Monster Hunter Tips

Kut-ku killing
Ok 1st of all you're probably reading this as, aw I can't beat the dam mother#$%@&*% ku! Well you have two choices!
1. Spend you time upgrading weapons like get a great sword and then upgrading it and getting used to the controls
Or what I did my first kill
2.get a trap tool and a net combine it if it becomes garbage make it again but keep garbage to give to elder, so you have your now you have a pit fall trap. make potions, blue mushroom + herb = potion, then now you go to the quest with the ku have any weapon you like ,if your good with gun i'm very jealous, so the get everything from item chest everything!!! and then go to area two I think, take a left instead of going straight, see movie scene then get your paint ball hit the dam ku. then block and attack again and again do that 5 times then set up your trap, but wait about 5 sec to see if he is going to leave or stay, have him in it now get a small barrel bomb and you big barrel bomb ready set big first then small, BIG BOOM!, the attack and attack till it gets up then block attack about three times then flash bomb it in the eyes don't forget the eyes then attack it more, depending on the sword you have it takes different times, but after the flash thing and you attacking it its ears should go down and just attack like those crazy farm cats and you should win, mostly if you have great sword or sword and shield
If you need any help just e-mail me at
Good Hunting!
P.s. I have bad spelling during summer
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