The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Sanguine Items Guide v1.1
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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Sanguine Items Guide

by MCMayhem   Updated to v1.1 on
This walkthrough was originally written for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind on the Xbox, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
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The Morrowind Sanguine Items Guide (PAL XBOX)
December 2002, Mathew E. Reuther
v1.1 (First Update of the Public Release and Full Version, No Updates Planned)


1) Introduction
2) Grandmaster Eno
3) Items and Locations
4) Finishing the Quest
5) Final Words
6) Version Information
7) Other Works

Section 1: Introduction


There's a great number of FAQs out there, and a huge load of information to
digest.  This FAQ/Guide is designed to very clearly break down the locations of
Sanguine items in the game.  These items are useful as they are constant effect
items, and they also play a role in an extensive quest with a powerful reward.
Anyone interested in collection a large number of unique items, or in gaining
the quest reward will find this guide useful.


Though there are no planned updates pending for this guide, I will make changes
or additions as I see fit, or need to based upon new information/opinions.  If
you have something you think belongs in this FAQ, or would like to discuss
something at all, please feel free to email me at <>.  At
times these updates will be added to the FAQ without being checked.  When this
is the case I will note them as *UC (unconfirmed) in the text.


This guide is Copyright 2002-2003, Mathew E. Reuther.

All rights are reserved by the author of this FAQ.  Copying parts of, utilizing
without permission in whole or part, or otherwise infringing on these rights is
a violation of copyright law.  If you feel the need to post this FAQ somewhere,
you must check with the author FIRST.  If you want to base another work on this
guide, you must ask permission FIRST.  If you do not receive a reply, the
answer is NO.

Only locations below are authorized by the author to post this FAQ:
the author himself (

All others must apply for permission via email and receive it prior to 
redistributing this FAQ in any manner.  (Even personal email.  Send the person 
who needs the FAQ to once of the above sources to get it.)

Note that the author has no desire to email the FAQ to people, so don't send an 
email requesting it.

Contact Info

Tha author may be reached at:
(Mathew E. Reuther)

This email address may be used to contact the author regarding the FAQ, or
anything else you may find relevant.  Not all email will be answered.  Not all
email will be opened.  Be clear in your subject matter, and brief in your
content and you may very well get a reply.  (Check your spelling as well

Section 2: Grandmaster Eno

The Morag Tong Grandmaster, Eno Hlaalu, is the quest-giver for the Threads of
the Webspinner.  This quest involves the collection of 27 items (of which he
begins with 1, so you will need to find 26), each of which bears the name
Sanguine, and is a constant effect item.

Eno may be found in Vivec, in the Arena canton.  He is located in the Arena
Storage accessed off of the Canalworks.  In one of the side rooms is a trap
door which will lead you down to him.  (Not to mention the rest of the Vivec
Morag Tong!)

All 26 of the items must be returned to Eno before he leaves.  (Once you
complete the Grandmaster of the Morag Tong quest by either letting him retire,
or killing him.)  If you fail to do so, the quest is impossible to complete as
it requires Eno alive and present.

Once you have attaioned a level in the Morag Tong which will allow you to
become Grandmaster (or if you decide not to join/advance in the Morag Tong) you
may kill Eno and take back the items you've given him.  This is relatively easy
to do once you've completed the Morag Tong quests and recovered all the
Sanguine items, as you will have gained a good deal of power.

Section 3: Items and Locations

Item Properties

All of the Sanguine items are valued at 1500.  Shoes weigh 3.0, Rings 0.1,
Gloves 1.0, Belts 1.0 and Amulets 1.0.  Each of them is a Constant Effect item.
This means that the magic properties of the items are always active when
equipped and that they do not run out of magicka and need to be recharged.

The Sanguine Items and Where to Find Them

First, some general notes on how to get the Sanguine Items away from their
present owners.  If you are completing the Morag Tong missions, many of the
Sanguine Items will fall right into your lap.  In fact, there are relatively
few which will need to be tracked down!  (Which is kind, as the fact is:
Vvardenfel is a BIG place!)

