Monster Hunter Tips

lotsa money in fast time
im going to tell you guys a little secret, on the mission where you need to kill the big monster thingy worth 900 money for the mission use a pitfall trap then get him into it (will only work with a gun)no matter what ammo you have shoot him again and again its hard i know to kill but once you done the mission go back do it again finish it go back do it again and again and again and again confused, good, after a while you will have loadsa cash what to do now, go to one of the guys who upgrade your weapon and upgrade your gun and again and again and again. by now youre thinking what is this crap useful for anyway, well now you have an exteremly powerful weapon and you know what that means, killing time run around and kill everything on all the missions more than once youll get money for it and if you do it without taking any damage talk to the cheif he will give you a bonus bag of money worth around....... 50,000 gold good yes but you dont have the best weapon in the game if you are stupid get a bonesword and upgrade it. and by the way the 50,000 gold can only be acheived once on the level with the 900 reward.and now for the best, the cleverest, the best part get really good armour and kill the huge dragon things on one of the missions and do it again and again and again by the time you finish after 5 missions youll have around 100,000 money to do whatever you want, wam bam thank you dude.
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