Monster Rancher 4 review
Monster Rancher 4

The good:

Cataloging as I put it.
Cataloging - a mini-game so to speak, where you insert Cd/Dvd/psx/Ps2 disks to regenerate monsters at the shrine, with about 368 monsters to unlock with over 25 species, cataloging has taken alot of time and is quite useful to unlock nice monsters

Adventure Mode - In this Adventure Mode, Unlike previous games like Monster Rancher 2, this is a free roaming part, and you can also search in the dirt, water,small caves, for items, like pokemon you run into stray monsters randomly, and in these battles you gain experience to level up and learn new techniques and monster traits like "fire lore". In addition to Adventure, you can also find Tablets to get new gagets which increase the effect of training(Pow Life etc) and stones, which at the Shrine you can unlock monsters from which helps complete the monster collection.

Group/Tag team battles - In tag team battle you have 3 monsters and you can switch them anytime at all, and even perform team attacks!

Ranch - Now you can raise up to 5 monsters at one time!

Free Time - This comes after training, this is where you can praise, scold, feed, and give item to your monsters.

Towns - There are more towns to visit, instead of staying in one, and they have item shops, libraries, and other stuff.

The bad:

Freezing Monsters - This is about the only bad thing I can think of, is that when you freeze your monsters you cannot revive them.


Overall this game is great, and I would seriously recommend it to every single gamer who is into RPG games.

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