Monster Hunter Tips

Diablos Tips.
Diablos Help?

Attacks:Flick Horns if he has them,tail swipe sends you flying,Charge Ehhh,Burrow and jump right from under you WEEEEEEEEEE!

Weaknesse(s)Thunder on his tail.

How to break his horns(Gives you Twisted Horns)
Step 1: Throw Flash bomb in front of him.
Step 2: Go under his neck when he is dazed.
Step 3: Set 2 Lg Barrel Bombs then place sm Barrel Bomb KABOOOM!
Step 4: Repeat until his horns are only halfly There!

Zones:Never in The Desert Zones(2,3) or the Water Cave(The place were you fought Pliesoth)

I will be making more of Monster Tips!
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