Monster Party User Reviews


Party in blood!

The good:

Sweet action platforming gameplay with some pretty swell twists
The twists themselves are more innovative and just plain sweet than gimmicky
Graphics are good for the most part
Soundtrack is bloody amazing
Controls are fairly good

The bad:

Fairly frustrating
You move slow as hell
A little too much backtracking and memorization is required
Some backgrounds look bland even for a 1989 release
They try to get kids to play a fairly bloody game (for 1989)
Where's the party? =D


Monster Party was considered a cult classic, but of a different sort. When you think of a cult classic, you think of an unknown game with a cult following. This is different. You were either a part of the cult or you didn't like this game. I guess you can say that the cult has a new member – me! I like this game! It's not as good as other NES classics like Super Mario Brothers and Legend of Zelda, but it's still a game you should get.

To begin with, the game looks pretty good. Some of the backgrounds look generic with just a solid color and a few bars or something of that nature to NOT look ...

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