Monster Hunter Tips

Easy money for new players

1. Complete all the lvl 1 quests
2. Do the urgent lvl 2 quest
3. Do present for the armorer the get as many kelbi horns ans u can
4. Take them to the box
5. When the quest is don't go into your house put everything except the kelbi horns in your bank thingy then
6. Talk to the elder then start the quest again but this time u don't have to go get them just put the 1st you have in the box as a reward u should get a bunch of kelbi hides (hides sell for 28z each) keep doing that and when you get 99 hides put them in the bank and go again when you are out of horns or just get tired of it sell all the hides and if you have horns left they sell for 52z each sell everything kelbi and wallah you're rich.
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