: : : : : : : Trade for ruststone, easy ruststone no mining !

Monster Hunter Freedom Tips

Trade for ruststone, easy ruststone no mining !
Trade for ruststone, easy ruststone no mining !
I posted it before now I decided to make guide on it.
List of stuff that gives u ruststone if u trade them to SWAMP ELDER ! i spotted it on trade list and went happy beacuse i had very low luck searching for these ruststones.I posted it before now i decided to make guide on it.

Vespoid Bladefin ----> Ruststone/Lightcrystal
Rathalos Wing ---> Ruststone/Lightcrystal
Wyvern Marrow ---> Ruststone/Lightcrystal
Crimson Horn ---> Ruststone/Machalite Ore
Majestric Horn ---> Ruststone

im not sure if different materials u gige the different ruststones u get. about lightcrystals, i think these are usefull too and even if u dont neeed em these are worth 1k each and im gay

For these who wanna try easiest way- Vespoid bladefins can be obtained in 4* gathering hall quest "attack of giant bugs" from vespoid- its the flying one and to complete quest you need to kill 50 vespoids- dont play with other monsters or a plesioth which usually is in area 7 or 4 . You will need poison weapon , like pba, hydra bite is best (easy to get, just need some poison sacks and loprey fangswhich u can buy).... or poison bombs, lots of them.Usually im getting 4-5 bladefins which is about 2 ruststones if unlucky.or 5 if u trade them one by one- reseting game each time u dont get a ruststone.

In here i wont only suggest you to trade wvyern marrow- its important for weapons and is very rare.