Monster Hunter Tips

The REAL easy way to kill the yian kut-ku
Okay listen up here is the one and only fastest way to kill a kut-ku!(with or without barrel bombs)
1: Get a strong weopon preferable hammers and greatswords but lances work well to.
2: Go to any kut-ku hunting quest.
3:take your weapon and hit it in the head and wings (which are its weakest points)
4:Make sure to paintball it because when it leeves the area you will need to catch up to it.
5(part1):Yu can then set a pitfall trap if yu want to (i dont like to because i think its a cowards way of playing... but thats just my opinion). If yu do set it you might be able to kill it rite there if yur weapon is strong enough just remember to hit the wings and head.
5: (part2) For those of yu who dont use the pitfall trap yur gonna have get its attention (just running at him works)
6: After hitting him a few more times (if yur not lucky!)he should run again if thats the case follo him again and finish him. If yu have a strong enough weapon he wont get a 3rd chance or even that 2nd chance to run.A.K.A hes dead.

IF yu plan on using flashbombs, barrel bombs, or even sonic bombs (yes i said sonic bombs), u can try to use them anywhere in steps 3-6

Good luck fello hunters if u need help email me
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