Monster Hunter Tips

Nest raider!
Havin trouble on the lvl2 wyvern egg mission?
Look no further!
You've just entered zone 4 and the Rathalos is just on the other side of the big rock youre hiding behing.
Dont try to sneak past it. Let it see you. It should charge.
When it goes past you run like hell to the cave.
Kill all the velociprey (do it really quik bcus eventually the rathalos will come in the cave)
Get the egg and go back to zone 4.
Turn left and down the stair-like rocks.
Do NOT go straight forward if you do you will fall so much the egg will break.
Go to zone 3.
Turn left and head to zone 10, do NOT go the quicker way through zone 2 bcus of the velociprey.
Do not go to zone 9 either bcus of the helynx(black cats with big paws on sticks)
Go from zone 10 to zone 8.
Here theres nothin except mosswine which are non-aggressive(wont attack you)
Then head round to zone 1 and after that go to Base Camp.
Go over to the delivery box and there, youre done!