Monster Hunter Tips

Dragonite Easy way
To get dragonite very quick very simple and very easy instead of haveing to kill gravious and swap its carapace in the swamp you can do extreamly easy 4 star quests making sure you have a pickaxe handy and while on a EASY quest you can get what is needed then take 5-10 mins to mine and usually you will get at least 1-4 Dragonite 1-12 earth crystals 1-15 iron ore 1-6 Mach ore its so simple try it
(Try using collect 12 kelbi horn quest it easy and if you have kelbi lyeing around bring 12 so you can spend all your time mining have fun good luck and see you all online cause i have the game this method does work i do it all the time you have to be HR 13 though...)
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