The majority of items are found in the posession of an agressive Daedra 
worshipper or Dark Brotherhood member.  Only a few are found on the person of
someone who is NOT naturally aggressive.  Most of the few who fall under this
category are professional killers nonetheless.  However, dispatching these foes
is best done in an unobtrusive manner, such as taunting.

Now then, some notes on taunting which may be useful during the course of play:
In order to do this effectively it helps to have a high speechcraft skill.
Each time you taunt someone, they will have a lower disposition against you and
there is a chance of making them mad enough to fight you.  Once they reach a
low 0/100 disposition towards you, you won't be able to taunt them.  However,
you may bribe people up in disposition after taunting them down, and the money
will be available on their corpse.

HOWEVER, there are some NPCs who will not speak to you and to make matters
worse are not aggressive and will be assisted by those nearby.  Your best
course of action with these folk is to simply not be caught fighting them.  You
can close doors, utilize sneaking/camoflauge and at times even obstacles in
order to accomplish this.  While it is never that difficult to do, simply
charging in magic blazing or sword hacking is not a good idea.  Remember, the
Daedra Mephala favors skill and stealth over blatant use of force!

Amulet of Sanguine Interprise

(Fortify Mercantile by 5)

This is the one item which does not need to be recovered.  Grandmaster Eno has
it in his posession already.  The only way to obtain this is by taking it from
Eno.  (Typically after completing the requirements for becoming Grandmaster of
the Morag Tong, and finishing the Threads of the Webspinner quest.)

Amulet of Sanguine Glib Speech

(Fortify Speechcraft by 5)

Unfortunately this item is in the hands of a non-aggressive NPC.  Thus you'll
have to find a method of taking it from her which doesn't involve breaking the
law.  Unless you'd rather just deal with making amends for killing her that is!
Shotherra may be found in Khuul at Throngar's establishment.  Taunting her into
a fight would seem the best method of dispatching her.

Amulet of Sanguine Nimble Armor

(Fortify Light Armor by 5)

The ultimate special mission of the Morag Tong sends you to the Northeast of
Vivec into the Daedric shrine of Ald Sotha.  Severa Magia, Night Mother of the
Dark Brotherhood has taken refuge in the foul depths and must be eliminated.
Fortunately for you, she also has three Sanguine items in her posession,
including the Amulet of Sanguine Nimble Armor!  After entering the shrine at
the waterline, Severa should not be too difficult to find as Ald Sotha is only
a medium-sized shrine complex.

A capable spellcaster, it is imperative that you kill her quickly.  If you
allow Severa much time to cast her spells, it will become much more difficult
to eliminate her.  In fact, if you are still fairly inexperienced, she is quite
the tough fight indeed.  Treat her with extreme caution and you should manage
to come out on top against this leader of the Morag Tong's rivals in Morrowind.
(Fortunately by the time you face her, your strength should have grown 
signifigantly, assuming you've been following the path of the Morag Tong.)

Belt of Sanguine Balanced Armor

(Fortify Medium Armor by 5)

Beneath the canton of St. Olms in Vivec lies a shrine to Mehrunes Dagon.  Known
as Assernerairen, it hosts a number of Dark Brotherhood operatives.  One of
these is a well-armored brute named Relas Arothan.  Not only does Relas posess
this belt, but also the Belt of Sanguine Deep Biting.  Relas sports a fairly
dangerous (and valuable) weapon as well, so it is wise to use caution when
fighting him.

The penultimate Morag Tong special mission will send you into this shrine to
root out Durus Marius.  If you wait until this point to attempt to recover
these items it should be relatively safe.  By the time your skills are
sufficient for advancement in the Morag Tong, Relas and the others of the Dark
Brotherhood should not be much threat.

Belt of Sanguine Deep Biting

(Fortify Axe by 5)

The above section on the Belt of Sanguine Balanced Armor contains all the
information relevant to recovering this item.  It is located in Assernerairen
on Relas Arothan.

