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[edit] Background

Monster Hunter allows you to become the hunter instead of the hunted. Play with anyone from around the world with full online play. Your goal is to hunt down and exterminate monsters. Hunt down monsters by setting traps or just by using your weapons. Each monster has a unique personality with either a passive or aggressive style. After defeating a monster use his skin, bones and other parts to create weapons and armor for your customizable character.

[edit] Gameplay

In Monster Hunter, creatures from all walks of life coexist with mankind. The struggle to hunt or be hunted rules the world. As monster hunters, players will face a variety of quests and battle against powerful beasts either alone or with the aid of others. Players begin by creating and customizing their very own character, selecting the type of hair, face, voice, and other various features they want their monster hunter to possess.

Monster Hunter unfolds as expeditions are revealed and players are given the option to choose between the wide ranges of challenging assignments they would like to undertake. Objectives vary from defeating specific beasts, protecting a town or collecting items. Hunters are richly rewarded for every accomplished objective or efforts put forth during battle, allowing them upgrade weapons and equipment. The world continues to expand as difficult missions are successfully accomplished.

As the story unfolds, individual characters develop through surviving battles and the strength of the weapons and protective gear they possess. Weapon shops located in the neighboring towns and villages allow hunters to purchase, create or strengthen powerful weapons and armor using items collected during combat and the skin or horns acquired from the monsters that have been defeated. The variety of armament combinations used or obtained is almost limitless. However, its effectiveness will vary depending on the materials used to produce it.

With online multiplayer scenarios, gamers can participate in group sessions of up to four players working as a team to vanquish powerful monsters and accomplish tasks. For instance, work collectively to create traps for unsuspecting monsters or distract a monster's attention as a friend tries to escape from a dragon's nest, toting an enormous egg. Moreover, new quests and items will be available for use on the network. Monster hunters will be overwhelmed by the possibilities that online play lends itself as Monster Hunter reveals the expansive world that awaits them.

[edit] Features

  • Richly detailed and diverse environments – Explore breathtaking landscapes that are richly detailed and marvel at the surroundings that encompass the world of Monster Hunter.
  • Online and offline gameplay options: Up to four friends can play simultaneously online to hunt monsters and accomplish various objectives or choose to single handedly complete missions offline. Villages within Monster Hunter have lobbies which allow many online players to chat and join up to create hunting groups and accomplish missions.
  • Character customization – Players can create and modify their main character. Various customizable attributes include name, gender, hairstyle, face, and voice.
  • Create your own unique equipment – Not only can weapons and armor be obtained by purchasing them, but can also be created from monster claws, scales and various materials collected.
  • Upgradeable artillery such as swords and cannons.
  • Expanded online content – For additional replay value, new quests featuring unique sets of enemies and objectives can be accessed online. Special items can be rewarded to players for completing only these new missions.

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Monster Hunter Generations trailer shows off Prowler mode, fight it out as Felynes

As if you needed more reasons to see cats in ridiculous outfits

Apr 07 at 5:22pm, by Maxfield Navarro | 4 comments

Latest Activity

Dec 14, 09 1:24am
great game remember playing a demo of it when it came with DMC3 then several years later rememberd about it and found it on ebay! MonsterHunter
Machienzo blogged
Dec 1, 09 4:52am

What a big day today in Tokyo. We had an amazing day yesterday. Where to begin?

Starting off the day at 7AM, we caught the Ginza Line Subway to the Dai-Hi (sp?) Hotel, where we had a Tokyo tour from 9AM-6PM around the city. The subway in Tokyo is extremely efficient. The trains are amazingly clean for a Subway. Windows are perfect (no grafitti or scratches), floor is completely void of litter. Something like thatyou'll probably never find elsewhere in the world.

