. You can find it in the Governors 
mansion in Caldera. Once you have it go donate it to Vala Catraso at the Ald’ruhn Mages guild.

Quest 7: Dwemer goblet

Stacey will now ask you to steal a dwemer goblet and give it to Danso Indules (this is the same priest you talked to in the 
main quest to get an appointment with Tholer Saryoni which can be found on the 2nd floor of the building in front of the temple
 in front of the north south hall)
You can find the goblet in Berel Sala’s office located in the Justices offices in vivec. The goblet is on the table in front of him. 
Once you have it give it to Indules and return to Stacey.

Advanced quests

Ienith bothers:

Stacey will ask you to go to Drens plantation and find the Ienith brothers. (It is very possible that you have done  this quest
 already if you are an assassin) The plantation is northeast of Pelagaid. Once you have killed them go back to Stacey and
 you are done.

Sjoring Hard-heart:   

Stacey’s last quest is to kill Hard heart the master of the fighters guild. Go to the fighters guild in Vivec in the Foreign quarter 
plaza and kill hard heart. Taunt him since there are a lot of people in the guild and will attack if he is not taunted. I found out
 the hard way.

Stacey will now give you the Skeleton key which has 50 uses and opens anything in the game. Now select duties again and
 he will advance you.

You are now a Master Thief. 

5. Fighter’s guild quest

The fighter’s guild quest will start in Balmora with Eydis Fire-Eye in the Balmora Fighter’s Guild. 

1st Fighter’s guild quest: Rat hunt

Eydis will tell you to go find Drarayne Thelas in Balmora. Her house is on the front of the river on the east side of the river
 close to the central bridge. Talk to Thelas and she will give you a key to her storage. Kill the 3 rats and Thelas will give you 
100gold. Return to Eydis when complete

2nd Fighter’s guild quest: Egg poachers

Edyis will tell you that they have a problem with egg poachers and to go to the egg shulk mine to find Daynila Valas, and
 Sevilo Othan. (Make sure you don’t kill the wrong ones like I did just match the names I gave you before you kill anyone) You
 can find them inside the mine kill them. (Also do not kill the queen while you’re in there) Return to Edyis 

3rd Fighter’s guild quest: Telvanni agents

These four guys are members of the thieves’ guild so if you are a member you need to kill them without getting reported or
 you will be thrown out of the thieves guild.
The one guy in front of the cave can teach you the marksman trade, so if you need to train, do it before you kill him.

Edyis will tell you that there are 4 Telvanni agents in the Ashanammu cave in the hills north of the mine.
You will find one guy outside of the cave kill him first. Then go inside the cave and kill the other three. In the back of the cave 
you can dive in and find a chest.
There are some good items here so clear your inventory before you go out on this quest. Return to Edyis when there dead to 
get your next quest.

4th Fighter’s guild quest: Sottilde

Edyis will tell you that she requires a code book for one of her client’s she will send you to find Sottilde in the southwall in
There are a few ways to do this if you are a member of the thieves guild she will tell you about it with no problem but if you’re 
not a member she won’t tell you anything much less that she has it.

Option one: (This is what I did since I’m a thief)
After talking to her walk around a bit and steal it from her.

Option two:
Just kill her and take it (I recommend taunting her to get her to attack first or you’ll have to fight a lot of people)

Option three: 
You can bribe her to get her disposition up really high and she’ll just give it to you.

5th Fighter’s guild quest: Desele debt

Edyis will now tell you that Desele in Suran who runs the Earthly delights corner club owes a debt to Manos 
Othreleth, of the Dren Plantation.

You can go to Suran and raise Delse’s disposition high and get her to give you the money or you can pay the debt yourself and
 get half of it back. Either way will work on to the next quest.

6th Fighter’s guild quest: Dura gra-bol

Edyis will tell you that Dura has a bounty on her head. Dura lives on the east side of Balmora I believe. You will find her upstairs
 in her room kill her and return to Edyis.
Edyis will tell you that’s all she has now I went to Percius Mercius in Ald’ruhn to do more quest’s. How ever you can go to other
 places and do what you like. 

