Monster Hunter Tips

useful combos and where to find things ( in forest and hills)
Where to find things comes first:

MINING PLACES: area 5, area 6, and area 11
KUT KU SCALES:area 1, area 2 area 5( 2 places in area 5) i think theres more but thats all i no with kut ku scales
SPECIAL MUSHROOMS: area 3, area 8, area 7, area 6 ( i thinks thats all of em)
HONEY: area 7, area 9


toadstool+raw meat=poisened meat
stunshroom+raw meat=tainted meat
ivy+spiderw web=net
net+trap tool=pitfall trap
dung+huskberry=dung S
blue mushroom+herb=potion
nirtoshroom+fire herb=gunpowder
gunpowder+screamer=sonic bomb
gunpowder+large barrel=large barrel bomb
fire herb+small barrel=small barrel bomb