Monster Hunter Tips

Pretty Easy Money
Once you obtain a weapon with poison as its element then carving insects should be easy. You need to get to level 4 quests and start the "Attack of the Bugs" quest. Here you need to kill some Vespoids but there are also Hornetaurs in this quest. You should kill Hornetaurs first to get more time to carve things. If your weapon sharpness decreases, don't sharpen it. The weaker it is the more hits the insect needs to get taken down. This means you have more opportunities to poison it. Once it's poisoned, just walk away and let the bugger die on its own. You can get Monster Fluids off of insects which sell for 500z. In the area with broken eggs, there are sometimes 4 Kut-Ku scales which sell for 250z each. Don't check the broken eggs, check the spot right next to it.
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