Monster Rancher EVO review
Monster Rancher EVO

The good:

Cities look really good.
Monster look really great.
Attack combo's are cool.

The bad:

Only text, charaters have no voices.
Charaters look like they belong in a PSX game.
Cannot heal in adventure areas, or battles.
Battleing doesn't increase stats, only training does.


All and all, its a alright built game. Training is easy you just have to make sure that monsters don't get tired, or else they get hurt and you can't change them out.

At first, its a pretty simple based game, its a good idea to use CD+DVD(Games work too) to get a cool monster to start with. You train saying: Train relaxed,easy,normal,hard,hardest. Its good to start out normal, so you can get the example circus out of the way. After that the major comes up asking to beat up some false breeders, so go beat the poop outta them. Then you have to go into the forest to beat the devil monster thing, destorying people's field.

The fact is, that devil is pretty though, go there when at least 1 stat is level 3. I took almost a year(Game time, it flows by weeks) to beat it.

You get to take 3 monsters with you to fight. They'll obey you more if they have higher affection toward the trainer. But at first they'll do things like walk toward/away from the enemy and you can't stop them. Waiting and getting more Guts points lets you attack. Every attack uses guts, about 50 points lets all monsters attack if they are linked. Linked is when monsters are standing side by side with one another, or with and enemy monster. When linked with team mates guts is restored faster, when linked with ememy, you monster can't move and can only use close range attacks. Pressing square releases links with ememies.

To get more attacks/special abillities you need to collect anime. To get it, beat monsters, and then use them to purchase differnet abilities!

Once your monster has lots of motivation, put in a show! But make sure they are not close to getting tired or else you'll have trouble for at least a month. Anyway every trick they do increases stats, the more tricks you do, the more the crowd loves it. Pick up the money they throw and on to the next one. ITs quite simple, but don't stick to only one trick, change it up, at least at the very first.

When combining you get to pick from differnt things, first choose monsters who have high stats than another one. Ex: Choose Hare with Str:4 Int:1 Spd:2 with a Tiger Int:5 Str:2 Spd:3. Then chose what type of monster. With pure monsters, you only get a few choices, but with ones with 2 different types you can get a whole bunch. Its more experimenting than anything, you can always back out at the last second.

Towns are quite big, and the people usually expand on events, but mostly you go there to buy food, monsters and some other stuff. Plus going to the guild to pick up jobs for cash prizes!

All and all, its an alright game. It takes alittle time to understand, but the controls are simple. Its a good time killer.

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