: : : : : : : Easy Yian-Kut-Ku Kill (F and H)

Monster Hunter Tips

Easy Yian-Kut-Ku Kill (F and H)
I hav, and would choose:
Great Weapon (Serpant Blade)
Good Armor: Bone Mail
Bone Vambraces
and Velociprey Legs (Swords)

Okay First Take: The Flash Bombs
The Smoke Bombs
The Paintballs
The Map
and The Small Barrel Bombs


First Time: Potions, Flash bombs, and Paintballs…
Afterwards: Anything you want... U all already won once so just hav fun with it...

Ok, First find him... Then when you do find him, Use a flash bomb and get to hitting him!!! He doesn't hav anything to help him battle you with... so just hav fun with it!!! When the First Flash Bomb Wares-OFF USE ANOTHER ONE QUICK!!! I MEAN IT!!! When your out of Flash-Bombs then he should be near Death... Or Dead

He should move (a lot)... FOLLOW HIM!!! When he goes to #5... WAIT!!! When he turns Blue wait 2 seconds and go in... 1 2, GO!!!!! By now He should be asleep:

If so, Use a SMOKE BOMB to distract the Velociprey… Go up to Kut-Ku and put down all of the small barrel bombs and stay under him on the other side then the bombs, if u did it correctly then u shouldn't b hit by the bombs and Kut-Ku should... Then give him the LAST AND FINAL BLOWS!!!!!

If not, GET OUT OF THERE!!! Wait a couple of more seconds and go back in... If he is finish him off with the instructions above, if not keep on doing this until u succeed... and keep on trying... or u will never win...