Monster Hunter Tips

offline plates
Getting plates can be easier than you think. first complete all the missions. yes i know not that easy but still. after words go on the secret quest "a trouble some pair". you should have to kill both the rathian and the rathalos. but we're not trying to kill them. all you need is a fairly strong weapon with green sharpness(it can be done with out but its much easier with good sharpness) grab some health restoring items and then set out. take what you need from the supply box and then find either rath. and mark it with a paintball and then start whacking away at its tail. to make this easier you should bring flash bombs to stall him/her. after you chop off the tail carve it up. even if you get hurt in the process don't worry, just reheal and run. once you have carved it find the other rath. same thing if you don't get a plate from either die three times, and then sell what you got from thier tails and try again.