Monster Hunter Tips

down and out for the yoin-kut-ku
Well... having trouble with your first real wyvren that you have to kill?

well look no further. I just about beet it.
But you got to be sneeky, its not a nice approch.
This is what your gonna need;

1. get all the large barrel bombs that you can carry.
2. plus, all the small barrel bombs that you get carry.
3.your gonna need the right armor, i recomend full hunter (swordsman).
4.the right wepon is the slow but awsomly powerfull great bone sword+.

5. now... your traps, bring two... or more, pit fall traps.
6.also get about 3 raw meat. used for luring.
7.and bring all the paint balls you need but if youve got a good aim then just bring one.

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