Monster Jam: Path of Destruction (Xbox 360) Cheats

Monster Jam: Path of Destruction cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Welcome to Monster Jam! (10)Pass the test event.
Bling (10)Equip an accessory on a monster truck.
Speed Demon (10)Win a gold medal in 1 Circuit Racing event.
Piston Popper (10)Win a gold medal in 1 Stadium Racing event.
Crowd Pleaser (10)Win a gold medal in 1 Freestyle event.
Time is on my side (10)Win a gold medal in 1 Time Crunch event.
Shake and Bake (10)Win a gold medal in 1 Team Racing event.
Gate Crusher (10)Win a gold medal in 1 Gate Rush event.
Fast Learner (10)Win a gold medal in 1 Stunt Challenge event.
Gearhead (15)Customize 5 or more monster trucks.
Training Wheels (15)Reach level 5.
Gas tank is half full (15)Reach level 10.
Heartbreak Hill (15)Reach level 15.
Beastmaster (15)Reach level 20.
Sweep (15)Win a gold medal in 3 events in a row.
Defy Authority (15)Defeat any two Champion monster trucks in their home event.
Can't be Stopped! (15)Perform 200 Big Saves in total.
Tough (15)Win a gold medal in 5 different events on hard difficulty.
I don't get dizzy (15)Perform 100 Donut or Cyclone stunts in total.
I think I'm gonna be sick (15)Perform 50 Flat Spin or Barrel Roll stunts in total.
Showoff (15)Perform 50 Wheelie, Slap Wheelie or Stoppie stunts in total.
Impossible! (15)Perform 25 Front or Back Flip stunts in total.
Port of Call (20)Win a gold medal in at least 1 event in each stadium.
Be your own boss (20)Win a gold medal in every event of 1 stadium.
Monster Mash (20)Destroy 250 obstacles in the game.
You're the best around! (25)Win a gold medal in 20 events.
Veteran Driver (25)Earn 9,000 XP in a single event.
Pro Driver (25)Win gold medals in 20 different events on hard difficulty.
Freestyle Domination! (25)Win a gold medal in 1 Freestyle event with a score of 40 or higher.
Advance Auto Parts Upgrade (25)Unlock all Advance Auto Parts performance upgrades.
United Champion (25)Win both the Southern and Western National Tour.
King of the Monsters (40)Defeat all 8 champion monster trucks once in their home event.
World Finals Champion (60)Win all National Tours.
Monster Jam Master (100)Win a gold medal in all events.
Secret Achievements-
Yard Sale(20)Lost 2 wheels of a monster truck in an event.
Path of Destruction (25)Destroyed 500 obstacles in the game.
Split a second (25)Won a gold medal in a racing event with a lead less than 0.5 seconds.
Tricktionary(25)Performed 10 types of stunts in one event.
Still got three more(25)Finished a freestyle event with a wheel detached and won.
Unstoppable(25)Crossed the finish line with a wheel detached and won the race.
Biggest Fan(40)Attended 20 events in a row without changing the monster truck.
Bodyshop Wizard(40)Fully customized one monster truck: placed an accessory, vinyl or decal in every area.
They're all my favorite(80)Collected all monster truck, accessories, upgrades and decals.