Belt of Sanguine Denial

(Fortify Block by 5)

This belt is held by Movis Darys (an operative of the Dark Brotherhood) in the
Ald'ruhn Mages' Guild.  He is a peaceful NPC, so you will have to deal with him
in some manner in order to obtain the Sanguine item he posesses.

Asking Movis to join the Morag Tong is one of the special missions assigned to
up and coming Morag Tong members.  During this mission you may obtain the belt
rather simply.  If you wish a peaceful solution, it's easy just to get Movis'
disposition up to 100/100 and speak to him about joining.  Make sure he knows
that the Morag Tong sees him as honorable and he'll give you the belt and
promise to meet with Grandmaster Eno.

Without choosing to do the Morag Tong missions you will likely need to resort
to taunting Movis into a fight.  He's surrounded by a good deal of other NPCs,
many of whom are quite important.  Since you dont NEED to fight him it is
perhaps best to merely complete the Morag Tong special mission in a non-violent
manner when it is offered.

Belt of Sanguine Fleetness

(Fortify Athletics by 5)

This item is found on one of the special missions offered by the Morag Tong.
Hrordis, the current (and probably very temporary if you're reading this guide)
owner of the Belt of Sanguine Fleetness is found in the Halfway Tavern in
Pelagiad.  She is alone in a room up the stairs and may be safely dispatched
(she does not speak with you) if you are cautious and avoid detection.  (Close
the door for starters!)  She is a spellcaster, though not one of particular

Belt of Sanguine Hewing

(Fortify Long Blade by 5)

You may refer to the section on the Belt of Sanguine Balanced armor when trying
to recover this item, as it is located in the same shrine beneath St. Olms.
The owner of the Belt of Sanguine Hewing is none other than Durus Marius, the
target of the special mission discussed above.

He is (when compared to his friend Relas) a relatively easy man to defeat if
you're of any decent level of skill.  He tends to try to hail you with missile
fire (as he also holds the Belt of Sanguine Sureflight) and will most likely
present a problem to anyone who tries to stand off (by means of rising force
for instance) and fight the shrine's guardians.  Once engaged in close combat,
you should find him lightly armored and a quick kill.  Note that it is usually
possible to ignore Durus and defeat the others within Assernerairen, then enter
the back area where he may be found.

Belt of Sanguine Impaling Thrust

(Fortify Spear by 5)

This belt can be found on Gluronk gra-Shula in Sadrith Mora.  She is an Orcish
assassin found in the Gateway Inn, North Wing.  She is not aggressive, so you
should find a method of killing her which does not involve breaking the law.
She is not a terribly imposing figure in a fight, though if you're quite low
level it would be wise to approach her carefully.

Belt of Sanguine Martial Craft

(Fortify Armorer by 5)

Carecalmo, resident Daedric priest of the shrine Ashalmimilkala is a relatively
unpopular fellow.  Not only is he wanted dead or dead by the Imperial Cult, he
has managed to arouse the ire of the Morag Tong.  (Well, that's what happens
when you have posession of an item which Mephala wants back after all.)
Tracking him to his lair is simple (north up the coast from Hla Oad, big old
semi-waterlogged Daedric shrine) and finding him within it couldn't be much
easier.  (The shrine contains only about 3 or 4 distinct areas.)

You will most likely face his rather heavily armored guardian in getting to
him, though use of stealth may eliminate Meryaron as a factor.  (Invisibility
works well on him.)  Should you face the lummox, be warned that his armor
allows him to take quite a punishment, though he's not carrying a particularly
threatening weapon.  Carecalmo himself is a spellcaster of some power, though
like most of the casting NPCs inhabiting Vvardenfel he cannot take much in the
way of pain.  Close with him quickly and end his foul life.

