Monster Hunter Freedom Tips

Wyvern's of Land and Sky Tips
Even your present hunter rate is HR1, you can beat a silver rathalos and gold rathian, like me in HR1, just suit a armor that greater than 125 defense and attack damage must be greater than 1000 even a raw damage weapon, bring powerseed, armorseed, potion, megapotion, max potion(mega nutrient+dragon toodstool), ancient potion(immunizer+kelbi horn), well-done steak at least 3, pit trap, whetstones, farcaster if neccessary, then get all the items supply in the box.

tactics: first, focus in a single wyvern (if sil rathalos or gold Rathian) honestly it's hard for HR1 but keep on your concentration, if you are in critical condition just activate the farcaster or climb in a certain side of the map and energize your character. furthere more, your strategies in using weapon (G. Sword must be)depend your chance to kill both. For more info. and to share a lots of hints and tips to you, just email me at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> (I'm not a master in MHF but I'm a great reader of wyverns behavior), hehe.