Monster Hunter Tips

Kill the Cephalos easy
What you need:
3 Cool Drinks (to survive in the desert)
The stuff in the blue box
Some well done steak

Weapon & armor:
O.K. Great Sword or Hammer (like Ravager Blade+, or Bone Broadaxe)
Good Armor (Recommended full Kut-Ku or Velociprey if first time, or full Cephalos is even better)

How to:
1. Drink Cool Drink (skip this step if you have full Cephalos, which is heat resistant)
2. go into area 2
3. Here's where it gets tricky, you see the fins, those are your cephalos. Now follow one with your camera. You'll notice it stops at some point. Go to that point. Stay at that point until a cephalos stops right in front of you. Hit it with your sword or hammer. It will do one of 6 things. 1. It will jump out of the ground right where you hit it and flop around helplessly for a little bit. 2. It will keep on going after about 3 seconds of being stopped. 3. It will turn right at you and go underground, then appear about 15 feet away, then jump out of the sand, spit sand, and go back down. 4. It will trun at you and swim for a little bit and then fly out of the ground and back into the ground. 5. It will turn toward you and fly out of the ground, hurting you. 6. It wil jump out of the sand, wriggle in a direction for a little bit, then stand up.
4. If it did #1, then hack at it until it gets up (more on this in step #5). If it did #2, there's nothing you can do, so stay where you are and wait for another one. If it did #3 look around until you see it com up, then run near it, but not too close, and hit it when it spits sand, and it will do one of thos 6 things again, except for keep on going. If it did number 4, then run towards the spot where it landed and it will do one of the six thing, including keep on going, if it keeps on going repeat step 3. If it did #5, then roll away, and run towards where it landed, and the same thing will happen as with number 4. If it did #6, then get out of the way, and run towards it and start hackng (more about this in step #5).
5. If it did got out of the sand and is standing up, you can kill it, but it can kill you. Be careful. It can do 5 things. 1. It turns around, hurting you with its tail, and sending you flying. 2. Turns its head around and bites you. 3. Spits sand and if youare in the way of it's sand will send you flying. 4. It will quickly slam its side against the air, if you are in its way, it'll send you flying. 5. will fly back into the sand. If you are far away, it will likely do #5, but otherwise, it's probable that it won't if you haven't hurt it. If it turns around, get underneath the legs and do the left, right great sord combo, or the up, up, up hammer combo. Same if it does the biting or sand spitting, but if it does the side slamming, roll away and hack. After about 5 strong greatsword hits it's dead, so carve it up and hope you get a piscene liver. Now repeat step 3 until you have as much stuff as you want.

Hints: After a while your cool drink will wear off, so no matter what drink your cool drink (if you don't have full cephalos armor), They can and will harm you, so drink your first aid meds, this mission will take a while, so you are going to have to use your Well Done Steaks, you can use your sonic bombs if you like, in order to skip step 3 once, but you have to get it right over the cephalos, and it will jump out of the ground, and flop around, if you want the armor save all cephalos fins and scales you get.

Rewards: Small monster bones, Medium monster bones, Wyvern claws, Piscene claws, Piscene jaws. Congradulations.