The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Tips

Anything you want for free. xept spells.
Step 1: make a character dont matter who just anyone I prefer anyone who can wear freakin boots because beast races cant.

Step 2: Go to balmoria using the stilt rider.

Step 3: Go to the temple.

Step 4: Buy a soultrap spell and a fortify attribute spell (any).

Step 5: spellmake a spell with Fortify attribute *Intelligence* magnitude 100 - 100 on SELF for 2 secs, the add Soultrap on TARGET. The cast the spell atleast 5 successfull times and youll be alble to cast any spell anytime.

Step 6 (the real shite): spellmake another spell with FORTIFY ATTRIBUTE: PERSONALITY 100-100 on SELF. then add SOULTRAP on target and buy. Cast it until you have 2000 PERSONALITY.

INFO: What this does is, it's like a raise attribute permanently spell. and you can do it for str and etc but its boring if you do because your basically cheating the entire game.

anyways when your done doing the personality chant/spell go to any shopkeep in the world and you can buy anything for any price including nothing dollars or you can sell anything like (a piece of dung[crap] for all of the guys money.
Now if this doesnt work get some money and raise your mercentile or w/e its called up to 20 - 35 and try it again trust me youll love me when you do this.

Oh and if you want to DOOM MORROWIND all you have to do is kill Cassius Cassoades or w.e his name is or kill Vivec in his chamber but you need good security for that.