Monster Hunter Tips

One More Way to Make Money
I've seen many tips for making money (steaks, fishing, etc) and here is one I find most useful:
In the offline version of the game do the two start quest called "Precent for the Armorer." Launch the quest and conentrate on doing nothing but killing Kelbi that whole time. AFter about 35 minutes of this, you will have gathered somewhere between 30-35 Kelbi Horns and 25-30 Hides. The horns sell for 52z, and the hides sell for 24z. The advantage of this over this steaks is that you can carry more than 10 of each item AND you don't have to spend time cooking the meat and possibly missing the "well-done" mark. It is also less time consuming and more productive then fishing. If you come away with 30 horns and 25 hides, you just made whopping 2160z (or more!!!) for your efforts plus the 300z reward giving you close to 2500z! Happy shopping!
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