The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Morag Tong FAQ
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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Morag Tong FAQ

by Chobi   Updated on
This walkthrough was originally written for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind on the Xbox, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
Morag Tong Walkthrough
ゥ Chobi, 2005


-Table of Contents-

1. Introduction
2. Tips
3. Joining the Morag Tong
4. Writs
5. Special Duties
6. Become the Grandmaster
7. Grandmaster Writs
8. Legal/Credits


This walkthrough is meant to help you get 
through the Morag Tong guild. I have 
included every quest that needs to be done. 
Being an assassin isn't exactly easy. You 
need to have the skills and technique to do 
it. I wish you luck in taking on this 


Traveling is a major part of this guild. You 
always have to find the person that you must 
kill, and they aren't always easy to find. 
It would be wise to have a levitation spell 
or scroll. This helps you avoid climbing 
mountains and such, which can be VERY 
useful. It also helps you snipe enemies from 
above.  A wise thing to do would be to carry 
around a lot of different types of potions. 
Many times you'll be fighting people who are 
stronger than you, and you'll need that 
extra little boost. You'll also need to open 
locks that are over 75 for some of these 
quests. Enchant an item or get your security 
to a high level. Jink items are quite 
helpful as well. They paralyze your oponent. 
This way you can steadily attack them until 
the effect wears off, then hit them with the 
jinkblade again.

Hopefully some of these tips help you a 
little bit.


In order to join the Morag Tong you must 
speak to the Grandmaster, Eno. Where is he 
located? First, head to Vivic. Once there go 
to the Arena waistworks. From here go to the 
canal works, and enter the Arena storage 
area. Kill the rat that attacks you and then 
head to the door on the right. It's locked 
and trapped. Open it, kill the rat, and then 
unlock the trap door. Once you enter you 
will be in the Morag Tong's hideout. Now all 
you have to do is find Eno. Before you can 
join he will give you a task. He will ask 
you to kill Feruran Oran, who can be found 
in the Elven Nations Corner Club. This club 
is located in the Hlaalu waistworks. When 
you enter, Oran will be right in front of 
you. Kill him and then head back to Eno to 
tell him of your success. People will report 
your crime, so talk to a guard and show him 
your writ. He'll clear you of your charges 
and you're free to go.


These are written in the order that you get 
them. Eno normally gives you two writs at a 
time, so the best thing to do is complete 
both writs before returning to him. That way 
you'll get your reward, and he can give you 
the next two writs. It's much more efficient 
than doing one writ, returning to him, doing 
the next, returning to him, etc.

Writ for Odaisha Yaslmibaal:
Head to Sadrith Mora and then make your way 
to Tel Aruhn. From here swim southwest until 
you reach the coast. You should be able to 
see his yurt. Actually, it's pretty much 
directly west from Wolverine Hall. Odaisha 
isn't very friendly, so I suggest you 
draw/summon your weapon before heading into 
his yurt. When you're done go back to Eno.

Writ for Toris Saren:
Head out of the storage area and to Redoran 
Plaza. In the southern part of the plaza is 
Saren's manor. Go down the trap door near 
the hammock, up the ramp, and through the 
wooden door at the end of the hall. Close 
the door behind you and then kill him. I 
actually had someone see me, so this might 
happen to you. Don't worry though. From what 
I remember all the person did was beat me 
with her fists. Anyways, head back to Eno 
when you're done.

Writ for Sarayn Sadus:
Go to Sadrith Mora and head southwest until 
you you reach Erabenimsun camp (it should be 
marked on your map). After you reach the 
camp head northwest until you run into a 
steam pit. Directly north from this pit 
should be a path. Follow it until you reach 
a wooden door in the rocks. This is 
Zaintirari. Once you enter there should be a
guy in front of you. Kill him, then continue 
on and kill the Dunmer. After him there will 
be two more guys. They're pretty tough and 
they both have two handed long swords. One 
even uses magic! After raiding all the 
crates go back to the trapped door. Kill 
Sadus and raid his room if you'd like, 
then head back to Eno.

