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Part 2 of The Safe and Easy Way of Returning Wyvern Eggs
I submitted a cheat that said:

The Safe and Easy Way of Returning Wyvern Eggs
If you want to return wyvern eggs safely, do the following in order:

1> Grab 1 egg and break it ( you'll see the use of this)
2> figure out the way you want to return the eggs
3> kill all the velociprey in the zones you will return the egg
4> grab the egg and follow your path
5> cross your toes that the rotholas don't come

i learned you could go through ZONE6!
first of all never hold R2(Sprint) while going down the cliff.

its really simple I'll tell you the first part. go down the stair part (right when you leave zone 5 with the egg) you do not drop the egg.
then adjust your camera with the CONTROL PAD so that the camera is looking down. and figure out the rest. just jump down the parts that are like the stairs height (not the whole thing but one individual stair part.)

eventually you should be down on the ground of zone 6.

another tip for this mission, paintball the Rathlos.

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