6. Twin Lamps

I had a very hard time figuring this one out and what to do with it. I will explain it the best that I can. I started out by freeing slaves 
like everyone else I guess and finally the slaves would tell me the pass word tothe twin lamps was “They light the way to Freedom”
 once you can get the slaves to tell you this the quests will begin.


Ilmeni Dren can be found in the the St. Delyn canal south one. Talk to her about Slavery and then the option Twin Lamps will appear
 and she will ask you something and you select the choice “They light the way to freedom”
She will send you to Ald Velothi (It is west of Khuul on the coastline just follow it west from Khull and you will run into Ald Velothi) to
 find Galyn Arvel which is standing on the docks (I looked everywhere for her thinking she was a person to travel on the boat little 
did I know it was her) Arvel will tell you that there is a slave in the ruins to the east of town named J’Saddha and he needs and
 escort into town and to here boat. 
While looking for him I ran into 3 people that seemed to be looking for him. I sent them the other direction then killed them one
 by one. Go into the ruin area (not inside) and you will find J’Saddha take him to Arvel then return to Dren in Vivec.


Dren will now send you to the Dren Plantation northeast of Pelagiad. You need to find Hides his foot he is outside to the right of
 the main gate. Once you find him he will ask you to escort him to Sterdecan’s farm which is very close to the plantation and not 
hard to find. Once you reach the farm talk to him about “Little secret” and he will give you some info on Orvas Dren. (By the time I
 had done this quest it was irrelevant it would have been nice to know earlier in the game)
Note: When I tried to have him follow me I was attack by the guards and they killed him. I reloaded and used sneak or just avoid
 the gaurds and we got out of the plantation unscathed.
Return to Dren and she will direct you to Crassius Curio or her father Duke Vedam Dren

to be continued

7. House Hlaalu

To join House Hlaalu, talk to Nileno Dorvayn. Then talk to her or Edryno Arethi to obtain quests in this faction.

1st Hlaalu quest: Redoran helm

I found this out on my second game since I was a Khajiit in the first one if you are a Khajiit or an Argonian you will not be asked to
 do this quest since you cannot wear a full helmet.

Nileno will ask you to wear a redoran helm and go to Ald’ruhn to talk to Neminda to get a quest from the redoran council. Make
 sure you are wearing the helm, then go to the redoran council in Ald’ruhn, talk to Neminda at the entrance. Talk to her about
 “Oraphan of Arnesia” she will then give you a parcel to take to Mar gaan. Instead of taking it to Mar gaan return it to Nileno and your
 quest will be complete.

2nd Hlaalu quest: Alchemical formulas

Nileno will no direct you to the Vivec forgien quarter to steal or obtain a recipe scroll. Aurane Frenis can be found on the Westside
 of the of Vivecs foreign quarters lower waistworks. I found the scroll in plain sight on the table in front of her. Just take it and leave 
but use sneak or pickpocket. Take it back to Nileno and you will be done with this quest.

3rd Hlaalu quest: Kill the kwama queen

Nileno will now ask you to kill a kwama queen in the Inanius egg mine, owned by Avon Oran. The egg mine is located across
 the mountains east of Suran, if you ask around you can usually get better directions.
Once at the mine go in and find the queen and kill it, return to Neleno to receive 500 drakes.
Note: If you talk to Avon Oran first and let him know you are going to kill his kwama queen you can extort 1,000 drakes from 
him, then go kill the queen anyway.

4th Hlaalu quest: Guar hides

Nileno will ask you to travel to Vivec and locate, Rolasa Oren in the Foreign quarter upper waist works and persuade her
 to sell Hlaalu guar hides. There are 2 ways to do this:
Intimidate her.
Bribe her till her disposition is 80 or above.
Killing her is not really and option, since Nileno will be angry with you.

5th Hlaalu quest: House spy

Nileno directs you to Ald’ruhn to find a clothier named, “Bivale Teneran”
You must deliver her orders.
She is located in Skar the giant crabshell in Ald’ruhn, she is on the ground to the back of the shell, when first entering don’t go
 up the rope bridge just go to the left of it and back, you will find her shop there. Return to Nileno to finsh this quest.