Writ for Ethal Seloth and Idroso Vendu:
Head to the Telvanni Canton in Vivic and go 
into the Plaza. From here go into the 
temporary housing near the northen entrance. 
Both will be inside here. After they're dead 
go back to Eno.

Writ for Guril Retheran:
Head to the Redoran Canton's lower 
waistworks. In the eastern part is the 
Flowers of Gold corner club. Guril is in 
here and downstairs. Kill him and go back to 

Writ for Galasa Uvayn:
Go to Hlaalu Canton's waistworks and head 
into the Treasury. Once inside go left as 
far as you can, and then go down the 
hallway. Galasa will be there. Kill her and 
go back to Eno for your reward.

Writ for Mavon Drenim:
*NOTE* It would be wise to stock up on 
potions before attempting this writ. Get 
some cure poison, cure paralysis, and maybe 
some stuff that ups your stats.
Head to Telvanni Canton's plaza and into the 
tower. The tower is located in the western 
part of the plaza. In the upper floor is 
Mavon Drenim. Be careful; there are other 
people in there who try to kill you. They 
use magic, but once their magicka runs out 
you should be able to kill them pretty 
easily. Once this is done head back to Eno.

Writ for Tirer Belvayn:
Travel to Dagon Fel. You can get here by 
taking a boat from Sadrith Mora. Take the 
road out of Dagon Fel that goes west into 
Sheograd region. Continue west until you get 
to a fork that points directly southwest. 
Don't go down the one that points directly 
south. It will bring you to the wrong part 
of the coast. Once you get to the coast go 
south across the water. Continue past the 
Orethi Ancestral Shrine until you get to 
Shara. Go straight and head up the ramp, and 
then up the stairs. Kill Tirer and head back 
to Eno.

Writ on Mathyn Bemis:
Go to Hlaalu Canton's canal works and into 
the ancestral vaults. There are always 
things such as skeletons and ghosts in 
ancestral places, so get prepared to fight 
some. To the right is a wooden door. Mathyn 
and two of his minions are waiting there. 
It's EXTREMELY difficult to fight and kill 
all of them. Focus on Mathyn until he's 
dead, then teleport the heck out of there.

Writ on Brilnosu Llarys:
Go to Balmora and exit to the north. Now 
head west to Hlormaren. It should be marked 
on your map. You might have to go over some 
mountain climbing, so getting a levitate 
spell would be wise if your acrobatics isn't 
very high. Once you get there enter through 
the bottom level. Head to the roof and 
Brilnosu should be there. She isn't too hard 
to kill, but she does conjure up greater 
bonewalkers. Focus on fighting her and 
they'll vanish once she's dead. Brilnosu 
should have a key. If you want some extra 
items go into the dome and open the locked 
chest. You can also talk to the Khajits and 
free them if you like. When you're finished 
raiding the place head back to Eno.

Writ for Navil Lenith and Ranes Lenith:
Make your way to the Dren Plantation. It 
should be marked on your map. Once there, go 
into Ovras Dren's villa. Open the locked 
door that's down the stairs, and close it 
behind you. There's another locked door 
after this one, so open it as well. Navil 
and Ranes are both in this room. Their 
weapons are pretty powerful. You shouldn't 
have too much trouble defeating them if you 
have some potions. There are some pretty 
awesome items in this room, so collecting 
them would be good. Head back to Eno once 
you're done.


