Monster Hunter Tips

Gun 'em down!
To kill Sand Wyverns with a Bowgun, use an Arbalest that has been upgraded at least 3 times, and has the long barrel and zoom scope attached. Take as many crag and pellet shots as possible. Also take 1 Cool Drink (You will get 2 more from the blue box) or, if you have it, full Cephalos armour. When you are on the mission, load your bowgun with crag shells. Go to a place where the wyverns stop, and wait there. When a wyvern stops "swimming" in front you, lure it after you. Be ready to roll out of it's way if it lunges at you. When it dives futher down into the sand, turn around and draw your Arbalest out. It will come up facing away from you and then it will jump out of the ground and spit sand, with you behind it. When it does this, fire a crag shell at it. The shell will stick to it and explode in a few seconds, but by then the wyvern should have gone back underground. This will cause it to fly into the air. When it lands it will flop around helplessly for a few seconds. As it's doing this, switch your ammo to pellet shells. By the time that's done, the wyvern should have gotten to it's feet. Stay near it and fire at it from as close as possible, but don't go under it. As the pellet shells shoot out a wide spray of pellets, you can do more damage by standing right next to the wyvern and firing. When you need to reload, stand about 10ft away from the wyvern WITH IT FACING YOU! Wait until it does it's sand attack, then roll to the side and reload. Keep doing this until it dies (This may take a while).

Note: It's a good idea to take some Normal S Lv1's and 2's, in case you run out of pellet shells.

Warning: While this works fine on Cephalos, don't even think of trying it on the boss sand wyvern, the Cephadrome.