Monster Hunter Cheats

the ultimate way(kinda like it)
this is only for highly skilled players who know how to use the sword and sheid really well(or for growing newbs)

the beggining is easy get 1500 dont buy anything but save the money.(stay with the hunter dagger all the way through the first set of missions and all of them play the game with ease take your time...
*HINT* in the forest and hills, area 2, next to the entrence of area 1 there are 3 stones against the wall across the tree.. one of them is sitting alone from the other two search there, there usuallly a kut kut scale...there are paint berries too but i dont reallly care about those
1=85% 2=65% 3=45% 4=25% 5=?...somthing around 5-1%
repeat as many times as you want but...the chance of finding them are lowered by around 10-25% for every set of missions you beat but this works with any forest and hills missions later on in the game too

take your time and search alot around the area specially the fishing mission(the map is more open

when your done with the first set now get alot of pickaxes (just only iron or a mega if you have one) pick axe the mines... the mach ores are increased chance by 20-35% (i have no idea why but is does increse) but drops by like 40-55% after you complete the second set of missions.

now upgrade your starting weapon until it becomes a assasin dagger (lots o iron ore/som earth crys needed wit som bit of money..sell kut kut scale if needed)when you get it dont make any thing else.. now with some wet stones you found from mining you are really unstoppable if your very skilled at sword and shield..the 3 and 4 set of missions are a breeze if your skilled

play through the next set of stages (3 and 4 i wont be reveling any more tricks like the kut kut scales so go find them your selves.) when you get a hefty stock of mach ore/disk stones/earth crys then upgrade all at once to dual...rapidly upgrade over an over untill you get past the tornado+ and the one after that or when the power is like 250ish...then beating the game is really no problem for a pro play(like myself)

it took me about 9 and a half hours to beat the game but iv played over 50hrs+ total.... i dont play online....go monster hunter 2