Special Duty - Dark Brotherhood
Head over to the Foreign Quarter's lower 
waistworks. In the southern part is Miun 
Gei's enchantment shop. Head inside and ask 
him about the Dark Brotherhood. he won't 
tell you anything at first so just bribe him 
some money until he tells you his contact. 
Go back to Eno and tell him about the Dark 

Special Duty - Belt of Sanguine Fleetness:
Go to Pelagiad. The easiest way to get here 
would probably be to walk from Seyda Neen. 
Once there go into the Halfway Tavern. Once 
inside go up the stairs to and into the 
unlocked reinforced door. Hrordis (the one 
with the belt) is inside of this room. Even 
if you close the door behind you people will 
report your crime. I advise to close it 
anyway, because it will take a few seconds 
for them to open the door. This gives you a 
tiny bit more time to attack Hrordis as much 
as you can before everyone starts wailing on 
you. Once she's dead loot her body, then get 
the heck out of there and back to Eno.

Special Duty: Movis Darys:
Go to the Ald'Ruhn mages guild. Movis can 
usually be found on the bottom floor by the 
imperial cult altar. Talk to him about 
joining the Morag Tong, and then tell him 
you know who he is. Also tell him that if he 
doesn't join he will die. You can now head 
back to Eno.

Special Duty: Careclamo's Ultimatum:
Go to Hla Oad and north to Hlormaren. From 
here go west to the coast. Now go south 
until you see bridges to an island. Go 
across the bridge to the island, then across 
another bridge to the island next to it. You 
should now be at Ashalmimilkal. When I 
arrived there were a couple of frost 
atronachs. Kill them, head up the stairs, 
and slay the stone atronach. Now go into the 
shrine and kill the monster. Also kill the 
high elf. Now head across the water and down 
the hall to Careclamo. Tell him the 
ultimatum, and kill him when he denies you. 
Go back to Eno.

Special Duty - Ring of the Sanguine Sublime 
Go to Gnisis. From here head north to Ald 
Velothi. Once here head west past the dwemer 
ruins. Continue past the people at the 
campfire, and then towards some more dwemer 
ruins. Kill all the enemies that you 
encounter and then head into Yassamidan 
Shrine. Kill the monster, then head down and 
kill Anel Rethalas. Take the ring from his 
body and head back to Eno.

Special Duty - Durus Marius at Assernerairan:
Go to the St Olm's canton waistworks. Then 
go into the canalworks, and through the trap 
door to the underworks. Assnerairan is 
located to the southeast. Kill the woman and 
then head in. The battles inside are pretty 
tough. The best thing to do would be to move 
around while fighting them. When I first 
attempted this I just stayed in one spot, and 
then I couldn't move because they were all 
blocking me. Try not to get knocked down 
because there's a good chance you'll die. 
Durus is located in the back and has a 
crossbow with frost arrows. A good thing to 
do would be to focus only on him, and then 
get out of there quickly once he's dead. 
Head back to Eno once you're finished.

Special Duty - The Dark Brotherhood's Night 
Mother Severa Magia:
Head out of Vivec to Ald Sotha. You can cut 
across the water near the silt strider. Head 
east while doing this and you'll eventually 
get there. Kill the enemies, then go to the 
upper level of Ald Sotha. Go down the 
northern entrance to the lower level. Once 
inside go down and take a right. Severa and 
a Dremora are down here. Once they're dead 
head back to Eno.


You can either challenge Eno for the title 
of grandmaster, or let him retire. If you 
decide to fight him, don't worry. He isn't 
very tough. Once he's defeated you become 
the Grandmaster.




You may NOT put this walkthrough on your 
site without persmission. You must Email me 
first. If I found out you've put it on your 
site without asking, I have contacts and am 
prepared to go to the fullest extent to make 
sure you're dealt with. This may sound 
harsh, but I worked hard and I don't 
appreciate others stealing my work. If I do 
end up giving you permission to use it then 
you MUST NOT alter it in any way.

All locations, character names, and items 
are reserved rights of Bethesda Softworks 
Inc. The walkthrough however is copyright to 
me, Chobi.

I must admit I couldn't have completed this 
without the good folks at Neoseeker. If it 
wasn't for them, I never would have found 
the Morag Tong guild in the first place! And 
of course I must thank Bethesda Softworks 
Inc for making such an awesome game.