Monster Hunter Tips

ok for them who have a hard time killing this monster, its not easy by the way, and also if u have like only about 30def u can still do it, u need about 2-3 traps max big bombs and small ones make sure when the cyrceros gets caught use all 3 big ones then ONE small one and keep attacking with your wepon, i used dragon agito, u should also have max potions and herbs alone come in handy, and when he flashes the bright light you might get confused but u could also twirl the left anolog stick (the one u move with) to get it out of it easier and by the way, zone 2 is the best place to kill him other zones may have the bullfango in them, and other items other then what i said may be required as net and box traps, and flash bombs dont work if u havnt realized that. I hoped this helped you, it took alot of reading but im sure you'll have an easier time killing it, and also u need alot of money for the items you'll have to get, happy hunting, dont die.