Monster Hunter Cheats

Money, Money, Loads of Money (offline)
First you need to bring some Felvine and some fishing bait and pickaxes. Do the 1 star mission "fishing". First take your Felvine to the short dude in zone 7 and trade it all for special mushrooms. Go back to your camp and get all of the worms out of the blue box and use them all at the fishing place by your campsite and use it until it runs out and caught loads of fish. Then go to the dung pile in zone 1 and search for kut-ku scales. Next go to the three rocks in zone 2 and search by the one with no partner , and the bush on the top part of zone 9 along with special mushrooms. All of these have kut-ku scales. Then go to zone 6 and mine at the crack on the cliffs. Next you go to zone 11 and kill the bullfango and take its carvings. Allthough you have no bait your saved by a little flat white stone on the top part of zone 11. it has infinite worms. fish at zone 11 until you caught 1 sushifish or you get tired of fishing. take your fish to the red box and your done!! All of this is about 2000z ( more or less). Have Fun Hunters!!!!