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o so good

The good:

a break from the norm, a refreshing place. If you like wolves, werewolves, bears, nords, or anything of that sort then this is so for you. And for those of you who like getting drunk

The bad:

none i have to complain of as of yet, I'll let ya guys know if I find any


this expansion easily gives Tribunal a run for its money, you dont have any pesty assasins, and its just nice to see some snow rather then the seemingly never ending desert. I highly recommend buying this if your lookin for a good expansion pack, I'm sure you'll love the end of all the missions And if you don't own the Morrowind or any expansions then I highly suggest buying the Game of the Year Edition box set. This expansion is a game in itself and Morrowind will never know what hit them when you leave that island in the far north...


Best of three!


The Elder Scrolls III, Morrowind, had me going for the longest amount of time. I played that game nonstop for weeks. Now that I have gotten ahold of Bloodmoon, it makes a nice change from the regular game. If you have played anything of the main game, you will probably remember the Ashlands (however unpleasant the memories may be), a barren wasteland that stretched on for most of the entire continent. The Bloodmoon expansion adds another island, this time with great scenery to wander around in instead of the ash-choked mountainsides.

Besides the fact that you get to wander around in snow-ca...

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