Monster Hunter Tips

Everything I know...
Getting Money- Sell everything you don't use, keep nothing that doesn't have value. Remember, those items worth 1z add up.
My personal favorite quest is "Hunting for mushrooms", you get a free "Old Pickaxe" and "Old Bugnet" when doing the quest. Bring along your own pickaxe's and such. You can easily abtain the mushrooms required for the quest by following "Mosswine" and pressing "X" Repeatadly until you pick up the ones the pigs have dropped.

Fighting- When fighting Wyverns it is important that you keep your weapon sharp. However, your sword will eventually dull and bounce against the beasts hard plates. When this happens it is important to keep in mind that your swords movements are faster when the blade is dull. Use faster combinations until you have a chance to get away and use "Whetstone" on your weapon.
Have you ever run out of special bullet's for your gun? You can always mix "Dung" with "Nutshells" to create a shot that effects monsters with sensitive noses.

Items- It is important that you have at least one gun item and one short range item. some quests have diffrent events which need to be met, it might be much easier for you to perform a quest with one than the other.
It is a good idea for you to stock up on Pickaxe's and simiular items. You will always need to upgrade an item or build up on armour. So keep these things in your bank.
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