Monster Hunter Cheats

How to beat velocidrome easy
Ok this trick works well but you have to use a fairly strong sword+shield with either poision or stun effect.

(For offline you must first of seen the cut sence with him/her in it)

When you enter the level run through area 1 and take the platform turn off instead of going into area 2. run round and up into area 10 and then through into area 3.

The velocidrome will be off on the other side so clear this part of the area of velociprey to make life more easier then catch the dromes attention and lure him to your cleared space and then hit him once with your sword+shield and he will burck backwards.

Wait till he comes out of this and hit him again but once or if you feel like it twice. The stun or poision of the weapon should kick in every so often helping you to beat him quicker or if you are using a normal sword+shield just keep going.

You should be able to kill him without him running off into a different area and calling backup.