Monster Hunter Tips

Lots of Money
A good way for me to make money is to do the "Liver of Legend" one. After a while you will see a noticable pattern in the way the Sand Wervens swim. Take an extra cool drink and mabey some potions and whetsones if you need to. Stay near the entrence to the desert place and just stand there untill you see a Sand Werven thing comen at you and run up and attack him with a great sword. If he comes out start attacking him near the neck area and watch out for his tail. Dont forget to use your sonic bombs if ya have any. Do this lots of tiems for most of the time your there. 3 of the livers you will need to deliver, but the other 7 you might get can be worth a lot of money (2100 I think) plus the other 600 for doing the misson and med monster bones that help with swords and different things like that and fins and other things you get form them sell for alot. I go from like 2000 to 4300 something from doing this