: : : : : : : Yian Garuga Glitch (explained better!!!!) if its not working for you, check this out!!!

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Yian Garuga Glitch (explained better!!!!) if its not working for you, check this out!!!
hey all! i had a hard time testing this glitch due to the ridiculous ammount of options people were giving in their individual explanations. So here is what worked best for me after thoroughly attempting this many times. Also, make sure it is the Revenge of the Yian Garuga, AND NOT the Rage of the Yian Garuga Quest, as this will prevent the glitch from working as well.

Select the Village Elder Urgent Quest: Revenge of the Yian Garuga (and make sure that its a fresh quest, the glitch will not work if you have already started to weaken the wyvern in a previous run and are going back again!!! caused me much confusion) Bring with you one spiderweb in case you need to trade the elder to obtain a SPECIAL MUSHROOM. Also pet your pig, you have a much better chance at greater rewards everytime you do this.

Now, there are two options, depending if you want Garuga Plates amidst your rewards in the long run.

Option 1: Track down the Yian Garuga and get his attention, when he shoots his fireball(s), land hits on his tail and it will eventually be cut off. Wait for a good opportunity (like when he runs across the screen) and if you are quick to dodge and start the carve, you should be able to carve the tail while avoiding taking damage. Now that the tail is carved, head directly to area 7 (Forest and Hills Elder Area). Go behind the tree where the gathering spot is for Special Mushroom and Nitroshroom, crouch down and gather until there is nothing left. Now: STAY PUT IN THE CROUCHING POSITION RIGHT WHERE YOU CARVED!!! Sit there until the time runs out and the message will come up saying you have won the battle. You may at this time (if you are weilding a sword) want to hold the block until the quest cleared yellow letters come up to increase your chances of more and better rewards (sometimes it works!). When you return to town, stash the goods, pet your pig, eat if you want, and head back into another run of the same quest. Track down the Garuga and flash bomb him, then proceed to bash his ugly face in until he dies, he will be weak if the glitch is done right, so 5 to 10 hits should be all it takes to take him down. Carve him, then block for the rest of the time (sns and Gsword users) and reap the easy rewards of what is otherwise a lengthy and painstaking battle. You will get great armor from his parts, as well as a few semi useful weapons, so keep his stuff until you are done making everything you want, then use this glitch to make some thick cash, his parts sell for a lot of zenni.

Option 2: If fighting the garuga seems like suicide everytime you try, even just when you want to cut his tail off (like above), you can skip that whole part if you wish. Take the same steps as above and instead of tracking him down, head directly to area 7, crouch, gather and wait it out, the mission will still succeed and you will have weakened him the same for the next run, except his tail will still be on so watch out when he swings it around, very poisonous. i have yet to be able to cut his tail off in the next run, he always dies before i can accomplish this, thats why i suggest doing it in the first run, as you would otherwise just be waiting for time to expire, at least you have something to do for a few minutes, lol <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> You will have to fight him in the next run, but with a little practice, he should be no problem. Just dodge his attacks until he shoots his fireballs, and at that point attack the side of his face of body and roll out and continue with the dodging. He may go into a rage before he dies, so be careful, usually one more hit is all it takes to kill him at this point tho, so if you are quick you may not have to worry about this at all.

Last important note on this glitch, you need to have at least one special mushroom in your inventory when the time runs out to successfully win the first run, if you didnt get any from the tree, trade the spiderweb to the elder to get a special mushroom, and if you didnt bring a spiderweb, one can be found in the area next to area 7, just north east from what looks to be an old hunter camp that was destroyed, there will be a tree near the edge of the map, and a spiderweb which you can gather from to get this. Then quickly return to area 7, trade it and resume the crouching behind the tree on the gather spot until time runs out.

I had my fair share of problems doing this glitch, as there are a lot of not so descriptive explanations out there, which either miss things or are written in some form of english that no one can understand, so hopefully this will be a great help to those who still have problems making this work. Enjoy the rewards and money!

Monster Hunter Joshuar
BC, Canada