Belt of Sanguine Smiting

(Fortify Blunt Weapon by 5)

Ald Daedroth (vital to the main quest line during the fifth trial) hides a
couple of unpleasant Daedra worshipping scum who have inconviently taken
posession of Sanguine items.  One of these two is Domba, found deep within the
rather large and imposing Ald Daedroth shrine.  Before venturing into the
shrine it is important to realize a couple of things: that there is a battle
taking place between members of the Temple and the Dadra worshippers, and that
plenty of unpleasant Daedra are found in the depths of the shrine itself.  The
recovery of this belt is not for the weak of heart (or body for that matter)
and should only be undertaken with care.  To find the shrine, seek due north of
the Ahemmusa Camp on the large northeasternmost island.

Domba is found with Gnaw Tooth, and it is almost impossible to not fight the
two of them together.  Because of this it can be a potentially dangerous
encounter, as neither one of them is precisely weak.  While nowhere near as
dangerous as other opponents in Vvardenfel, it would be unwise to treat them
with disdain together.  Finish one of them as quickly as possible then defeat
the other.  If in doubt, stay near an exit while fighting them.  Leaving the
area after defeating one could allow you the time to recover you need in order
to finish off the second.

Belt of Sanguine Stolid Armor

(Fortify Heavy Armor by 5)

The Daedric shrine of Yasammidan (found far to the northwest past Gnisis) is 
sunken into the sea a bit.  Navigating the waters around the shrine can be 
difficult, and the Daedra nearby will definately make life difficult when you
try to visit.  Getting inside the shrine will allow you to meet Mindeli Saren,
current owner of the belt you seek.  Though not an impressive fight alone, it
is possible to make the mistake of being surrounded by the other inhabitants of
Yasammidan.  Thus the best course of action is to advance into the shrine using
a bit of common sense, one step at a time as it were.

In addition to being the residence of Mindeli and the others, this is the
sacred shrine of Mehrunes Dagon.  While here you can pick up a quest to recover
Mehrunes' Razor from the Alas Anscestral Tomb.  (Clicking on Daedric statues
can, in some cases, activate them.)

Belt of Sanguine Sureflight

(Fortify Marksman by 5)

The above section detailing the Belt of Sanguine Hewing contains all the
information necessary to completing the recovery of this item as well.  It is
found on Durus Marius in the shrine of Assernerairen beneath St. Olms canton. 

Glove of Sanguine Horny Fist

(Fortify Hand-to-Hand by 5, Right Hand)

Targetted for assasination by the Morag Tong, Guril Retheran doesn't stand much
of a chance against you!  Or at least, let's hope not.  The Glove of Sanguine
Horny Fist is easily acquired during the early Morag Tong missions.  Though
Guril is a challenge for young, inexperienced assassins, he's certainly not a
difficult man to eliminate.  The Flowers of Gold Cornerclub is easily found in
the Redoran Canton, just check down the passages leading to the exits on the
Waistworks level.

If you do not take the Morag Tong mission (writ) for him, it could cause you
trouble with the law.  If this is the case, eliminate him in a manner which
causes you as few problems as possible.  A clean getway is always preferable to
a messy one.

Glove of Sanguine Safekeeping

(Fortify Security by 5, Left Hand)

The ghostfence region is a dangerous, inhospitable, barren, ugly . . . yada,
yada, yada.  Suffice it to say that getting to Ularradallaku to find the owner
of the Glove of Sanguine Safekeeping is not necessarily a picnic.  In fact, an
enchanted item of invisibility would be a fine piece of gear to pack on your
trip to the shrine, located roughly northeast of Ald'ruhn.  The easiest route
is to the north and west of Ghostgate along the roads, though they can be
difficult to see clearly.  Beware of the many foul creatures which inhabit the
area contained within the Ghostfence itself!

