Monster Hunter Tips

How to HL (headlock)
Remember this is used for pl8 runs or to help a low lvl get an xtra boost of exp so he can rank up XD.

This skill depends on the spear that is involved which determines the amount of strikes used. Try to use one that has at least some green sharpness. When u r to HL make sure that u r the 1st person in the zone 1st since this lessens the lag. Also when u r trying to kill, make sure the others attack the wings after the tail is off to decrease the amount of times it does the step back ow thing. As soon u c the Rath, do 2 or 3 pokes depending on the power of the spear. In the middle of shaking its head do 1 poke if it took u 2 pokes for it to shake. 2 pokes if it took 3. Now as soon as it stands normally poke it in the face again. This should cause it to shake its head again. Now repeat the process and u got yourself a headlock. But please do this for pl8 runs only.
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