Monster Hunter Tips

tip for some wyverns
1: plesioth-slightly different to the cephadrome, exept it's massive. 'ere's a tip that COULD (not will) help you kill it, you should use a poison weapon that you can block with. when it comes out of the water, run around it in a circle (clockwise)that is a little bit bigger than it's tail. when it gets ready to shoot water from it's mouth, move to its legs and start attacking. when it stops, go back to the circle. it's quite long, but worked for me.

2: cephadrome-you could use the full cephalos armour because then you won't lose health in the heat. try to stay on the left side of its body when it's facing towards you because the tail swing goes clockwise only (as for all wyverns(exept the rathalos))

3: ermm... basarios?-not much of a tip, but you can take 3 large barrel bombs and place them next to an exploding rock, that way it does extra damage. and i found out that you can't block the fire beam it does by trying. I HAD HALF MY HEALTH AND IT KILLED ME! OMG! sorry...

4: ...
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