Monster Hunter Tips

Nice To Learn
First try to never use lg bomb because the cost not equal the damage think about that. You must wait after the bomb to explode and if the wyvern hurt you, you can explode with him.

Try to not use hammer vs high speed monster XD if you can see a noob with a hammer and try to kill vespoid take your GS and kick him in air.

The Black dragon spear kill a Yian Kut-ku in 3 min. The yien kut-ku can be wl(Wing lock)just hit the wing will prevent the flee of ykk.

The rathian do some backflip when you are in her leg be caution a deadly poison attack.

For cephalos the Gs is your weapon. Run in him and a up attack with some chance he will go out from sand and if you miss you have done much damage because all the hit was in the back fin.

To all pretencious lancer somtime some gs will hit the head when you are not on. Don't be angry Great Sword can head lock too like dual sword. Hammer a sword and shield are not created.

Like I said before Gs can head lock take a fast gs metal type because bone are heavy and start with with up and still with down and left.
Warning: Only strong Gs can hl.

How to know if my weapon can hl: hit the monster face and look how many hit you need to stun him.
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