Monster Hunter Freedom Glitches

Yian Garuga Riches
Once you have beaten quest level 4 a Yian garuga special quest will pop up. Take the quest along with any flash bombs you have.[You'll need them] and go to area 3 and wait. The yian garuga will fly there, paintball him and hit him with the flash bomb. While he is confused keep attacking his tail. when he snaps out of it. hit him with another until his tail is off! Carve his tail and then do the following typed below:

Go to the area with the old man who likes to trade and the big tree with the mushroom on it. Use O to get on the mushroom tree thing and wait for time to run out. stay on the tree. It will say. You have won the battle and you will get tons of different garuga items. This glitch does not work unless you cut off his tail and stay on the tree!!!