Defeating Inganar within the shrine is much easier than getting to it in the
first place.  (Good thing too!)  Like most Daedric shrines, becoming
overwhelmed by the residents is a possibility, so proceed with caution once
inside.  Inganar is one of the weaker Sanguine item owners you'll face, and
once the surrounding Daedra have been slain should prove to be quite the easy

Glove of Sanguine Swiftblade

(Fortify Short Blade by 5, Right Hand)

All that need be known about recovering the Glove of Sanguine Swiftblade is
covered under the notes for the Amulet of Sanguine Nimble Armor.  This too is
found on Severa Magia to the northeast of Vivec in Ald Sotha.

Ring of Sanguine Fluid Evasion

(Fortify Unarmored by 5)

The above notes on Severa Magia and the Amulet of Sanguine Nimble Armor are
relevant to your search for this Sanguine item.  It too lies in her hands,
within Ald Sotha.

Ring of Sanguine Golden Wisdom

(Fortify Alteration by 5)

In the shrine of Ebernanit (Southeast of the stronghold Valenvaryon and almost
precisely east of Khuul) lies the Ring of Sanguine Golden Wisdom.  Of course
it's not so simple as walking in and finding it lying around (fortunate, since
rings are so small) but rather of taking it from it's present owner, Talis
Veran.  Fortunately Talis is not overly dangerous (though the standard warning
about getting in over your head while in a shrine applies) and should prove to
be no match for most relatively experienced adventurers.

Ring of Sanguine Green Wisdom

(Fortify Restoration by 5)

Gnaw Tooth, owner of the Ring of Sanguine Green Wisdom is located in Ald
Daedroth.  He may be found with Domba in the depths of the shrine, and the
section regarding recovering the Belt of Sanguine Smiting contains all
information relevant to seaching out this treasure as well.

Ring of Sanguine Red Wisdom

(Fortify Destruction by 5)

Llandrale Varam, a member of the Dark Brotherhood and ally of Severa Magia,
holds this and two other Sanguine rings.  Another spellcaster, Llandrale is
dangerous if allowed time to prepare an attack.  Close quickly and the battle
will be much easier to handle.  The section regarding the Amulet of Sanguine
Nimble Armor contains information relevant to reaching Ald Sotha itself.

Ring of Sanguine Silver Wisdom

(Fortify Illusion by 5)

Earmil is at home in the shrine of Assurnabitashpi, east of Khuul and west of
the Urshilaku camp.  It is a rather expansive ruin and the two entrances may
prove difficult to find.  Be prepared to deal with the Daedra who guard the
ruins when you arrive and depart.  Earmil is not nearly the challenge the
Daedra prove to be, for certain.  Assuming you are cautious, he should prove
little trouble.

Assurnabitashpi has two entrances to it.  One leads into the upper area, and
the other leads into the lower.  Both areas connect in the room with the
Daedric statue.  It is possible to use rising force to reach the upper area,
or to jump down from above into the lower.  It is worth clearing out the whole
shrine, so either utilize both entrances or maneuver around both levels in
order to eliminate all the inhabitants.

Ring of Sanguine Sublime Wisdom

(Fortify Alchemy by 5)

Another treasure of Yasammidan, this ring is held by Anel Rethelas.  The above
section on the Belt of Sanguine Stolid Armor contains everything relevant to
finding this item as well.  Anel is not a terribly impressive spellcaster,
though as with most of them it is wise to get in close and finish him off lest
he use some painful spells on you!

Ring of Sanguine Transcendance

(Fortify Conjuration by 5)

This item is in the posession of Llandrale Varam and the information in the
sections relating to the Ring of Sanguine Red Wisdom as well as the Amulet of
Sanguine Nimble Armor explain all you need to know of Llandrale and Ald Sotha.

Ring of Sanguine Transfiguring

(Fortify Enchant by 5)

Like the last item, this too lies in Ald Sotha on the person of Llandrale
Varam.  Reading the information in the Amulet of Sanguine Nimble Armor and Ring
of Sanguine Red Wisdom sections will prepare you for the recovery of this one
as well.

