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How to lock Los and Ian.
Now here's a run down of how to lock a Rathian (ian) and a Rathalos (los) (with lance).
Only try this when you are doing plate runs online (quests are Wyverns of Land and Sky (wolas), Troublesome Pair (TP) ian or los + quests)
This is where you will find the los if doing Wolas- Always area 5 and the ian is in 4 or 9.
If you are the one that is locking be sure to be the first player to enter the area the los or ian is in as you will get lag which is harder to lock them.
Try and go the los first as it flies about a lot.
When you have entered the area hit the los's head until it shakes it, now here is how to lock.....
As the los's head is near the ground (during shake) hit him with forward, then back when head is up (still shaking) and then hit him with another up when he stops shaking, then he should shack his head again and then you do a back step (NO side step) and hit him with the same process.....ALLWAYS sharpen your lance when you have a chance.
You can also lock the los with only two hits but this requires a powerful spear such as a black dragon spear (only available online)
What you do is hit the los until it shakes its head and when he raises his head (still shacking) hit him with an down on pad then when he stops shacking hit him again with the down on pad, he should then shack his head and while he is doing that immediately side step and hit the other side of his face with the same combo. If your lance losses it sharpness for the first time you HAVE to use the 3 hit method as you can't lock the los with the 2 hits while the lance is blunt.
Now here is how you lock the ian.....
It's exactly the same a locking the los with the 2 hit combo but if you lose the sharpness you can still hit the ian with the 2 hits......
I hope this helps you with locking......If there any questions please email me at
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