Funnily enough, the entire tour group consisted of just my family (Adam, Father and Mother and myelf). So we practically had the entire tour and bus to ourselves. Our tour guide, Izumi-San, was a very nice lady who was a very enjoyable person and great guide; always complimenting us on returning to the bus (after an amount of free time exploring permitted) on-time, and I guess that doesn't happen often with large crowds. On the trip, we visited loads of places, gardens, palaces and took a ferry ride. Though I can't remember quite exactly where we went (I don't have the brochure on me at this time), it was an overally amazing experience. Unfortunately, no Mt. Fuji. It was raining and overcast at the time, and we couldn't see it at all. The trip went so well that it ended about 5PM. I think Izumi was pleased about that too, as she was prepared to have the bus driver stop us off where-ever we wanted. Feeling a need to do some shopping arond the city, we set off towards the great SONY building.

The entire building was around 7 floors, showcasing all the different Sony products on offer. Sone of them were way ahead of their time, such as camera which would auto-detect facial recognitions and automatically take a picture when it detected a smile. Another camera had special 'anti-shake' capabilities, which showcased just how well it handled against the shakiness of the human arm. The televisions (all great widescreen LCDs) had an amazing HD picture. Around the 6 floor came the SONY Shop Floor. Finding this to be the perfect oppurtunity to buy a new PSP battery, I asked at the counter. I bought 2 new 2200 mAh PSP batteries for both myself and Adam, at a nice \5,400.

Just when I thought that was enough for the day, we went to a larger Toy Store, of only 6 floors. At the 4th (There were 2 basement floors, so 4th was top) floor, guess what we found? yeah, that's right, MONSTER HUNTER. Oh, and a bit of METAL GEAR. I took as many pictures as possible, practically the entire section. Monster Hunter bags, towels, Poogie Bank, Felyne Plushies, Trading/Fighting Cards, Badges, Rinds, Jewellery, Action Figures, Weapon Figures, Monster Figures, T-Shirts, Posters, Jig-Saw Posters, the list goes on my friends. Imagine my surprise when I was told that my Mum was willing to buy an assortment of these as my Birthday and Christmas gift.

To list what we got:
  • Monster Hunter Action Figrue #1 - Silver Rathalos (Rare)
  • Monster Hunter Action Figrue #1 - Narga-Kuga
  • Monster Hunter Action Figrue #1 - Kut-Ku Pair (Both Original and Colour Variant)
  • Monster Hunter Action Figrue #3 - Khezu
  • Monster Hunter Action Figrue #3 - Red Shogun Ceanatuar
  • Monster Hunter Action Figrue #3 - Gravios
  • Monster Hunter Badges
  • 2x Monster Hunter Tri Poster
  • Monster Hunter Tri Insignia Keychain
  • Monster Hunter Carry Bag
  • Metal Gear Collection #2 KUBRIK - Old Snake (With Octocamo Facemask
  • Metal Gear Collection #2 KUBRIK - Solidus Snake
  • Metal Gear Collection #2 KUBRIK - Old Snake (Ultra Rare Crystal Version)
I think that is a pretty neat result. What I would have hoped for instead of Solidus would have been a PMC Soldier. The Khezu, Ceanatuar and Gravios all could have been a Ragiakurusu. Other than that, the turnout was pleasing.

Unfortuanately, the Narga-Kuga actually was missing part of it's tail (entire figure is seperated into 3 pieces) so Adam is currently trying to find a way to contact Capcom and get that missing piece. Wish him all the best, and maybe if you can, help him out too.

machienzo tokyo trip monster hunter holiday wii playstation 2 playstation portable musingsthoughts gaming related
Aug 3, 09 4:24am
About the same as MHF.Just less stuff. MonsterHunter
May 27, 09 5:04am
Incredibly rare to find now. :( MonsterHunter
Apr 6, 09 5:40am
i own way too many games to post btw MonsterHunter
Apr 3, 09 10:30pm
a lengendary game but far harder than the freedom's MonsterHunter
Mar 18, 09 5:23am
W00T MonsterHunter
Mar 16, 09 2:30am
amazing game, if you ever see this at any game store buy it. MonsterHunter
Feb 20, 09 4:20am
awesome MonsterHunter
Jan 29, 09 12:18pm
Very good online play. MonsterHunter
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