Ring of Sanguine Unseen Wisdom

(Fortify Mysticism by 5)

Searching the Stronghold of Indoranyon (located down the coast from Tel Vos) it
is possible to recover this Sanguine item.  Held by a relatively dangerous
opponent (at least when compared to some of the other Sanguine item bearers)
and deep inside a fortress, this can prove a bit of a challenge to those not
experienced or well enough prepared.  Erundil has friends nearby which can be
engaged separately if you are cautious.  The wisest course of action is to
proceed carefully, eliminating opponents one at a time, or to stealthily (again
this is a good place for an item of invisibility) scout around until you find

Shoes of Sanguine Leaping

(Fortify Acrobatics by 5)

This footwear (which will arguably be of little use as an equipped item since
almost anyone who can wear footgear will take the Boots of Blinding Speed) is
found in Vivec, Canal South-Three, St. Delyn Canton.  You will have to
eliminate the current owner, Dro'Zaymar.  He's a peaceful NPC, so you may wish
to taunt him.  Though he's alone in his home.  He shouldn't prove to be too
much of a hassle, though as alway, one should be cautious when undertaking any
action in the game.

Shoes of Sanguine Stalking

(Fortify Sneak by 5) 

Though slightly more useful than the shoes above (it is possible one might wish
to move stealthily in lieu of speed at some point) these will most likely be
only worthy of getting should you be attempting the entire Threads of the
Webspinner quest.  They may be found in the Daedric Shrine of Assarnatamat on
Thovasi Alen.  As with most Daedric Shrines, the Daedra may be mnore dangerous
than other inhabitants, so caution is warranted.  Thovasi is not much of a
threat, and once the real threats in the Shire are eliminated, the shoes are
simple to acquire.

Section 4: Finishing the Quest

Once you have brought the last items back to Eno in Vivec you will recieve a
special gift.  The spell "Mephala's Skill" which allows you to make spells with
effects not available elsewhere in the game.  After this, you may kill Eno for
all the items you have surrendered to him.  (This is one of the options for
becoming Grandmaster.)

In the PAL XBOX version of the game, the spell costs 30 magicka to cast and
provides 50% chameleon for 60 seconds and fortify attack by 10 for 60 seconds.
(Thus it is the only spell which gives the fortify attack effect.)

In the NTSC XBOX version of the game, the spell is slightly different.  It will
only last for 30 seconds, but in addition to the other effects also fortifies
short blade, making it the only spell to render the fortify skill spell effect
as well!

Section 5: Final Words

This FAQ was slightly less time-consuming than my Imperial FAQ, though it still
took about 2 weeks to put together.  (Even longer to finish off as it was done
during the holiday season at the end of 2002.)  Roland Riverrun, a Redguard,
was used to complete the Threads of the Webspinner quest.  During the course of
play he was saved about 35 times and attained a high (50+) level.  (I chose to
max out all his stats at 100.)

This guide is, unlike my last guide, very specific to one quest.  The Threads
of the Webspinner quest is one of the longest in Morrowind.  It takes you to a
great number of locations, and provides a number of interesting challenges.
Unfortunately, at the time of this writing there is no detailed guide for it on
the site, which brings us to why I chose to write this FAQ in the
first place.

Hopefully this guide will be useful to the many folks out there who would like
to complete this long and worthwhile quest.  Best of luck with this excellent
game!  Please keep sending me feedback on this and all my other work.  I only
hope to continue to produce the kind of guides which really shine light on the
games they're appropriate to.

Mathew E. Reuther
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Section 6: Version Information

v1.1 Jan 2003: First Update.  Updated copyright for 2003.  Added the Shoes of
Sanguine Leaping and Shoes of Sanguine Stalking.  I had originally just
forgotten to include them after the rings.  (This was pointed out by a number
of people after I originally noticed the error.)
v1.0 Dec 2002: First full version, released to GAMEFAQS.COM.

Section 7: Other works

It is possible that you may find other work I've completed useful.  I have
authored the following FAQs (available via under the contributor
name MCMayhem []):

The Morrowind Imperial Guide (PAL XBOX)
The Morrowind Sanguine Items Guide (PAL XBOX)