Monster Hunter Tips

murdering Yian kut-ku
The easiest way to kill a Kut-ku is usually with a spear or lance. I use a spiked spear, which is relly sharp.first get 3 big barrel bombs and 10 small ones. Use the flash bomb to stun the kut-ku, if you go behind the kut-ku and plant the bombs this works the best as you minimize damage taken. The reason blade masters want to use a lance is because when you stab in the legs enough it will keel over and start yellping and this is when you charge it. The kut-ku is on the ground , leaving it a target, and you can't run through a living thin so you stop right there, stabing it.This is not going to kill on your first try, but this does a great deal of damage to whatever you are attacking. After you get it to start limping, charge after it. This will get good damage in so you can kill it and carve it for parts!!